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Revolutions Pack 9.7

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I'd guess that it's a font issue, and thusly fixable, so perhaps that could be looked into further.

That would be a reasonable guess (it being a font issue); that down arrow looks correct for me on 98SE IE6.


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:blink: Sorry! I didn't mean to be confusing. :blushing: "Repair the fonts folder in case it lost it's functionality" does the repair by rebuilding the Fonts cache. So, that's precisely what I had in mind. :yes:
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I edited ktm8.DLL

because it had the bitmap that said windows 98

and it should said windows me

I am letting you guys know that RP9 needs to be flexible for windows me users too

I do love RP9

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Tihiy, could you do a Spanish version of your wonderful Revolution pack 9 and überskin please? If you think it's a headache or you don't have time to do it, no problem, just tell me.

By the way, Revolution Pack 9 includes KernelEx 4 final, right?

Other thing: Revolution Pack 9 changes the toolbar icons in Windows 98/ME?

Example: Back, Foward, History, Folders, Search, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad english


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Revolution Pack 9 includes KernelEx 4 final
changes the toolbar icons
Spanish version
You can do yourself. It's a little of Reshacking and .lng text files.
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I just wanted the transparet desktop icon labels and works good but some reason after install gdi update and Revolutions pack 9 my msn picture changes after every time restart my computer.I don't understand what happened or which one gdi or rp9 makes this.Anyone know why this happen?

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Ah, so this is a bug. I thought it was just me because I created 3 Win98's on my HDD with multi-boot.

In one of my 98's my pic stays the same but in others it changes all the time...

Does anyone here know how to multi-boot win98 versions without NT? If not I can post code.

I am going to experiment with my code and an ME install.


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