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Start Is Back - 2.1 release


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If you want, you can create user frame suitable for dark themes. You need to reshack bitmaps in AeroByDesign.msstyles.

I'll try to improve them.

Ah, that would be really awesome - thank you!!! :)

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1.2.1 is up with fix for user frame, minor but annoying, sorry for updating often :blushing:

Please don't ever apologize for that! Updating often is 100 times better then updating hardly ever. :thumbup

Also, no more issues downloading with IE10.

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And here it is!



Changes over 1.2RC2:

- Fixed: hibernate shutdown option could fail to show in configurator

- Fixed: high contast themes start menu issues

- Fixed: popping combined start screen / button menu shifts cursor position

- New: Control Panel shortcut for Start menu configuration

- Updated AeroByDesign style

- Installing for all users no longer requires log off

Some rewriting i planned will go to 1.3 since it requires testing.

When uninstalling, does it still require logging the current user out? If so, a suggestion I have is maybe add a warning prior to the log off. When I uninstalled SiB (not b/c I didn't like it :angel ), I was a bit surprised when it logged me out.

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In my case, something really weird happens.

When installing or upgrading SiB, Java plugin does not work anymore in IE10 desktop mode.

It only happens in IE10, Java works fine in other browsers.

In IE10, on the bottom edge, a message shows: "A plugin for this site failed to load."

But two days later Java loads fine again and it's only until the next update of SiB when it fails again - just for one or two days.


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On Win8 X64-bit When doing a Silent Install of StartIsBack (either v.1.1 and 1.2) System Crashes to a blue Screen and locks down then I need to do a force restart..

Anyone else have this Issue or an Answer for this? :(

@echo off
title, [START IS BACK v1.2.1 - Silent Installer]
:: Windows(R),ProfessionalWMC edition x64

cd %~dp0

:: Silent Install
StartIsBack_setup.exe /silent


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