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WinNTSetup v5.2.6


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On 8/17/2019 at 10:59 AM, wimb said:

Also the program WinNTSetup crashes when a wrong type of wim file like boot.wim is selected.
May be for the unexperienced user it is good to give WARNING - This WIM file is Not Valid as Installation file

Selecting a wrong type of wim file should be refused by the program.

Now boot.wim can be selected as installation file and then pressing Setup results in program crash.

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Version 4 uses half of your CPUs physical cores, which seems the be the best trade off.
Using all cores would make the system unusable and it's unlikely that the destination drive is fast enough to actually write all the data in time.

I can't really spot the cause, it never happens with debugger on, so I hope Beta 4 now fixes this bug.


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Wrong type of wim file like boot.wim gives now when pressing Setup - Warning Windows Source invalid
So the crash is gone and this solution is OK.

There is another problem present in 4.0 Beta3 and Beta4
In case wimlib is used and Mode Wimboot Selected then After pressing Setup the program crashes.
Using WimGAPI (all cases) Or wimlib with Mode Wimboot Unchecked Or other Mode are working OK.

In version 4.0 Beta1 and Beta2 this problem did not yet occur.

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ok for cpu , I was thinking about wrong hyper threading detection ...

I've just tried the restore system of a Microsoft Surface 3 (Win10 v1511) 4 files with format *.swm ; directly downloader from Microsoft.
WinNTSetup seems apply first swm then error -> Error Applying System image failed! 0x6: Descripteur non valide 
even with wimlib.dll

If i apply with dism or WinNTSetup3.9.4 , there isn't error.

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Hmm, this error is properly caused by the multi core decompression used in beta 4.
You can disable it in the ini with. 


Can you send me the links for these *swm?

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