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Last Versions of Software for Windows 2000


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Apparently these work:

DivX 7

Safari 4

Windows PowerShell

among others.

Blackwingcat's blog at http://w2k.livedoor.biz/ has a bunch of things, but it's in Japanese. The pictures get the point across though.

EDIT: I just realized I've posted three times in a row. Oo

EDIT2: Microsoft's Virtual CD-ROM power tool which says XP works on 2000.

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In your "Support discontinued" list, you should include .NET 2.0 SP2. I found that, though not officially supported as stated in the download page, it actually works on windows 2000.

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Forgive me if I missed these in earlier posts, but since I'm still running Win2K (occasionally XP) even though we've got Win7 on order finding good security products is becoming harder:

Last Win2K versions:

Online Armor Free, which is somewhat more current than

Comodo Firewall Pro (though both are still quite respectable)

However, Avira's AntiVir still supports Win2K, as do a large number of other useful applications. For that matter, if you sit behind a hardware router/firewall and are careful where you surf even Win98 is still surprisingly usable (last I knew Avast's anti-virus still supported it).

- bill

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Changed Follwing components


Microsoft DirectX 9.0c August 2009

.Net Framework 2.0 SP2

PowerShell 1.0


Apple Safari 4


Google Chrome 3/4 / SRWare Iron

Microsoft Windows Media Player 10

iTunes ipod nano 3rd)

iTunes 9.0.1(iPhone and iPod touch only)

QuickTime 7.64

Office 2007(with out Outlook)

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Adobe Photoshop Premier 7

Painter Essentials 4

PowerShell 2.0

Windows Live Writer 2009

DivX v7.1

Finale 2009

Veoh Web Player / Web TV

Misc(unofficially/I released on my blog)

Intel Matrix Storage Manager 7.6 for Win2000

Ati Radeon Driver 9.10 for Win2000(I think stable 9.9)

iPod touch and iPhone Driver 1.45 for Win2000

AMD Raid Driver 3.1.1540.127 for Win2000

Hey, I was just wondering, I know there's a list for Windows 98SE, but I dunno if there's one for Windows 2000... Anyway, here's my list so far... It can also mean 'unofficially', so long as it works still, to an extent...
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VSTHost v1.47 - latest Version - still being developed.

If you do much with digital audio either recording or editing, and need / want to test out VST instruments or effects before

you drop them into your DAW - VSTHost is a great tool for the job (it can do more). The latest version (listed above) runs on

the following OSes -> Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP.

Mike :)

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What about SeaTools for Windows? (You know, it tests Seagate's hard disk drives. Several simultaneously, and you can do something else on your computer at the same time, which are advantages over the Dos version I like).

I tried to install v1.2.0.2 on W2k, though it officially requires Xp. Installation works but I get the error

Not found ThrowWithExtendedInfo(System.Management.ManagementStatus)

I have installed DotNet 1.1sp1 and 2.0sp2 (instead of 2.0sp1).

Then I tried SeaTools v1.2.0.1 which was officially for 2k and got the same error.

First, where should this ThrowWithExtendedInfo come from: Windows or DotNet?

And what is the latest version of SeaTools running on W2k?

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I upgraded my installation of the K-Lite Codec pack recently from 6.0.4 to 6.3.0, but the 'Media Player Classic - Home Cinema' is no longer supported.

It was version '1.3.2189', so does anyone know what the last version supported by Win2k is?

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Adobe pulled the plug on W2k with the latest Reader, version 10, it no longer installs! Untill a workaround (if one) will be discovered I think we have to stick with version 9.

Or indeed use an alternative. For example, the open-source SumatraPDF Reader is still in development, supports Windows 2000 and is far more lightweight than the Adobe Reader:


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