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  1. I too would like to know if StartIsBack will continue support Windows 8.1. To me 8.1's reintroduction of Start button is just changing the button left hot corner to a physical button on the taskbar and nothing more. What I need is the Start menu! I cant confirm what 8.1 will do just yet, but i agree, i will still be using "start is back" if MS havent changed their stripes..
  2. Next version is under heavy development. Heavy Development? What have you in mind? Automatic Coffee dispenser? mmmh But really, its great at present.. If you hadnt come along , i would have flashed W7 back again. I still detest W8
  3. 1.0?? We are at 1.3RC1 now.. time to update..?
  4. One needs to enable the 'Hibernate' function in Window 8/7 before it can be reflected in a StartIsBack. 8) yes, i have hibernate..
  5. I got the new version notification, but have to check properties first..
  6. If he did, he didn't make it sound like it; or he didn't make it sound like he knew he did it: @UTC, can you confirm what number you have your recently used programs set to? yes, 10 , thats all i need , as i use mostly the quick launch menu
  7. Mine are fixed. Not shifting due to amount of usage. Whatever i want on Top , i drag there and stay there.
  8. I can verify that on my laptop that IE has appeared in my Start Menu and the recent programs is fully populated. I just had to remove some other prog from my long list populated on my Start Menu. Its now moved up into view. You can also drag and drop the lower ones up into the top of the Menu.
  9. Awesome, and cheaper than chips.. many thanks ..
  10. No, it doesn't show at all. @Tihiy, are you getting ready to release a new release candidate? The download link doesn't work and when I tried to activate an installation it said there was a new version and wouldn't let me activate it. RC is out.. keep checking here for final.. http://www.startisback.com/
  11. I got to agree, $5 is peanuts..Many W8 apps cost that.. I was prepared to pay $20 just to turn that stupid metro off and get the old start back.. In fact , i was near ready to get w7 back again.
  12. I dont have that problem here.. beta4 Right click gives me Menu and Taskbar properties
  13. How do i get continuing license, where do i donate? Beta4 is working just fine..
  14. Awesome.. thanks for beta four.. Better than other shell apps.
  15. I just found this site.. I have been searching hard for fix to ditch W8 metro..I have/had W7 and dearly missed the old start menu. The Metro Window is just unsuitable for PC interface. I have already tried many other fixes and start programs, but this one of yours (beta3) is by far the best.. Put me on your "Final Build" list and i will happily pay for it. UTC
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