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The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP


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Mimo, when you update your Office 2003 list, would you please also check and correct these issues?

1. Date errors in your update entries

MS10-044 KB981716 - The date is 2010-07, not 2010-06

KB907417 - The date is 2005-11, not 2005-08

KB974554 - The date is 2009-10, not 2010-09

2. Except for KB924423, all updates that are mentioned in your "Non-security updates" list are offered by Microsoft Update as high-priority instead of optional. So is this an error or do you have a different meaning of "optional"?



3. About KB924423 (OUTLHOL), I think Mimo should add some footnotes for this update:

(1) KB924423 is not offered by Microsoft Update.

(2) KB924423-v2 is only available in these languages: CSY, DAN, DEU, ENU, FIN, FRA, HRV, HUN, LTH, LVI, SKY, and SVE. For other languages, the OUTLOOK.HOL included in the v2 update is the same as v1, so users don't need to install them. (KB924423-v1 is already included in SP3) (reference)

(3) If you have IND, MSL, URD, or VIT language-versions of Office, download and use the ENU version instead. Do NOT use updates of IND, MSL, URD, or VIT for slipstreaming! The OUTLOOK.HOL included in these languages are incomplete entries and might corrupt your holiday file.

For the 3rd footnote, I did extract the OUTLOOK.HOL file in each of these updates, and read its contents. The file contains only Canadian holiday entries and it's much smaller than the one in SP3 update. Another thing is that the OUTLOOK.HOL in SP3 updates in IND/MSL/URD/VIT are all the same as in ENU. So it should safe to apply ENU version for these, just like what it says in the Details of the download page.

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Hi Explorer 09,

thx for you update summary. I will update the list in short...

regarding you second post:

1) I will correct the dates.

2) I also have to change it - the meaning of optional and high-prio in my list should be the same

3) a very big footnote. I think the third one is the most important one


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Hi Maxfutur,

thx! I'm going to update the XP list...


ftp access is working. I've pdated the update-list (web-page) - the file-checker will be updated this weekend

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I'm sorry for the long delay. Here is an update for the file-checker for XP:

2013-10-13- Added: KB2879017 (MS13-080: Internet Explorer)- Added: KB2847311 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, OpenType Compact Font Format (CFF) driver)- Added: KB2862330 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, USB drivers)- Added: KB2862335 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, USB drivers)- Added: KB2868038 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, USB drivers)- Added: KB2883150 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, Win32k.sys)- Added: KB2884256 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, USB drivers)- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.5.9502.0)- Added: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.117- Removed: KB2870699 (MS13-069: Internet Explorer), replaced by KB2879017- Removed: KB2753842 v2 (MS12-078: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, OpenType Compact Font Format (CFF) driver, replaced by KB2847311)- Removed: KB2876315 (MS13-076: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers), replaced by KB2883150- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.4.9400.0)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.175

Download: HFSLIPFC v.2013/01/06 with WindowsXP-update-list v.2013/10/13

Edited by Mim0
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...new update TimeZoneChange (fidzi)

Thx for the Info. :)

Yesterday, when I prepared a new Setup-CD, I noticed that there is a v2 of KB2813347.

I will update the XP-List und the file-checker...

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