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WinNTSetup v5.3.4


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Hello friends ...

I have encountered the following error when using the Winntsetup361
"Failed To Loaded offline Registry

Please how do I fix?
Tanks for help.








Eu acredito que o seu antivirus apagou o arquivo offreg.dll baixei novamente o programa e coloque a pasta do WinntSetup na exclusão do mesmo, o Norton aqui identifica o programa como virus também



I believe your offreg.dll antivirus deleted the file I downloaded the program again and place the folder in the exclusion of same WinntSetup, Norton here identifies the program as virus also

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Geez, these evil antivirus, just making problems.

But actually this should not be the reason, cause WinNTSetup will not start without offreg.dll.

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I have the following problem, when I use one designed for Windows XP at the end of the operation the message FAILDED WIM image, but the image is extracted correctly, which I noticed is that the error occurs when applied will give the boot, so I use the BootICE to create the boot sector correctly and the system starts properly. 

In version 3.6.1 it did not happen, I came to delete the old version but not nearly as install Windows XP does not have me worried. 

Sorry for English, google translator

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i think i used this release ;'] 

i found few ideas that , may be can make the software a little better .


first idea is to replace the popup text : right click for iso , may be you could write it  ?


then in second tab : select location of boot : you could add a right click for grub4dos/vhd aka for searching file menu.lst where it is installed 

that would oblige you to edit the file menu.lst 

select install drive , there you add the vhd button instead of in options
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Sorry for the delay.

The GUI should be easy to understand and I don't want it to confuse average users with to many options.


Not sure what you mean with grub4dos here?

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"WinntSetup" works nice as expected to install XP, 7 and 8.x. In my line of work, some times i have to deal with older boards which requires F6 SATA driver. Currently i use DPS Masstorage pack integrated setup CD to install XP on them. The disc is prepared with default DPS Base settings ( i don't remeber which is the default method - 1 or 2 ) . Can i use this disc as a source with "WinntSetup" ?. Alternatively is it possible to use a regular unmodified XP as source and provide SATA divers via the "Add Drivers" option ? ( DPS Masstoage pack extracted ?).  



Also i wonder what is the purpose of "Run DriverPack Base" tick box.

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I use DPbase to add MassStorage drivers as well (in fact, I use OnePiece Final Updatepack, together with an AddOn with POSready updates, last version september 2014). No problems with WinNTSetup (look at the posts in this thread 'round 16 april, you'll see JFX even added a workaround to support OnePiece packs).

Hope it works for you, ask again if you need more info.

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Thanks for the quick reply "Atari800XL". It is good to know that driver pack integrated XP disc will work out of the box with "WinntSetup". I will practically check it and report my findings soon  :) .


Would you mind explaining the purpose of "Run Driverpack Base" option ?.

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Hi Agent47,


You have 3 options to add mass storage drivers for XP install.


1. choose an already slip-streamed source made with Driverpack Base tool (both integration options should work)

2. choose the drivers "Add Drivers" option

3. integrate with "Run Driverpack Base" option, it let's you run the Driverpack Base tool after coping the source files

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Jaclaz, I don't understand what you mean. Is it important?


Maybe I was not clear: I just downloaded Windows 10 Technical Preview for Consumer, put the iso on external HD, booted Win8PESE-64 on my test laptop, mounted the iso, started WinNTSetup. All seems to work fine. That's what I wanted to test (and share).


Next up it testing unattended setup etc., but that's for later...

Of course, it would be nice to hear from other testers.

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