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WinNTSetup v5.3.5.1


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Here is another tool that a bit more talky attachment=38367:ximage.zip


You can run it like imagex, it should show Info, warning or error message while applying 

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seems i found reason

winpe default ScratchSpace  is 32MB ,too small

increase the space to 512m

now apply success

otherwise the ximage no any error message

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is there any reason to not use quiet boot / no gui boot? or we can have a nice little checkbox to for it

Well, no. But there isn't any reason to use it ,too.

It just a customization option, some like, it some not, but most people properly don't care about.


So no, I don't add an option for it. Such things belong in the unattended file.  ;)

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Would you please update first post in order to include all supported image formats?


I rmember .wim, .esd, wimboot, but not sure about .swm (splited image), I don't know if I miss another one.


Tanks in advance

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Hello JFX,

I would like to thank you for a wonderful windows setup program. So Light and small, yet so powerful!

I wonder if you might consider the following to improve your program with regard to accessibility:
1. Labeling buttons and edit fields?

I use a screenreading program, which speaks text being displayed on the screen.

here is an example of which buttons and edit boxes would really make it a breeze to use if labled correctly:
1. this button opens the bootice program.
2. the next button allows to format the drive.
3. 2 buttons allowing one to search for the wim/ESD file.  Although one button is labled as search.
4. 2 buttons performing the same function although one button is labled as search allowing to choose the drive which is bootable.
5. 2 buttons performing the same function although one button is labled as search allowing to select which drive to setup windows on.

Might I add a suggestion for the layout please:
There are 3 edit fiels:
select location of windows files
Select location of the Boot drive (which is not labled in a way that the screenreader reads it)
select location of the installation drive
It could be great if you could perhaps put a browse button next to each edit box rather than having all three edit boxes in a row then all the browse buttons in a row.

Now for the stuff that is labled:
All the buttons that fall under options as well as the setup buttons are labled.
The pages that allow one to choose which OS needs to be installed i.e. 2000/xp/2003 vista/7/8/2008/2012 are labled.

It would really be great if you could perhaps look in to it.

Kind Regards

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Hi The Rookie,

I don't know how screen readers work, I guess they simply sends a WM_GETTEXT message to every control.

If so, it would require a massive change to the UI, that I don't like to do.


But if there is a way to add hidden text to the controls the will be spoken than I would be glad to add it.

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Hello JFX,


I'm not sure on the technical workings behind it. I just thought that maybe I bring it to your attention, as I use your wonderful  program quite often.

Thanks for your reply.

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(please read the edit at the bottom first)


JFX, I just read an interesting post on MDL by Myrrh

He used offline registry editing to make XP think it's a POSReady system. This way, the system will receive new updates, probably until 2019: 




Now I'm sure this could be seen as a "dirty hack" by some, but I just tested it and it seems to work (more testing needed, though...).

I was just wondering if you would give your opinion on this, would this be a good idea?

Also, is there a way for this mod to be integrated into WinNTSetup? If not, do you have any tips on integrating this into some kind of "RunAfter" cmd or exe?


I'm really interested to learn what your opinion is about this mod.



EDIT: Now it seems only the "Installed=1" reg entry is needed?!

See here

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Nice find  :thumbup


Well changing the ProductOptions is very dangerous and good to hear it's not required.

The "HKLM\System\WPA\POSReady\Installed" reminds me of the VLK version of XPMCE with Tablet Inkball game that I made years ago.  :whistle:

Not sure if MS will react and fix this leak, properly not.


Cause it's not really legal to upgrade the windows edition, I'll not add this tweak.


But maybe I'll add support for custom .reg files.

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