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Revolutions Pack 9.7

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As you may remember, after installing RP9 and also the additional "system updates" from the second post in this thread, I had this problem with locked toolbars at the bottom (quickstart/taskbar area) in windows98. Just no handles anymore to move them.

Now it's finally fixed again!! *happy*

post-259287-098983800 1289139934_thumb.p

Some nice anonymous guy told me win98 keeps automatic registry updates of the last 6 versions, in the windows/sysbckup folder! As compressed cab files named rb00x.cab

If anyone else needs to restore an automatic registry backup in windows98 and doesn't know how to, a quick summary:

Make a backup copy of all "rb00x.cab" files from folder

C:\WINDOWS\SYSBCKUP (if all goes well you don't need this, but just in case ;-)

Restart system in DOS mode

Type "scanreg.exe /restore"

Choose one of the offered backups by date

Restart Windows - that's all!!

There are some very good screenshots here in a tutorial, the "choice screen" is Figure E:


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If anyone else needs to restore an automatic registry backup in windows98

OffTopic: the best program to save registry with Win98 is here: SauveWin 1.5

[EDIT: english translation is here: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.masef.com%2Ffreewares%2Fsauvewin.htm ]

It is a Pif file that automatically save the registry files and 11 others sytem critical files

to be able to restore them in any case from DOS.

I always have 1 (or more) folder with my last stable version.

For the rb00x.cab files, you can edit %WIN%\SCANREG.INI to

- increase the BackupCopies number

- modify the Backup directory path

- add more files to include in the Backup cab

There is an MS application SREDIT.EXE to do that without opening the ini file:





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Contributed with Traslate Languaje to Spanish Argentinian Version in RP9

Insert t RPConfig.lng


Wallpapers=Tapíz de escritorio




Press "Add" button or drag image files into list to add wallpapers.=Presione botón "Añadir" o arrastre los archivos de imagen en la lista para añadir fondos de pantalla.

Add wallpapers [ins]=Añadir tapíz de escritorio [ins]

Remove selected wallpaper [Del]=Eliminar selección de tapíz de escritorio [Del]

Center wallpaper=Centrado

Tile wallpaper=En Mosaico

Stretch wallpaper=Estirado

Fit wallpaper=Ajustar a pantalla

Window skin:=Windows Skin:

System icon set:=Seleccionar paquete de Iconos

Classic appearance...=Apariencia Clásica...

Icon quality:=Calidad de iconos

32-bit (best)=32-Bit (Max)

16-bit (good)=16-Bit (Buena)

4-bit (retro)=4-Bit (Retro)

Use large icons=Iconos grandes

Use animations=Usar animaciones

Window animations=Animación de ventanas

Menu animations=Animación de menus

Use fade effect=Usar efecto atenuación

Combobox animations= Animación de cuadros combinados

Smooth scrolling=Desplazamiento suave

Show window contents while dragging=Mostrar contenido de ventana mientras se arrastra

Show transparent desktop icon labels=Mostrar iconos de escritorio trasparentes

Smooth edges of screen fonts=Suavizar bordes de fuentes de pantalla

Use ClearType=Usar ClearType

Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop=Usar sombra en textos del escritorio

All on=Todos

All off=Ninguno








Advanced options=Opciones avanzadas

Disable reboot on double Ctrl-Alt-Del=Desactivar reinicio trás doble Ctrl-Alt-Del

Replace default shell font with Tahoma=Reemplazar fuente por defecto, por Tahoma

Don't limit titlebar icon size=No limitar tamaño de icono en barra de título


These settings are applied after reboot=Todos los cambios se aplicaran al reiniciar


Please note: you can change metrics and colors in all themes.=Nota: puede cambiar la metrica y colores de todos los temas.

To save skinned appearance, always save theme under same name.=Para guardar cambios de apariencia, guarde siempre con mismo nombre.

Change desktop text color=Cambiar color del texto de escritorio

shadow color=Sombra de color

Insert to RPSetup.lng





Revolutions Pack 9 setup=Instalación de Revolutions Pack 9

Welcome to the Revolutions Pack install wizard!=Bienvenido al Asistente de instalación de Revolution Pack!

Choose what you want to do.=Elige lo que desea hacer

Full install=Instalación Completa




Installed version:=Version instalada:

Online guide=Guia online

Check what you need, uncheck what you don't.=Marque lo necesario, desmarque lo que no.

Core system improvements=Mejoras en el sistema

Skinning support=Modulo de Skins (ex-Uberskin)

32-bit icons support=Soporte de iconos 32-bit

Configuration program=Programa de configuración


You need to install updates in order to use all features you choose.=Necesita instalar estas actualziaciones para poder usar las caracteristicas.

Install required updates and reboot if necessary.=La instalación requiere un reiniciar para actualizar.

Download required updates=Descargar Actualizaciones Requeridas



Revolutions Pack 9 cannot be installed on top of old Revolutions Pack version. Sorry.=Revolution Pack 9 no se puede instalar Sobre viejos Revolution Pack versión. Lo sentimos



Revolutions Pack 9 has been installed.=Revolution Pack 9 a sido Instalado

Revolutions Pack 9 has been upgraded.=Revolution Pack 9 a sido actualizado

Revolutions Pack 9 has been removed.=Revolution Pack 9 a sido Removido


Are you sure?=¿Está seguro?

ATTENTION: all your RP skins and icons will be removed!=ATENCIÓN: todos los skin RP e iconos seran removidos!


Internet Explorer 6 is highly recommended!=Internet Explorer 6 es altamente recomendable!

GDI+ runtime (gdiplus.dll) is required for configuration program.=GDI+ runtime (gdiplus.dll) es requerida para configurar programa.

Proceed to updates download page?=¿Proceder a descargar actualizaciones?

WININIT.INI present=WININIT.INI esta presente

There are pending system file updates. Please reboot first.=Existen actualizaciones pendientes. Reinicie el sistema y vuelva a intentarlo o borre WININIT.INI.

Thanks Tinhy :thumbup

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On 98 units without IE6, the handles for toolbars don't reappear after locking and unlocking the taskbar. They can be made movable again by closing the toolbars, then reopening them. I never lock the taskbar or move the toolbars, but I like the handles which look like dividers between them.

post-118612-093888300 1289347750_thumb.g

Regarding the registry and testing new updates and apps, there's an easier way than using the built in 98 registry backups. TestRun is a group of batch files that creates copies of the registry and system configuration files and switches them in DOS. It enables the user to load a duplicate file set for testing while keeping your original registry out of harms way. You then have the option of keeping the new registry or restoring to your original. It's more flexible and user friendly than the 98 registry backup utility as it will switch to DOS for you. The installer makes no real changes to your system. It just unzips the files to a folder and makes shortcuts for you. I've used it for years. For those who aren't that experienced with DOS and batch files, these are good examples of just how powerful and flexible DOS can be for a 98 user.

The original TestRun site is long gone but the Wayback machine still has the site, but not the installer. I've uploaded a copy of it here for those who can use it.

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TestRun isn't a registry backup program per se, though it can be used as one. The first batch file creates a full duplicate of your registry and other system files. When you want to test install something or do some other experimenting or modifying that involves the registry, you run the 2nd batch file which replaces the original files with the duplicate files. The original registry files are kept out of harms way. The test files can be used as long as you want. The change survives reboots. When you're done with whatever you're trying, you can either accept the test files as your new permanent registry or you can revert back to the ones you started with. If something you do makes Windows unbootable, you can switch registries in DOS.

The TestRun batch files dupliacte and swap these system files:









If you're 98 unit is set up with user profiles, you might want to modify the batch files to include the user.dat files stored in each users profile. The batch files cover the system.dat and user.dat from the windows folder only, the normal setup on single user systems. If you're primarily interested in registry backup and protection, check out the 2nd link in my signature. It's based on TestRun but is modified to include user autostart folders and runs automatically at bootup.

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I had reported a few month ago that the WMP's skins'transparency is broken with some of the Revolutions Pack's skins.

In posts #331 and post #383, you can have a look at screenshots:




After more research, I have found that the problem is coming from the theme's skin.ini file:

if any value of TransCorn is set in the [Global] section, the problem appears.

(Could be because it is looking for magenta color to process transparency?)

With all RP's skins with no 'TransCorn=' line (or maybe TransCorn=0), there is no problem.

You can even see that in the RPConfig's panel: if the top corners of the skin are round, that means it uses this TransCorn feature.

Is it hard to fix?

BTW Tihiy, the bug with Recycle bin I reported in post #409 giving me an 'Access impossible to %c' error when emptying it, is definitely gone since (at least) 9.6.6 build. :thumbup

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- "RP9-Icons"-package gives the following error during installation: "Registry Editor: C:\Systemicons.reg: cannot be imported. System may have a disk failure or file system error." Icons will be unpacked, but themes cannot be activated.

Hi t6ti00,

I removed the systemicons.reg backup mechanism from the installer som time ago.

Maybe downloading and installing the latest version fixes the problem:



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I released another update for my theme Whistler 98. It features some visual improvements and two new subschemes: Black and Luna.

Thanks for your work! :thumbup


- IMHO there could be a glitch (I'm not sure) when one maximize a window:

the edges are no more seen and the top right buttons are cropped.



So, maybe we only need to make a third bitmap called BLACK_RESTOREGLYPH_BMP.bmp

or to modify the skin_Black.ini that it will use one of these two.

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I removed the systemicons.reg backup mechanism from the installer som time ago.

Maybe downloading and installing the latest version fixes the problem:


Hi Dandee,

Seems to be fixed. Good work. :)

* Now, that we can customize all our OS from inside RPConfig, the main skin-tweak missing is the change of Cursors. Why not a new tab for them?

That would be a good idea. I have tested original Win7 icons with RP9. Works well, but don't look great. Would be great idea to add XP, Vista and Gnome-styled icon packs there.

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