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  1. Another option is to click the down arrow next to your username, Signed in as Peewee, click My Content. There are a few options available, Topics started, Posts, or both. There's an Advanced Search with your username as one criteria, date range, forum, etc as well. This will help when you have many posts to filter out.
  2. Missing Persons -:- Spring Session M Walking in L.A. U.S. Drag Mental Hopscotch
  3. gUiTaR_mIkE

    XP SP3

    Yeah, -X-'s site is a good resource, but is it still being maintained, last update was November 2011 Patch Tuesday?
  4. Have you tried to sort them when in the 'Open' or 'Save' dialogs? You will need to click 'View Menu' - 'Details' - then sort accordingly. This may be a system-wide change, I don't remember, unless a specific app allows for sorting in their dialogs or settings. You can sort files using 'Views' in Windows Explorer for a folder as well. Use 'Folder Options' to 'remember each folder's view settings'. Again, I don't remember if settings become system-wide. I've monkeyed around for so long on my installation of XP I don't remember what default looks like anymore
  5. gUiTaR_mIkE

    XP SP3

    SP3 for Windows XP (x86) Network Installation Package - found here - same as post #2. Name: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58 Size: 331,805,736
  6. Are you running .NET 2.0 SP2? Did the update for .NET 2.0 SP2 install? If not, likely WU is wanting you to update 2.0 SPX to 2.0 SP2 and there are (as far as I know) only 2 ways to get .NET 2.0 SP2 ... ... install .NET 3.5 SP1 or .NET 2.0 SP2 Stand-Alone Roll-up FYI - I believe the 2.0 SP2 roll-up will remove 2.0 and 2.0 SP1 leaving .NET 2.0 SP2 only!
  7. Weesuck & Sons Computer Repair - "If it ain't broke when we get it, it will be when you get it back" or Computer Repair & Septic Cleaning - "Same day service. We can get both jobs done in a single afternoon, in most cases simultaneously"
  8. I'll take S.M.A.R.T. over nothing any day. Doctors can't predict (guess) when we will die, they simply let us know we are accumulating bad sectors or some parts don't spin up as fast as it used to I still visit a doctor once in a while and have a look at my drive's S.M.A.R.T. details, without either I would be in the dark as to whether any problems exist.
  9. What picture, an avatar, a sig, or within your post body? Use your settings for the avatar or sig (I guess you know this already), or use... ...Insert image ...Insert media http://www.msfn.org/board/uploads/7d479599d9cebda6d3bdaac3e4223c75.jpg ...or Browse and locate an attachment, and then Attach This File all within the editor
  10. Everything wears out eventually (especially with moving parts). Also, you may notice an increase in the drive temp (during the move / copy process, or normal operating temp) or hear more noise coming from the heads as they seek the data scattered throughout the drive. On a healthy drive the heads wont make much noise, on failing drives the heads when working will get louder, this is when I plan on replacing the drive - I have worn out drives, mostly when I was recording a lot on my PC. The drives wore out, they didn't fail (I didn't wait for them to), as the drive began to idle at higher temps and / or made a bit more noise, I checked the power-on hours and decided if the drive had served it's purpose, if so, I replaced it. I suppose I've been lucky, I haven't had to deal with a drive getting numerous bad sectors, I personally would ditch this drive (as cheap as they are now) - no bad sectors for me (IMO). I use 2 external usb enclosures with 320GB drives for storing my ripped CDs - mostly to .flac files but some are single images, 700+MBs in size. I rip the CD to .wav, edit, then encode to .flac or single audio image. I will then move 4 or 5 GBs at a time from the slave drive to the external enclosure - this is a workout for a drive but it's what their designed for - cooling is important. On a low hours drive there should be little concern (but any drive can fail at any time regardless of age or hours). If the drive is getting up there in age (power on hours, power on count) you will want to watch it, but don't worry about it, just don't store data on this drive if you can't afford to lose it I like TeraCopy for moving data from the slave drive (inside my PC) to the external enclosures - http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php - not sure if there's a file size limit with the free version. HTH
  11. ...speaking of older tools, it rings a bit like trying to code a modern 'standards compliant' website in IE6 ( 5,4,3,2,1 ) - that was pretty easy, no niggling needed
  12. I read thru the DXCB thread a bit and it sure looks like you've done things correctly, and I was partially correct about the DirectX .cab files, where I was wrong is you needn't worry about anything, the script is supposed to extract what it needs. I tried a search for your error, it isn't coming up on their forums. Also, did you notice: Did you try without any arguments? There is a debugging script that tests the dxcb script ( ), did you try it? Ultimately, this seems best posted at their forums. I can't keep track of whose doing what, you're referring to DXCB, the post above points to OnePiece's tool. Sorry, I realize I'm adding to the confusion.
  13. Hi Molecule I wouldn't feel too bad about getting confused, some of those projects are 30 or 40 pages deep in the forum, have been going on for a long time, and read like a very long run-on sentence. The users are smart, they also have spent a lot of time there reading the forums and following the project, for you or I it would be like jumping in the middle of a bar fight - we could get cut by just about anyone Anyway, I don't use the tools you mention but it sounds like what you need to do is extract the contents of the redistributable DirectX file, you may even need to extract the content of a few cabs, and these files are what you will drop in the correct folder (explained in the directions). If you look at all the files in a DirectX redistributable, there are numerous .cabs from over the years, and not much has affected Windows 2000 or XP for a while - the latest update to DirectX concentrated on fixing bugs in the installer and adding better error handling and messaging, which is why the tool you are using only wants a few files, the ones that affect Windows 2000. I extracted the contents of DirectX Feb. 2010 a while back on another forum, here's the .cab file list: See if the files you need are in here, your files may also be in one of the listed cabs, you will need to extract that file as well. HTH.
  14. @Larry I haven't said anything yet but your work looks good I do have a few things though, maybe using PM is better to help keep the thread down to say between 900 and a 1000 posts by days end. Not now, down the road. The PMing is for discussion about personal changes to an avy or sig, I'm not referring to the open discussion or getting other users in here.
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