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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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On 2/8/2024 at 12:44 PM, JFX said:

I will release an update, maybe next week.

 Key support ! for WinSxS.ini from this post https://msfn.org/board/topic/149612-winntsetup-v533b/page/193/#comment-1256786  in the new version planned? Tested on Server 2019 build - works great,

Will the new version support Compact LZX for Server 2019?

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Good you remind me about CompactOS and Server. It works so I'll remove this limitation.

! for WinSxS.ini will be supported. I think about making this ini optional.
That should make things easier for people that just want to remove some files.


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On 12/16/2023 at 4:16 AM, wuliyen said:


failed to load offine registry!
error loading:\windows\system32\config\system 0x3
error loading:\windows\system32\config\software 0x3

it sometimes does the same to me, I wonder what files or directories should not be deleted to avoid this from happening 

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\windows\system32\config should never be deleted.
If it happens without you using telling it to do, then it's a bug.

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u referring to the whole folder and subfolders and files I presume. me I have tried !ing all those entries wherever I found I had them \ed, but there is still something that prevents winntsetup from loading system 0x3 and software 0x3. what else coud it be? oh btw, there is another one that cannot derive from users\default\ntuser.dat, so I guess I will have to revise the list and ! the \users\default entry as well.

btw, no issues instead if I delete some files in the config after it has loaded the registry, on an ex-post-facto basis.

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  • JFX changed the title to WinNTSetup v5.3.4

WinNTSetup 5.3.4

- fixed problems starting as TrustedInstaller on some machines
- fixed rare heap corruption
- fixed CompactOS was ignored for Windows Server versions
- Removed offreg.dll (will be downloaded for older Windows)
- MinWin uses build number from registry rather than WIM
- MinWin removed hard coded pathes
- MinWin WinSxS.ini - can use "!" to avoid old components removal
- MinWin WinSxS.ini can be deleted
- MinWin fixed wincopy mode bug

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There is an user of your nice WINNTSETUP that for *some reasons* (I will also post in site and forum issues) cannot register here on MSFN.

He posted on reboot.pro, here:


what he asks for seems to me reasonable, maybe you can suggest a way (or officially exclude there is one) to directly install on a VHD.


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I would say steve6375 has already given the right answer.

WinNTSetup only applies the WIM to the VHD and create boot files.
The image is still in sysprep phase and therefor will try to "specialize" the BCD store on first boot.

If he immediately boot that VHD with Ventoy it will cause that error.
I don't know how Ventoy boot it, but i guess it uses a virtual boot drive like NTBOOT.
And that can't be seen later in the boot process.

For the "hidden menu" he will need to use newer version.

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That path is invalid, some API's will misunderstand "..\Tools" to be the parent directory.
I doubt you could even open that folder in windows explorer.

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