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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.2


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Wimlib's shapshot option does not include any writer components.
These are required to correctly read an open data base, like the windows registry.

There is a VSHADOW.exe in windows SDK, i guess redistributable :ph34r:,
but there is also a simular vscsc on sourceforge.net.

Both create "good" shadow copies and have an option called "-exec=" to run a batch file
after creation of the shadow and before it's removale.

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I've written my own code, but creating a small vss.exe in purebasic will result in huge amount a false positives.
I'm still planing to make a tiny vsshelper application in C++, that will be required to get
WinNTSetup_x86.exe fully working inside Windows 10 ARM64.

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6 hours ago, JFX said:

Beta 2 is ready, should fix all mentioned problems.

Perfect :thumbup - WinNTSetup4 is a very Powerful Program


WinNTSetup4-2019-08-15_190820.png.c184420c95342545393e19d26fb05d9e.png   Drivers-2019-08-15_191051.png.0deda9a292230d29ec3337a051bcce51.png


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You might consider to Add in the Download of WinNTSetup4 some useful Tools, so that they are ready to be used by the program:

- wimlib files libwim-15.dll
- BOOTICE v1.3.3.2
- some sample unattend.xml files for Unattended Install of Windows 10
- the slightly modified WimBootCompress.ini file as used in VHD_WIMBOOT
- some extra DiskPart scripts as given in VHD_WIMBOOT to make UEFI/MBR based portable SSD

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I found a bug in WinNTSetup4 Beta 2

After launching WinNTSetup, then I can Load a previously Saved .ini file with Settings to overrule the default WinNTSetup.ini

It turns out that the Tweaks from that previously other saved .ini file are not taken into account to switch off tweaks, allthough the switch offs are present correctly in that saved .ini file.

Also the program WinNTSetup crashes when a wrong type of wim file like boot.wim is selected.
May be for the unexperienced user it is good to give WARNING - This WIM file is Not Valid as Installation file

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Hi friends.

Win xp vhd I would like to ask you help with winntsetup.
My english is so bad, sorry.
Experiments on laptop and desktop computer.Real system.
Received errors are the same, no virus.
Laptop Toshiba 3gb ram, intel, host system windows 8.1x32.
Desktop computer 4 GB RAM, Intel, Host System Windows 7x32.
VHD for Windows XP 10 GB. Winntsetup version 3.9.4
Codes wimb's codes for winntsetup (winvblock.ima)
I tried various xp cd s. Xp integral -msdn-msdn + sata and modified.

The system is set up and powered on. Desktop screen comes. For example, integral and modified xp 's without installing anything, the second or third reboot, the blue screen comes.

0x4E (0x99, 0x14D93, 0x3, 0x0)

msdn + sata works if I don't install any drivers. But if I install it, it gives the above error.
I checked the Sata-ahci settings. There's no solution.
Safe mode is always available (for all XP's.)
Only fully modified vista-xp works stably with drivers and programs (boot ntldr-xp, not vista)
I am surprised. I think a reg or patch file will solve the event.
Thanks in advance for your help.

info: I installed integral xp with winntsetup, next to win 7 on the local disk.
I've installed the full driver and program. Stable works smoothly.

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hi @wimb

I had a vhd made with ready-made VHD_XP_Setup.
It never opens. But it works in the virtual.
VHD_XP_Setup is very nice but does not remove the modified.A little more limited.

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20 hours ago, Sonic said:

What condition / When " : ( " smiley is written in title bat of WinNTSetup ?

Smiley is for the secure boot state. Disabled, enabled or if no smiley the EFI does not support this "feature".

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JFX, Hello!

Thank you very much for the new version and additional features, it is very convenient 👍

I updated and slightly corrected the Russian translation

MD5 389671383CBD771F4E39B647024F5234

When one of the drivers is not installed in the program, an incomprehensible inscription appears.
Or maybe it's just me so displayed

Have a good day!



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