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  1. That did indeed have some relevant information, thank you. My Windows 98 won't break due to it, though, because I am isolating IE from Windows Explorer. However, the link provided me with knowledge of a few files with builds higher then ones I had that I can now transplant.
  2. Hi, The first release of VLC 0.9.x for Windows was 0.9.2 Grishenko http://www.videolan.org/news.html and this version never work on W98 even with KernelEX The first version that work on W98 was 1.0.0 with KernelEX 4.0 final 2 (and work not with the previous versions of KernelEX) http://www.msfn.org/board/kernelex-4-0-fin...6-page-200.html I'm pretty sure there was a .9.0 and .9.1 binary release for Windows, but either way there have been multiple developer releases of every build number, including .9.0, for Windows.
  3. I'm using a .local file to prevent Windows Explorer from using any of these replacements. As well I started with Maximus-Decim's update as a base (and have already made progress on that). The reason I asked for these files even though they are from RTM is that IE consists of freely downloadable files from Microsoft, so I didn't think it was illegal to distribute them. If it is then I withdraw my request and will get them on my own. Currently I am looking into the Longhorn betas for IE6 files.
  4. It literally has to be a nightly, because somewhere between the last version of 0.8.x and 0.9.0, 9x support was dropped (at least according to our 9x last versions thread).
  5. Depending on how you wrote the detection routine for older versions, and if he made OTHER changes to his shell32.dll as he seems to have indicated, he may not have ever installed 0.0.3 and it may just be falsely detecting it due to similar or other changes. (my completely-unfamiliar-with-this-situation 2 cents) Oh and I can provide a mirror for your stuff on the Infotaxis Project: http://sites.google.com/site/infotaxisproject (DNS is updating, but normally would be "projects.infotaxis.org") Even if you've already found a new location or mirror I'd like to still do one for you, it fits my site's mission.
  6. I have been messing with adding/removing files from Internet Explorer 6 on my 98SE box. As a result, I've replaced nearly every file with at least a slightly newer version, but have run into a wall with some of them. if anyone has IE6 files from any other newer-than-98SE operating systems (except XPSP3, I have a box running that) they would also be appreciated. The builds of IE6 I'd like to get for this project because I feel they'd be of use (all with latest updates and SPs applied to OS/browser preferred): - Windows ME - Windows 2000 - Windows Server 2003 I need someone to upload (somewhere, mediafire maybe) their entire (preferably fully updated) Internet Explorer folder from each of the above operating systems. In addition to this, the following DLLs from system32: browselc.dll browseui.dll dispex.dll dxtmsft.dll dxtrans.dll inetcpl.cpl jscript.dll shdocvw.dll vbscript.dll wininet.dll xpsp2res.dll If any of these can't be found, don't worry about them. Thank you, and with your help, we can build a better IE6. For archival purposes, here's what I've found out so far: - MSHTML.DLL is the Trident engine itself, and anything post-2800 doesn't seem to want to run on 98 due to major file changes. - WININET.DLL is most likely a networking interface DLL, and the NT versions don't work with 98. I haven't tried ME's one, but I'd wager it will improve performance a tiny bit. - HMMAPI.DLL somehow is related to pulling registry information. Without it the About box bugs, displays no information, and won't close. Amusingly this isn't used on XP's version to get the registry information, even though it's sometimes present in the folder, it is doing nothing afaik. - SHDOCVW.DLL has the same post-2800 problems as MSHTML. - BROWSELC.DLL is probably related to browsing the local FS. - BROWSEUI.DLL - I have no idea what this does, but is probably related to the UI. If you use a post-2800 build of this file it will cause IE to just kinda... not open... but it displays no error.
  7. Ofc I have, but in my experience KernelEx tends to be a bit less stable than native apps, and since VLC hasn't really gained many features/differences from .9 to 1.0 series I think I'll stick with .9 (at least for now). The one linked to by -X- is the final release, not the nightly before 98 support was removed. It will not work, even with KernelEx. (It gives me this error with KernelEx and Win2k or XP compatibility mode: VLC caused an invalid page fault in module USER.EXE at 0004:00005e25. Registers: EAX=00027714 CS=175f EIP=00005e25 EFLGS=00000206 EBX=0001772c SS=1257 ESP=00000000 EBP=0000000e ECX=000200e7 DS=166f ESI=00027714 FS=81c7 EDX=00040154 ES=087f EDI=00000154 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 66 56 66 8b 76 0e 66 67 8b 76 04 8b 7e 0c 66 0b Stack dump: 00000154 00000000 00000000 00320000 175f5f13 00000000 015400e7 00027714 00027714 77140154 00000002 00000000 00560000 175f5f13 00000000 015400e7 But it's kinda irrelevant, as it's an old version, and I don't want to use KernelEx to run VLC anyway)
  8. Yep that's it. I'm not sure why blip.tv stuff takes so much more CPU than youtube and other sites though. It's odd.
  9. This is the last known build of VLC that works on Windows 98, and it is no longer available on the VLC servers. 0.8.6i is the latest stable that works on it, but I think it would be nice to get the slightly newer build, at least for archiving purposes. Can someone link me to it or give me a copy of it? Thanks.
  10. Why backup and restore the MBR when the MBR is the same on all Windows 98 installations (or for that matter, all DOS-based Windows). Run "fdisk /mbr" to write a new MBR, and you could omit the DOS boot files from the image to save a bit of space, and make your boot media, whatever it may be, DOS 7.10, and thusly doing a sys C: or what-have-you will put 98-compatible DOS on the disk. You probably would want to still backup autoexec.bat and config.sys, but this would save you from putting command.com, msdos.sys, and io.sys into your archive (not much space saved, but it's something). Edit: I didn't read that you were using non-DOS MBRs, but this process will work for anyone who isn't.
  11. Hrm, I was having this same problem on a 1024x768 monitor with the same setup but a 64MB Geforce 4 420 MX.. I'm now running at 1360x768.. Considering I doubled many aspects of the graphics performance and only raised the resolution a little bit I'd think it should perform better, but it doesn't... And BTW: I know Hulu and such are higher resolution and take more horsepower, but I have trouble fullscreening even lower quality stuff. Low quality youtube does OK, but I have lots of trouble with blip.tv content for some reason. Ex. the latest video here: http://www.cinemassacre.com/new/index.php
  12. I'm running 98SE with the unofficial SP3 beta, KernelEX 4 final 2, and RP9 with the RP10 salvation beta. I have Flash Player 9 installed on IE6, and when I watch flash movies, all is well unless I go fullscreen. Then the performance degrades to nearly slideshow speed. Is it my hardware? The specs are: Pentium III 1ghz 512MB RAM Geforce 5200 128MB PCI 750GB HDD @ Ultra DMA 5 (on Promise Ultra133tx2 card) I would think that this setup should be more than beefy enough to play a flash movie in fullscreen. How come I seem to remember fullscreen games being faster than windowed, and now flash is faster windowed than fullscreen? Is it the scaling? Is there a fix? Help please, I really want to watch flash movies comfortably on my 98 box.
  13. I am a huge fan of IE6. It is the most lightweight fast browser out there, only finally reached in speed by SRWare Iron (Google Chrome but tweaked for speed and privacy). Anywho, for now obvious reasons, I don't update my browser to IE7 or IE8. Only very recently (past month or so) has IE6 begun to fail me. A few sites don't care about it anymore, and youtube has announced that they won't support it for much longer. Google Chrome Frame is a neat way around these problems, but will only work for supporting sites. I searched around and found that there's a way to force Chrome Frame to render ALL sites, but apparently it's a bit broken. It makes most pages fail to load fully. So basically Chrome Frame is good for it's supported sites and that's about it, which means Google and Youtube for now. Anybody know of any unofficial updates to fix wonky quirks like the IE6 javascript engine or newer revisions of HTML under IE6? Am I going to have to make a patch for it myself (if I can manage)? Am I alone in liking IE6 so much anyway?
  14. I was originally under the impression that Windows licensing supports 4GB of addressing for RAM, whether it be BIOS, VRAM, SysRAM etc.., and that anything above 4GB when you total that up was deducted from the SysRAM and ignored. Apparently this is not the case, with 64-bit addressing under 32-bit Windows, so this raised a question for me: How does Windows do 64-bit mapped memory? What does it do with it? Does [only] the system make use of it? Do modern applications use calls to allocate it if available? Does the underlying system allow the use of it regardless of how the program was written? I assume due to it's age and inherent limitations, Windows 98 doesn't share in modern versions of Windows' possible API for 64-bit address space, so if it still maps the RAM off to there, I assume it just sits there, waiting for some application to claim it (such as your RAMDisks, rloew)? BTW: rloew: I wish there was some way I could afford to get some of your apps.. I am so out of money, but It'd be great to get Win98 working efficiently on one of my modern boxes. Really impressive work you've done.
  15. OH DUH! LOL... I compiled the exe version under XP, and wasn't thinking. This means that it is essentially a compiled version of only Periscope for NT. Until I get around to sticking it in a 9x box and compiling again you'll just have to use the Deps/Script packages. Sorry, rofl. At least you can check it out on NT without installing Python, xD
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