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  1. I made the translation to version Portuguese_Brazilian_by_Tiagotecno_v3.8.7.4.zip
  2. translation of version 3.7.9 Language Portuguese Brazilian tradução para versão 3.7.9 Idioma Português Brasil http://1drv.ms/1Irxka6 Portuguese_Brazilian_v3.7.9.zip
  3. translation of version 3.7.5 Portuguese Brazilian http://1drv.ms/1MOMYOb
  4. I have the following problem, when I use one designed for Windows XP at the end of the operation the message FAILDED WIM image, but the image is extracted correctly, which I noticed is that the error occurs when applied will give the boot, so I use the BootICE to create the boot sector correctly and the system starts properly. In version 3.6.1 it did not happen, I came to delete the old version but not nearly as install Windows XP does not have me worried. Sorry for English, google translator
  5. Eu acredito que o seu antivirus apagou o arquivo offreg.dll baixei novamente o programa e coloque a pasta do WinntSetup na exclusão do mesmo, o Norton aqui identifica o programa como virus também I believe your offreg.dll antivirus deleted the file I downloaded the program again and place the folder in the exclusion of same WinntSetup, Norton here identifies the program as virus also
  6. Has long since there was not a look at the website, I saw today that version 3.0 came out so did the new translation in Portuguese Brazil https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0deculXvA93Q2NLLW5GSDRDaG8/edit?usp=sharing I always use in miniXP but now with the new version I can not load the language because it is a DLL, is there any way to load the language manually? Sorry, bad English im use Google Translator
  7. Updated Portuguese translation in Brazil to version http://sdrv.ms/126r7gV
  8. I translated to Portuguese of Brazil Eu traduzi para Português do Brasil link download translate portuguese brazil
  9. I was having the same problem, so I put the computer to reboot before installing Avira, and Avira left for last in the installation of WPI. It must be some program of your installation that makes it necessary to restart the computer. Sorry my english, I'm using google translator
  10. I'm sorry but I don't speak Pt-Br. Using Google translate, i've "decoded" that you would like to use Avira 10 PE in Pt-Br with Asc ? If this what you want you asked (?) this is already the case. Avira PE10 Pt-Br is avalaible here & Asc of course manage this version (at least it should till anybody report a bug using Asc & Avira 10 pt-br) If I've misunderstood you're post, sorry and fell free to repost... but in english please Edit: My mistake..... I've made a new build ( Antivir 10 Ptbr was shown as Antivir v9 instead of v10 (forget to change antivir ver with ptbr. in lang.ini with the previous build Full changelog & link @ 1st post as usual. Thanks. With new version is able to create the installation Portuguese.
  11. Poderiam lançar uma versão compativel com o Avira PE 10 Portugues, pois esta versão não está juntando as atualizações com o Setup
  12. This is my first post, excuse the failure to use English because I am using the google translator. (I'm from Brazil) Guys I'm trying to include the serial avast 5 but already tried in several place and found a solution to make unattended installation. I was able to command setup_av_free.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART /SP- .but I could not put the serial. If anyone knows how to do, although I believe that avast did not provide that.
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