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  1. Now that MSN Messenger is no longer operational, I would like to know which components can safely be removed from XP Pro using nLite. Can anybody advise?
  2. I have the Dutch IE6 SP1 if you need it. Not sure if it's for W2000 only or also for W98 though. Let me know if you can use it for the collection.
  3. First, Happy New Year everybody! I wouldn't worry too much about leaving Automatic Updates switched off- it's hardly likely that Microsoft will ever release another update for W2000, security or otherwise. Once W2000 is fully updated with all the official Microsoft stuff currently available, Automatic Updates can be permanently disabled im my opinion. Just a thought.
  4. So if I want to build, say, a Dutch W2000 patch for MS10-096 all I would have to do is download the Dutch XP patch, then extract the contents and repack? And are the packing tools readily available, and which do I need?
  5. A minor suggestion: when installing the v2/v3 improved updates for KB2183461 and KB2360131 I noticed that in "Add/remove programmes: Currently installed programmes " the updates are simply listed as KB2183461/KB2360131 without -v2 or -v3. Could the version number be included in future updates where applicable (if that is possible)? This would eliminate confusion as to whether the latest version of an update is installed or not.
  6. The newest version of Defraggler (2.00) won't install on W2000, the last W2000-compatible version is 1.21. Curiously, the latest version of CCleaner (3.103) does install and run on W2000........
  7. Interesting topic! I carried out my own tests, preparing four installation CDs with the following NTDETECT and NTLDR files- with stock W2000 SP4 files, with XP SP3 files, with Server 2003 files and with Server 2003 SP2 files. Basic specs of test PC- Asus A8V-X MB, single-core Athlon 64 3800+ CPU, nVidia 7600GS vid card, old 10 GB Quantum Fireball Plus HDD, 4 GB DDR-400 RAM (curiously, system only sees 2.9 GB, even with x64 OS- still haven't solved this one). The HDD was wiped with DBAN before installing the OS, which was then updated with MB and vid drivers plus all W2000 updates. After every test the HDD was wiped before installing the next setup to minimize the chances of software remains from previous install influencing results. Each install was started 5 times and boot time measured. Boot times from start boot to appearance of login window were as follows- With stock W2000 SP4 NTDETECT and NTLDR files time required was 48 seconds. With XP SP3 NTDETECT and NTLDR files time required was 46 seconds. With stock Server 2003 NT DETECT and NTLDR files time required was 44 seconds. With Server 2003 SP2 NTDETECT and NTLDR files time required was 48 seconds (which suggests that Server 2003 SP2 installations MIGHT benefit by reverting to the original Server 2003 files!!! This is progress????). While a crude test it does suggest that the Server 2003 files are the best replacement for the stock W2000 SP4 files. A different PC spec may give different results, though. And while not a spectacular improvement, 4 seconds are not to be sneezed at.
  8. Daft question, no doubt....... but would it be possible to use these (and future) updates as a basis for making updates for other languages, or is the code completely different?
  9. Installing KB2360131 results in the same "Program error" as above when starting "Add and remove programs" in Control Panel.
  10. I installed all these new updates today. Everything went OK; however, when I opened the "Add and remove programmes" window in the control panel after installing I got a message: "Program error. mshta.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. An error log is being created." The "Add and remove programs" window was shut down. I carried out a fresh install of W2000 and after installing all official updates through Windows Automatic Updates I started installing the new updates individually, then checking if the "Add and remove programs" window could be opened normally. Apart from the official updates, only an nVidia driver, the monitor driver and the motherboard drivers had been installed- no other software at all. KB2079403, KB2115168, KB2121546 and KB2124261 caused no errors, but when KB2183461 was installed the problem recurred. Will carry out a total reinstall tomorrow, skipping KB2183461 to see if this update causes the problem. Hope this helps. By the way, where can I find the error log? So far I haven't been able to find it!
  11. Check your PM if you haven't done so already..........
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