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  1. The new Adobe Flash Player has been released. Release date: December 9, 2014 Vulnerability identifier: APSB14-27 Priority: Recommended to update Platform: All Platforms Version: for Windows desktop runtime and all other runtimes are also updated. Download: Mine is not available, use blackwingcat's cabinet.
  2. The new Adobe Flash Player has been released. Release date: November 25, 2014 Vulnerability identifier: APSB14-26 Priority: Recommended to update Platform: All Platforms Version: for Windows desktop runtime and all other runtimes are also updated. Download: Mine is not available, use blackwingcat's cabinet.
  3. The new Adobe Flash Player has been released. Release date: November 11, 2014Vulnerability identifier: APSB14-24Priority: Recommended to updatePlatform: All PlatformsVersion: for Windows desktop runtime and all other runtimes are also updated.Download: Mine is not available, use blackwingcat's cabinet.
  4. The new Adobe Flash Player has been released. Release date: October 14, 2014Vulnerability identifier: APSB14-22Priority: Recommended to updatePlatform: All PlatformsVersion: for Windows desktop runtime and all other runtimes are also updated.I made a new cabinet file with ActiveX and also the other browsers plugin-style player based on Mim0's cabinet file. The update service is also included and set it to notify me when update is available. My version needs editing the HFSLIP code, I think, for copying plugin files and addtitional files to work. You can add and edit the code like: Find this, IF EXIST WORK\CABS\FlashUt*.exe FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\FlashUt*.exe') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\swflash.exeECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF swflash.exe = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,swflash.exe)Edit it, IF EXIST WORK\CABS\FlashUt*ActiveX.exe FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\FlashUt*ActiveX.exe') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\swflash.exeECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF swflash.exe = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,swflash.exe)IF EXIST WORK\CABS\FlashUt*Plugin.exe FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\FlashUt*Plugin.exe') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\swflash2.exeECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF swflash2.exe = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,swflash2.exe)Add code below, IF EXIST WORK\CABS\flashplayer.xpt FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\flashplayer.xpt') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\fplayer.xptECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF fplayer.xpt = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,fplayer.xpt)IF EXIST WORK\CABS\activex.vch FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\activex.vch') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\activex.vchECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF activex.vch = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,activex.vch)IF EXIST WORK\CABS\plugin.vch FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\plugin.vch') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\plugin.vchECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF plugin.vch = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,plugin.vch)IF EXIST WORK\CABS\npswf*.dll FOR /F %%I IN ('DIR/B WORK\CABS\npswf*.dll') DO (MOVE/Y WORK\CABS\%%I WORK\I386E\npswf32.dllECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF npswf32.dll = 1,,,,,,,1003,0,0,%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,npswf32.dll)(Note that it is not optimized and assumes to work on Microsoft Windows XP.) I am worried that the code is not tested, neither the cabinet file. Can anybody test it? Download: Dropbox Thank you, regards. cf) The friend of MSFN, blackwingcat's cabinet is also available at his blog, it is not necessary to edit the code of HFLSIP, he said.
  5. If you choose to update the core files, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Remote Desktop Connection, then you should prepare correct version update packages. You can read this info at Mim0's website. It may make an error if you mix two or more versions updates. So you suggest installing WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe and IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe ? No, You don't need to copy WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe to HF folder, IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe should be in the HF folder. I know HFSLIP proceeds WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe before IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe, so if WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe is in the HF folder, although, it may be fine. We only need shdocvw.dll from WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe, IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-XXX.exe does not have it.
  6. SkyKiDS

    Windows Updates

    Hi, there! The new security updates are released. MS14-001 for Microsoft Office MS14-002 for Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003 MS14-003 for Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and Server Core installation option MS14-004 for Microsoft Dynamics AX We only need MS14-002(KB2914368) and a new KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool) version 5.8. MS14-002(KB2914368) replaces MS10-099(KB2440591), and older(v5.7 or before) KB890830 is replaced by v5.8. KB2914368 should be worked with the folder HF. Download them here: WindowsXP-KB2914368-x86-XXX.exe (for XP, go to security note for others) Windows-KB890830-V5.8.exe
  7. I just trying to remake image, and install on the virtual system. hmm, the result is... Yeah, It's fixed!!! I just searched in this forum only. Anyway, Thank you.
  8. Hi! I slipstreamed update packages of Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3, listed in Mim0's website. According to the site, KB2917500 replaces KB2798897. I did KB2917500, but KB2798897 shows up at Windows Update. Actually, Some days before, There's no more updates shows up at the WU site with almost same setup image. I change another side of setup image, not security updates side. What happens? There doesn't exist KB2798897 v2. Any ideas?
  9. dot.tk is too slow and it doesn't sometimes connect to the webpage. cz.cc is the other choice.
  10. Yes, good hint, THX!!! update: done My pleasure. Oh, new site is updated not the site at Zymic. According to Zymic Twitter, terrible... too much downtime by heavy traffic, and it happens many times. However, your site is visible to me now, but it goes down at dawn time (GMT+9), sometimes... more than sometimes. Oops, "HSFLIP" not "HFSLIP"? The time comes to change the name?
  11. Hi, Mimo! Your Windows XP updates list is missed an info about KB2345886. Both KB970430 and KB2345886 require KB968389, and You noted the info to KB970430, but not to KB2345886. It looks better to add a line about it. Your Windows XP updates list is very nice. Thank you. Like yours, I am making a site for Korean.
  12. Thank you for your file-checker. I hope the FC is updated soon. Thx.
  13. Thank you for the information! I will try it soon.
  14. According to release note(한국어), the Adobe Flash Player version 11.5(11.5.502.110) is out. It is released at November 6, 2012, I think. Thank you for future update, Mim0. BTW, Your site was down a few hours ago. Was it occured by heavy traffic of Flash Player downloading? (Or my network had an error.)
  15. Hi, there! There's an error on your homepage, Mim0. Windows XP > Changelog section tells me correctly about removed update package, KB2695962. Windows XP > Update section, however, show me that KB2736233 replaces KB2618451 which was come out at Dec. 2011. It should be like this, "The security advisory KB2736233 replaces the security update KB2695962." Thank you for your effort.
  16. Thank you! It came out on September, I think, but your site shows me the date is 2012-08. Check it, please. Thank you again.
  17. SkyKiDS


    This is a great idea!
  18. Does not need to edit v1.7.10_betaJ or newer to integrate this update package?
  19. Thankyou !!! The link is the exactly same that posted by you, Rogon3. There is no updated version since March, 2009.
  20. Hi, there! I have a question about MS Windows XP update packages, KB956744(MS09-044), KB2483618(MS11-017) and KB2481109(MS11-017). HFSLIPFC changelog on web site and hfslipfc-xp.cmd show me KB2483618 for RDP 5.2 replaces KB956744 for RDP 6.0 and 6.1. Is it true? I think KB956744 can be replaced by KB2481109, because they are for RDP 6.0 and 6.1. Tables of Mimo's MS Windows XP update-list for HFSLIP, don't tell me anything about KB956744, I hope a message about that is shown for HFSLIP and FC users. * P.S. Do you already know above message, Mimo? You said about that before. ** P.S. There is an error on table 2 of the web site, the KB number of MS11-002 should be 2419632, not 2440591.
  21. I think I don't understand that... I am sorry that I am not good at English and I made a mistake. It means the HFSLIP users do not need to slipstream all of the update packages and some packages are only required for some languages or for some applications in Windows. I made a mistake that I had missed a critical update KB980232 (MS10-020: SMB Client), so I thought some critical updates is required for some languages. That's not true. I am sure the critical updates is shown for all languages of Windows. Have a nice day!
  22. Is it correct? Added: KB978207 (MS10-002: Internet Explorer) Removed: KB980182 (MS10-018: Internet Explorer) I think it should be like this. AddedRemoved: KB978207 (MS10-002: Internet Explorer) RemovedAdded: KB980182 (MS10-018: Internet Explorer) or KB978207 is replaced by KB980182. If not, why? Anyway, there are some differences between versions of different languages, and also some installed packages. I don't have KB980232 (MS10-020: SMB Client) issue in Korean version, and KB976323 (MS10-024: SMTP Service) issue that it looks because I don't use that service or package. I am glad to use your File-checker. Thank you so much!
  23. I just tell you guys how to use OSCDIMG.EXE with HFSLIP, and I want to help them who have OSCDIMG.EXE and don't have CDIMAGE.EXE or MKISOFS.EXE. Three ways to make ISO image work fine, I think, and I am sure that the result ISO image, clearly work fine. It must be good that my way is added to HFSLIP for helping other people. Anyway, I don't complain about it is impossible and HFSLIP only has two ways. Thank you for attention to my way. It's good to learn how to write in English.
  24. Nice to meet you. :) I live in Korea, and I am Korean, too.

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