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  1. new file-checker for XP: 2014-07-04- Added: KB2935092 (Daylight saving time (DST) changes for Chile, Turkey, and Paraguay)- Added: KB2929961 (MS14-013: DirectShow)- Added: KB2930275 (MS14-015: Kernel-Mode Driver)- Added: KB931125 (Roots Certificates Update March 2014)- Added: KB2936068 (MS14-018: Internet Explorer)- Added: KB2922229 (MS14-019: Windows File Handling Component)- Added: KB2964358 (MS14-021: Internet Explorer (non cumulative))- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.13.10300.0)- Added: Adobe Flash Player Removed: KB2845187 (MS13-056: DirectShow, replaced by KB2929961)- Removed: KB2893984 (MS13-101: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, replaced by KB2930275)- Removed: KB931125 (Roots Certificates Update November 2013)- Removed: KB2909921 (MS14-010: Internet Explorer, replaced by KB2936068)- Removed: KB2758857 (MS12-081: Windows File Handling Component, replaced by KB2922229)- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.7.9701.0)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player http://hfslip.altervista.org/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp140704.zip
  2. new Flash Player: download: see first posting
  3. My dear friends here, I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to update my site last months. But now I will update to the most current updates. I read the last pages here in this thread. Many thanks to post all the infos here! Could anyone tell me the state of HFSLIP 1.7.10 (Acheron)? Does it have a stable state so I should add it to the Update-list? CU, Mimo
  4. new file-checker for XP: 2014-03-05- Fixed: file-name of KB2909212 (MS14-011: VBScript Scripting Engine, IE6)Download: http://hfslip.altervista.org/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp140305.zip Thx to bigdb!!! other pending changes are coming asap!
  5. 1. KB2655992 is replaced by KB2832214 - TLS, schannel.dll, thanks to dziubek: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/126410-windows-updates/page-30#entry1065798 ...but I can't find any info about KB2832214 on Microsoft site :| 2. Don't mark KB961118 (Printer Update) as obsolete since it's already fixed in HFSLIP beta versions: "Jun 11, 2013 - Remove redundant START /WAIT commands. [...] Fix integrating KB942288, KB961118 catalog files." Thx also for this. I will add the infos. 2832214 seems to be a hotfix by request
  6. thx for the info. I will fix it!!
  7. Mim0

    The Mim0's website

    I have movad my site to http://hfslip.altervista.org due to continuous problems with zymic.
  8. Hi guys, I'm sorry for that. I was really p*ss*d that zymic (hoster of mimo.zxq.org) makes so much trouble. I moved my site to: http://hfslip.altervista.org I have tried to redirect from http://hfslip.tk to altervista but it's not working (don't know why) Also sorry for the long delay of an update! new file-checker for XP: 2014-02-15- Added: KB2916036 (MS14-005: Microsoft XML Core Services 3)- Added: KB2909921 (MS14-010: Internet Explorer)- Added: KB2909212 (MS14-011: VBScript Scripting Engine)- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.9.9902.0)- Added: Adobe Flash Player Removed: KB2898785 (MS13-097: Internet Explorer, replaced by KB2909921)- Removed: KB2719985 (MS12-043: Microsoft XML Core Services, MSXML 3 & 6, replaced by KB2916036 and KB2757638- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.8.9803.0)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player http://hfslip.altervista.org/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp140225.zip
  9. new Flash Player: download: see first posting
  10. thx for the replacement-info, Explorer09. I'm just preparing an update of the file-checker. Unfortunately (I just noticed it) is my web-hoster very sloooow....
  11. new Flash Player: download: see first posting
  12. Mim0

    The Mim0's website

    Hi, probably you get an idea when you look on the changelog of my update-list for XP why the updates are not on -X-'s list. http://mimo.zxq.net/changelog-xp.htm Mimo
  13. new file-checker for Windows XP: 2014-01-18:- Added: KB2914368 (MS14-002: Windows Kernel)- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.8.9803.0)- Added: Adobe Flash Player Removed: KB2440591 (MS10-099: Routing and Remote Access, replaced by KB2914368)- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.7.9701.0)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.170Download: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp140118.zip
  14. new Flash Player: download: see first posting
  15. Fixed file-checker for Windows XP: 2013-12-20- Fixed: filename of WindowsXP-KB2893984-x86.regDownload: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp131220.zip Thx to BugsBunny!!!
  16. new Flash Player: 11.9.900.170 download: see first posting
  17. Hey guys, thanks for the infos. I'm starting to update the lists for December... CU later... new file-checker for XP: 2013-12-18- Added: KB2898785 (MS13-097: Internet Explorer)- Added: KB2893294 (MS13-098: Windows)- Added: KB2892075 (MS13-099: Microsoft Scripting Runtime Object Library )- Added: KB2893984 (MS13-101: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers)- Added: KB2898715 (MS13-102: LRPC Client)- Added: KB2917500 (Security Advisory 2916652: Digital Certificates)- Added: KB2904266 (Cumulative Time Zone Update)- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.7.9701.0)- Added: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.170- Removed: KB2888505 (MS13-088: Internet Explorer, replaced by KB2898785)- Removed: KB2883150 (MS13-081: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, Win32k.sys, replaced by KB2893984)- Removed: KB2849470 (MS13-062: Remote Procedure Call, replaced by KB2898715)- Removed: KB2798897 (Security Advisory 2798897: Certificates Revocation, replaced by KB2917500)- Removed: KB2863058 (Cumulative Time Zone Update, replaced by KB2904266)- Removed: KB2890882 (Time Zone Update (Fiji), replaced by KB2904266)- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.6.9603.0)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.152- Added also the following replacment info: - KB2893294 (MS13-098: Windows) together with KB2749655 (Security Advisory 2749655: Digital Certificates) replaces KB2653956 (MS12-024: Windows Authenticode Signature Verification) - KB2892734 (Windows Firewall service crashes when multiple FTP operations are running) replaces KB951830 (DNS-Resolving)Download: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp131218.zip
  18. Thx Explorer09!!! new file-checker for Office 2003: 2013-11-21- Added: KB2825621 (MS13-078: FrontPage)- Added: KB2826020 (MS13-086: Microsoft Word)- Removed: KB2817682 (MS13-072: Microsoft Office, Word, replaced by KB2826020)Download: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-o131116.zip edit: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-o131121.zip (thx luckypeter28)
  19. The IGNORE-section should be use in case that missing updates shouldn't be listet. But in your case, no updates are missing - you have more updates than expected. In this case, create an additional WIN-section in your INI-file (an empty WIN-section should be already there in your INI) and add additional files here. Then the file-checker expects your files also and will not list them as "unknown". . You sould mark them with S (at the beginning of a row, =Sec Upd) - so they are handled every time (you cannot deactivate security updates in the INI) +WINS|HFSVCPACK\resetwmi.exe|resetS|HFSVCPACK_SW1\msdrmclient.msi|S|HFSVCPACK_SW1\rmclientbackcompat.msi|S|HFGUIRUNONCE\reg_performance_gui.reg|S|HF\WindowsXP-KB961118-x86-TRK.exe| (Printer Update (when NET 3.5 SP1 will be installed), install it after NET 3.5 SP1)S|HF\WindowsXP-KB971314-x86-TRK.exe|Printer Update-But I'm not sure if the last both entries are working, because in the main-script they are already marked with "R" (replaced). Please test it. Btw: A single minus-sign in a row marks the end of a section. In case of a section at the end of the file it should be no problem.
  20. Mim0

    The Mim0's website

    ehm.... yes I've updated tonight http://mimo.zxq.net and I registered an url at dot.tk (hfslip.tk) with redirection to mimo.zxq.net but it doesn't working - probably it needs some time... I will use another hoster with more stablility asap! I will
  21. new file-checker for Windows XP: 2013-11-16- Added: KB2888505 (MS13-088: Internet Explorer)- Added: KB2876331 (MS13-089: Graphics Device Interface)- Added: KB2900986 (MS13-090: ActiveX Kill Bits)- Added: KB2868626 (MS13-095: Digital Signatures)- Added: KB2862152 (Security Advisory 2862152: DirectAccess)- Added: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.6.9603.0)- Added: KB931125 (Roots Certificates Update November 2013)- Added: KB2892734 (Windows Firewall service crashes when multiple FTP operations are running)- Added: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.152- Removed: KB2879017 (MS13-080: Internet Explorer, replaced by KB2888505)- Removed: KB956802 (MS08-071: GDI, replaced by KB2876331)- Removed: KB2618451 (MS11-090: ActiveX Kill Bits, replaced by KB2900986)- Removed: KB2820197 (Security Advisory 2820197: ActiveX Kill Bits, replaced by KB2900986)- Removed: KB2661254 (Security Advisory 2661254: Minimum Certificate Key Length, replaced by KB2868626)- Removed: KB974392 (MS09-069: Local Security Subsystem Authority Service, replaced by KB2862152)- Removed: KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool 5.5.9502.0)- Removed: KB931125 (Roots Certificates Update August 2013)- Removed: Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.117Download: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-xp131116.zip new file-checker for Office 2003: 2013-11-16- Added: KB2817474 (MS13-072: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office)- Added: KB2817682 (MS13-072: Microsoft Office, Word)- Added: KB2810048 (MS13-073: Excel)- Added: KB2760494 (MS13-091: File Format Converters)- Added: KB2849999 (Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter)- Removed: KB2817421 (MS13-051: Microsoft Office, replaced by KB2817474)- Removed: KB2810046 (MS13-043: Microsoft Word, replaced by KB2817682)- Removed: KB2687481 (MS12-076: Microsoft Excel, replaced by KB2810048)- Removed: KB975051 (MS09-073: WordPad and Office Text Converters, replaced by KB2760494)- Removed: KB2817523 (Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter, replaced by KB2849999)- Fixed: Set the following updates from "Optional" to "High-Priority": KB907417, KB978551, KB974554, KB2449798, KB2539581 and the Junk Email Filter update (Thx to Explorer09)Download: http://mimo.zxq.net/hfslip/hfslipfc-130206-o131116.zip
  22. new Flash Player: 11.9.900.152 download: see first posting
  23. Hi guys, thx for your support here! I'm just preparing the new lists.
  24. Mim0

    The Mim0's website

    Yes, good hint, THX!!! update: done unfortunately my site ist already/still down... d*mn... I'm looking for a new hoster... update: 4ove.com (a recommendation from tomasz) does not send me an activation mail. until I found a new hoster, I use the following URL: http://hsflip.altervista.org/ I have not uploaded all files which should be downloadable from my site - sorry for this inconvenience also the automatic update mechanism of the file-checker is not working. I have to make an update of the main-script with the new final url...

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