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  1. Not really. If you want to test it then you take the risk of it crashing your PC however... To Test: Simply install 2015.9 Test un-install re-install 4.2.5 If at anypoint you cannot boot into windows Safe Mode WILL work since Kex is a driver that is not loaded there. simply uninstall from safemode. --------- Test result for me. It works so far. No crashes or anything. I also wanted to say that I realised earlyer that Jumper released the dll's for .8 and I tested that with no adverse effects. I didnt realise there wasnt all that much to the installer. It simply does a wininit alteration. One difference between 2015.8 and .9 is that the debug window fails with Missing export KERNELEX.DLL:blogFile However, that debug window never worked for me anyway. I checked the box in an exe property to enable it but even with the window open nothing was output. so nothing really lost. Now, using Ktree I notice there are a lot of duplicates between kstubs and kexbasen. What order does Core.ini have to be for Kexbasen to take priority? Trev
  2. Cool Testing. By The way, MSFN is working again for me. Either the site changed or it was because I installed some of jumpers recomended updates, well... the only one I was missing was MSXML 4 SP3. Trev
  3. Haha, Thats why I Tested it. If nobody tests it then whats the point. Trev
  4. Ok, so I got tired of waiting on a full 2015.10 installer and so installed Drugwashes latest 2015.3. As soon as the system booted into the desktop I got hit by an Illegal Operation. After dismissing it explorer would re-load and cause it again. I enabled DRWatson and my screen quickly filled with Ill-Ops! I mean Compleatly, Taskbar had a scroller on it too! Sample: Date 05/22/2015 Time 20:00 RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in module KEXBASEN.DLL at 0177:7d0014cc. Registers: EAX=0141ff3c CS=0177 EIP=7d0014cc EFLGS=00010286 EBX=00905a4d SS=017f ESP=0141fec0 EBP=0141feec ECX=00417760 DS=017f ESI=00417760 FS=0e7f EDX=7803a3a8 ES=017f EDI=00400000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 81 3b 24 3d 7d 94 75 62 8b 45 0c 2b c7 8b 0d f4 Stack dump: 00000000 00417760 00000001 00419664 00905a4d 0141fec0 0141fcf0 0141ff3c 7d00ab98 7d00cde8 ffffffff 0141ff04 7d00148c 00400000 00417760 7d00117a ********************************************************************** Date 05/22/2015 Time 20:02 EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module KEXBASEN.DLL at 0177:7d0014cc. Registers: EAX=01cdff3c CS=0177 EIP=7d0014cc EFLGS=00010286 EBX=00905a4d SS=017f ESP=01cdfec0 EBP=01cdfeec ECX=00451e30 DS=017f ESI=00451e30 FS=383f EDX=7803a3a8 ES=017f EDI=00400000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 81 3b 24 3d 7d 94 75 62 8b 45 0c 2b c7 8b 0d f4 Stack dump: 00000000 00451e30 00000001 00460fc8 00905a4d 01cdfec0 01cdfcf0 01cdff3c 7d00ab98 7d00cde8 ffffffff 01cdff04 7d00148c 00400000 00451e30 7d00117a ********************************************************************** This second entry is what forever repeats untill I un-installed KEX in safe mode. I managed to find the Watson log for this. KernelEx Base Non-shared Api Library performed an invalid memory access. ... Unrelated Question... Would anyone know why I am now getting an Ill-Opp in Kernel32.dll while on this site? I am currently accessing the site in High Security + No Styles to get round the problem. Date 05/23/2015 Time 00:53 IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff7a138. Registers: EAX=0a1a3d50 CS=0177 EIP=bff7a138 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=01854ac4 SS=017f ESP=006485b8 EBP=006485f8 ECX=405f2539 DS=017f ESI=0181414c FS=363f EDX=1c3c6219 ES=017f EDI=0a1e46c8 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 89 51 08 8b 53 08 8b 43 04 89 42 04 8d 93 0b 10 Stack dump: 006485f8 00040978 01813748 00000a04 bff7a3a0 00420000 0181414c 00040978 00000000 0042000c 00420000 01813748 00000040 00000000 00001854 00001814 EDIT: I just managed to Issolate the problem toi Styles since as soon as I unticked "Ignore Colours Specified in Web Pages" in Tools>Accessability MSFN crashed with the attached log WATSON70.txt IECrash_MSFN.txt
  5. I did that once a long time ago, and did think about that last week, however when I tried it wouldnt load... How do you get it to load? Trev
  6. Ah, ok, so the official builds of Skype have all been dissabled but this has been 'unlocked'. Pitty it didnt allow messenger ID to be used. I used Messenger 7.0.820.0 right up till the day it stopped working (sometime last year) I also tried 7.1, whiched worked with KEX but obviously wanted to upgrade to 2013 (wouldnt log in without doing so) and then broke. Now Im confined to my phone for IM Conversaions. Trev
  7. What does 3.8 do that the latest 9x one does? Does it allow Microsoft ID usage? If not I dont see the point. Trev Edit: I just found out that Skype 3.8.118 IS the last official supported version... so What does your version bring?
  8. OK, I finally fixed my access to this site by dissabling everything in IE6. It turns out its a scripting error that causes a crash in mprex 0177:xxxxxxxx, so dissabling active scripting solves that. (Ive noticed the segment 0177 a lot througout the topic, does it have a meaning? most of my faultlog.txt is 0177 or 0005 or 0000) Anyway I just wanted to say Im glad there is an update to KEX and I have to congratulate Jumper for being such a gentleman with regard to the threats of DeathlyGhost. I say threats because I too as others read your comments as hostile. A simple "I want to help" would have been much nicer. I guess Ill have to wait on *.10 for an installer but Im really looking forward to it. If feature requests were accepted then I guess Id like some of the new Mods to X-Wing Alliance to work, however they have been compiled in .NET4 and so dont run. Not even sure what dlls would be required, it surely wouldnt be all of them? Trev
  9. wow did someone just say they tested ie8? that would be pretty awsome ... Damit what's wrong with the site... It wont load in IE6, crashes Firefox and now I can hardly type using ie on windows phone 8.1... anyway, on topic. what ever happened to kex 4.6? Are you not going to be adding those things to this? addmitadly, they needed far more.yesting than laylok game them but they were a good way forward. what we really need for kex is a per version (win 2k, xp etc version not kex version) dependency addition. Some decencies are required for nt app but crash 9x apps. trev
  10. Goldeneye setup editor PerfectGold is compiled in msvc 2008 and runs under 9x with kex. the official redist from ms installs under system32 which proves to be no problem. Moving to system folder can be done but has no advantage. (ive often thought to move all 32bit dlls to the system32 folder as an experiment) the 3d window requires d3d31.dll in the editors folder set to 2k otherwise editor will crash when using 3d.
  11. Yeah, I have just Installed (and forced to uninstall back to 4.5.2) the new 4.6 but it crashed explorer, messenger, ie, and games. one message was KernelEx Base Non-shared Api Library used a system resource improperly. Module Name: KEXBASEN.DLL Description: KernelEx Base Non-shared Api Library Version: 4, 5, 12, 0 Product: KernelEx Manufacturer: Xeno86 Application Name: Msnmsgr.exe Description: MSN Messenger Version: 7.0.0820 Product: MSN Messenger Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation Another was that unicows overran its temporary memory area. After downgrading everything works again. Tell you what I did notice with the new build, a froxen app now says "(Unresponsive)" as uposed to normal "(Not Responding)" Also the ctrl-alt-del dialoge is ... well, not the first dialoge, but the one to end task or cancle has been re-worded. On shutdown I noticed a new box telling me windows was shutting down Pitty about development, the work seemed good. Trev
  12. Would this topic not be better served now as a new beta KernelEx 4.6 thread with changelog and compiled version for download on first post? Just a suggestion now that the compile problem seems to be addressed "On building, debugging and related matters..." I guess maybe the thread title includes related matters, in which case, maybe just me second point, keep the 1st post up to date Trev
  13. Hi, just thought Id point out that WMP can be run in XP mode allowing the UI colour to be changed, Volume and position to be changed in fullscreen. http://fgfc.dyndns-free.com/WMP_98_XP.jpg just change wmp.dll to xp in KEX. Current Config : Win98se, Autopatcher, 98-me, RP9, kex, kexex Trev P.S. I posted a long time ago I got uPnP working on 98 - with systray icon and balloon, however I cant seem to get it this time round...
  14. Thanks, works great. Ive tried to make mine look like IE9 I transferred plugins from 3.6.19 like GoodOldFavorites and VistaAreo. But yeah, I like the tabs on top and the app button. It could be made official if you made this function an IF statement. Trev
  15. I just thought Id post this for those who want to try it. (I know its been added then taken out again ) Windows ME's My Pictures Shimgvw.dll window in 98se. The following is not included in 98-2-me as some have complained of incompatabilities. However I have now got it on 2 computers of different configurations. Select Option 3 in 98-to-me To Enable copy shimgvw.dll to windows\system\ then type in Run Regsvr32 shimgvw.dll then type regsvr32 webview.dll then finaly regsvr32 mydocs.dll Go to My Pictures and you should now see a nice zoom in/out box in the left side when you select an image. Trev. P.S. the 2 other steps get rid of the script error about wiamgr.devices... With rp7 this wasnt required however with rp9.7 it is.
  16. I think a proper database would be good for this (on kex homepage prehaps?) meaning that you could type/search for an app to see its compatability. Anyway, Starry Night CASP 6 works with kex (latest). Compatability issue, do not tick [use shaders] otherwise it will crash upon start with illegal operation. Trev
  17. Im sure I read somewhere that office 2k3 wouldnt work, well... I got it to install (following another post earlyer about using orca) and I am running word right now. Trev
  18. I have a suggestion for RP, "hide unused tray icons". There is a shell extension that does this called effective desktop but it is not open source and also isnt a true shell extension as it needsthe program to run... This could be made in the style of xp/... whereby it displayes the balloon if it does it automaticly (though users can dissable such notifications in the RP config panel if wanted) Also, DeviceConnect/DeviceDisconnect, is there a way to get this with USB devices? In XP you hear the [Dong-Ding] when inserting a usb stick and a [Ding-Dong] when extracting it. In 98/me however you only hear (also its internal sound, i.e. cant be changed in the sounds.cpl) this with PCMCIA cards. Ctrl-Alt-Del, Im sure maybe this has been requested before but maybe have the normal Programs end task (like current) but have a tab for All Processes/dll's (more XP/Vista dialog like) Now for a question, why does a skinned taskbar have thick 'handles' All-round it when its not locked compared to no handles on an unskinned taskbar (Ive looked and nothing changes when clicking lock and unlock. The only change is the addition of the small verticle bars between sections like quick launch and task's) Trev
  19. Hmm, you know what, that sums it up for me, Autopatcher (also by name) is the tool for turning virgin OS into fully updated OS (December 2008). All you have to do is keep an eye on mdgx'x list for things after 08' and also try 98-me, kex and rp. Trev P.s. Everyone gets confused from time to time.
  20. I have something else for others to test, upnpui.dll I was trying to find out why the safly eject hardware worked correctly on my server and not here (Here the icon shows up (so its not that hotplug.dll isnt loaded) but only for my network card, no USB devices show...) when I came accross in the ME directory this file. It just worked and found a uPnP device on my network and a balloon came up (Why doesnt 98 have more of these balloons, with of course options to be turned off) * Here = laptop = AutopatcherF/UPG+rp7+982me[+kex4.5] The reason for testing, my system seems to be unique (Shimgvw works ) Trev
  21. This has probably already been either stated or addressed but there is a problem with MSN messenger. As seen in the screenshot my name is a bunch of (?)'s and the idle time is the same. This poses a problem in the accounts page whereby it will 'delete' your account and replace it with such symbols (luckely I dont need to edit any settings) Also another problem (this by the way is on my laptop (as it has rp7 still... (I want this functionality in rp9 especualy whatever makes shimgvw work in rp7, but anyway...))) is that my display pic changes every startup to a different one. I first noticed this on my 'server' a while back. (before my screen blew-up) Trev
  22. Ok, yes this is a bump but also a new question. As well as above I was woundering if anyone knew how windows 'logs in'? I found a key in LocalMachine/system/control called currentuser and it contained the current user eg "trevor89" But how does windows use this and then change the registry to the current user if more than one existed? The reason is I am trying to make a new Logon Box that will set up system policies based on "Access Level". The project will try to be for 9x and above however, concentrated on 9x as xp cannot bypass the gina (Unless Im missing something). Thanks for any help, Trev
  23. Yeah, I have to also say that it would be good to have a 'definitive' upgrade/autopatcher that has all updates and then in the topic thread say wich ones are being updated (like the obvious, kex and RP) It would also be nice if the program worked in advanced mode and had a list like the updates thread that allowed 'selective' updates. IE I might not want "Command Prompt Here" in my context menu etc Trev
  24. Hi, I was woundering if anyone has tried Call Of Duty (any)? I downloaded Call Of Duty 2 Demo because I remember playing it with a freind on the xbox, I was actualy looking for 3, but it loaded to a blamk screen after showing the picture and then exited, when I re-load it (With any kex option) it says it needs to go into safe mode but does the same process. There are no messeges displayed. Trev
  25. Well, what makes RP7 allow shimgvw to work? I know MS states that it is for me only but I find it very nifty and it sortof completes 98-me as you can use the new shell almost as is. With this note, RP9 wont work because it does not use me shell and the file(s) nessesary to run shimgvw, still what are those dam files? Im just going to for laphs try it on 98 shell, I know it wont work but maybe Im special Trev

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