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News Update: xpize 5 One Month Away


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Right now I'm still on holiday in Turkish Northern Cyprus (and leeching the odd bit of wifi here and there), but not having internet access in my hotel room has been a massive boost to my productivity (since there's no distractions).

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that I feel sufficient progress has been made to come up with a Beta 1 for xpize 5 sometime in late September which means we're sticking to our schedule for an RTW version around mid-October (since xpize 5 introduces no real resource changes, it's all under-the-hood)

So I'm looking for people foolhardy enough to risk their XP SP3 machines with untested software (the rest of us use VMs). Post a reply to this thread if you're interested in trying it out.


  • A suitable computer or VM you can mess with without being bollocked over by your parents/siblings/coworkers
  • Windows XP SP3 without any custom/patched uxtheme.dll
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 with .NET2.0SP1 (obtained by installing .NET3.5)
  • Ability to articulate and communicate your thoughts clearly in written media
  • A CodePlex.com account

That is all.

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Heya W3bbo :) !!

Sign me up too ;) .

I'll get around to testing on a Virtual Machine (once I have time away from school to finally reinstall my OS ...).


Any reason as to why no support for UXTheme patches yet?

How is the *packages* system coming?

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just create a codeplex account mate

hey project leaders and lead developers, i was wondering

why are we reporting bugs found in older versions of vize and xpize since it will be written from scratch?

For future reference, in case there's a die-hard set of SP2-only users who see SP3 as some kind of great evil. But chiefly for resource-bugs (like there not being a 16x16 icon in the xpize when there should be) since xpize 5 uses the same resources as XPize 4.x

But for the most part, you're right. Bugs that don't affect resources should be de-emphasised. Feel free to report them, just don't expect any fixes any time soon.

Oh, and I'd just like to add that I'd like to see some XPx64 testers too.

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i would be pleased!

i have three older pcs and 3 almost up-to-date notebooks (not all mine but i manage my brother´s it-stuff).

windows xp sp3 prof and vista business, perhaps even x64 if my school gives me a license.

experience with virtualbox, nlite (so i often reinstall my os ;)).

codeplex account has been created (janrockt).

i hope my english will be good enough to form my thoughts into words!

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I'm from China,My English is not very good

I want to Help you test xpize 5, I Waited for a long time

my email : deploy@126.com

my system is windows xp pro sp3,Subject to these conditions

thank you thank you i love u ,haha~

my codeplex.com id is : jointops

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