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Revolutions Pack 9.7


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The XP and Vista icons show proper, but somehow the Mac-icons don't (see first screen shot).
Too bad. I'll redo icon loader to ignore icon mask at all. Meanwhile you can try to fix your icons; unfortunately i'm not aware of automatic method to fix icon mask.

OK, thanks for the quick reply. I was not aware that some of the masks are broken. I'll try to fix them.

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Revolutions Pack 9.7.2


- Icon loader now ignores mask specified in 32-bit icons

- Fixed: menubar drawing bugs (since forever)

- Fixed: old-buttons-overdrawing-skinned (since forever)

- Various minor improvements

This release has a lot of things (old rusty things) changed; please test it well.

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Got a problem: From 9.7.1 onwards, some icons like My Computer, My Documents, text files, etc... are not changed from their default icons while using a icon pack. I got to roll back to version 9.6.6.

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I tested RP 9.7.2, and I noticed the following issue: Menubar icons don't skinned on hover, I happen after changing the set of icons from XP or Vista to standard icon set and then back to XP or Vista.

With the version 9.7.1 everything ok.

P.S.: I have not installed the kernelex.



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Hi Tihiy,

after a few days using the last Revolutions Pack 9.7.2, I don't really see any difference with previous releases.

2 bugs are still here (for me at least):

- when I delete several files at the same time, auto-refresh frequently doesn't work. I have to use the F5 key.

- natural sorting still doesn't work, like before:

but don't have seen any other one.

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I've run into a bug with RP9 themes and the WinHTTrack website copier. If any skin besides classic is selected in RP9 and the user selects either language preference or the base path browse button, WinHTTrack locks up. With the classic theme selected, it works fine. I've reproduced this with versions 3.40-2 and 3.43.12 on both my 98SE lite system with IE removed and on a 98SE test system with IE6 and most of the unofficial upgrades installed. The results are the same. I don't know how long this problem has existed. It's been a long time since I last used it. While their website says it's for Win 2000 and up, WinHTTrack is working very well on 98 with KEX and RP9, except for this one problem.

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Hi Tihiy, hi group,

I solved the mask-problem. The masks in the 32-bit icons where

inversed. Download my new version of the Mac OSX icons at:

http://www.baut.nl/downloads/RP9-Icons.zip (11 MB)

It's not completely finished yet. Update will follow soon...

By the way, I was hoping somebody could make us a matching skin.

@Svenne: do you have time/interest? I have a BMP screen shot file to

start with (I have no Mac :( ):


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  • 2 weeks later...
Here are some parameters to greatly tweak ClearType rasterizer:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\ctras.dll\parameters]

"Decimation"=dword:00000001 <- Decimation: advanced processing. Gives less color fringe. Disabled (0) by default.

"Gamma"=dword:00000064 <- Text gamma. 100 (0x64) by default.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\ctras.dll\flags]

"CompatibleWidth"=dword:00000001 - Force glyph into default metrics. If enabled (1), uses standard (non-aliased) metrics. Very useful for small fonts. Disabled (0) by default.

"NonCTDIRAA"=dword:00000001 - Additional anti-aliasing. Works only with Decimation enabled. Don't enable without Decimation. Disabled (0) by default.

"CTDIRSPP"=dword:00000000 - Sub-pixel positioning. Disabled (0) by default.

I like those i specified. Note that changes apply only for newly-started programs.

(Yes I know that was an old post. I'm reporting something related that I haven't noticed anyone else mention yet.)

Thank you Tihiy for making Revolutions Pack available, and for posting those registry settings! After installing RP9.7, I tried to install the ClearType Control Panel applet and... nothing! So those registry entries are apparently the only way I have to adjust ClearType behavior. When I initially installed RP9.7 the other day, I made some changes to the settings above right away (foremost was adjusting gamma to 128 to reduce color fringing -- it can go all the way up to 255 decimal, which is essentially no sub-pixel smoothing.)

Later, I noticed that many programs would have position errors when entering, editing, and sometimes simply displaying long lines or even individual long words. The ends of words might be cut off at the end of a line, or the "I-beam" cursor might appear several pixels to the right of the actual text entry/edit position. Today I turned off sub-pixel positioning (returned CTDIRSPP value to 0), and most of the problems went away. However, lack of SPP means that often the tiny spacing between individual letters of words will appear uneven, where it had been very even with SPP enabled. I don't know if this problem is with ClearType generally, or if it only applies to the RP implementation of it, but obviously the software is not fully keeping track of character positions down to the sub-pixel level (perhaps rounding up any fractions at the end of words or characters?)

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Later, I noticed that many programs would have position errors when entering, editing, and sometimes simply displaying long lines or even individual long words.

Have you tried to disable Clear Type with RPConfig (third tab, 2 bottom lines) to make the comparison?

Several people had to do it because of such displaying errors. :}

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