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  1. List of Office 2003 post-SP3 hotfixes

    As Office 2003 support has ended, I believe that it is time for update. I have made updated list. Part 1 refers to the earlier list above. Part 2 refers to the hotfixes I have found from Microsoft Catalog. Hotfixes marked with "*" refers to hotfixes that are actually installed (and Microsoft Update does not found anything else to add), so I assume that the updates without "*" have become obsolete. Part 1 * KB907417 OtkoadrKB921598 GpfiltKB943452 Formman20enuKB943649 Olkintl* KB943973 Works632KB945185 Vbe6KB948988 PowerpntKB949074 OsecaKB950213 MspubKB951535 Msxml5KB953404 MsoKB953432 OutlookKB954478 Gdiplus* KB955439 SnapviewKB956357 WinwordKB958436 Excel* KB2863822 Outlfltr (modif 29.07.14) Part 2 * KB947319 Webcomp (Owc10 & Owc11)* KB974554 Mso*** KB975051 Mso* KB978551 Mso*** KB980373 Outlook* KB981716 Access (Accwiz & Msaccess)* KB2288613 Mso* KB2289163 Mso* KB2293428 Outlook* KB2449798 Mso* KB2493523 Mso* KB2535812 Powerpnt* KB2539581 Mso* KB2687626 Mso* KB2726929 Mso* KB2760494 Mso* KB2760574 Mso* KB2810048 Excel* KB2817474 Mso*** KB2817480 Mso* KB2825621 Mso* KB2850047 Mso* KB2878299 Mspub* KB2878303 Winword* Mso Filevalid **) This one was also found from Microsoft Catalog. I believe that it is already included in Office 2003 SP3 (but I am not sure): Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook 2003 Business Contact Manager update Service Pack 1 -update (27.9.2005) This list should be final, but If you find any errors, please reply. **) EDIT: You might also like to install / slipstream... File Format Converters There are also three updates for File Format Converters: KB2289158KB2345043-v2KB2541012 EDIT 2: I have made some corrections to the list above + ... ***) These updates are suggested by Microsoft Update if you run it before installing Ofice 2003 with SP3 without hotfixes slipstreamed. You can ignore these, since they are obsolete when you have installed / slipstreamed all the updates marked with a *.
  2. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    Copy below text into a file and execute it. Then change themes to refresh. REGEDIT4 ; Alle computers in het netwerk weergeven [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{208D2C60-3AEA-1069-A2D7-08002B30309D}\ DefaultIcon] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\shell32.dll,17" ; De inhoud van uw computer weergeven [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\CLASSES\CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\ DefaultIcon] @="explorer.exe,0" Hi, Dandee, That fixed the problem. Thanks. Thanks for your ideas, too.
  3. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    Hi Dandee, Seems to be fixed. Good work. That would be a good idea. I have tested original Win7 icons with RP9. Works well, but don't look great. Would be great idea to add XP, Vista and Gnome-styled icon packs there.
  4. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    Hi Tihiy, Feels like this project is the best thing happened to Win98 after onofficial Win98 SP was released. I have tested RP9 for two days and after installing IE6 and the newest RP, things are working fine. So far, only a couple of issues: - Updating icons to XP/Vista-style, only "My Documents"-icon will be updated, but "My Computer" and "Network Area" icons will stay old. I guess this doesn't happen with English version of Win98. (I have Finnish-version.) (Of course they can be manually updated, but of course the program should update them all automatically after changing.) - "RP9-Icons"-package gives the following error during installation: "Registry Editor: C:\Systemicons.reg: cannot be imported. System may have a disk failure or file system error." Icons will be unpacked, but themes cannot be activated. Thanks for good work.