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  1. -------------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Anolis is up in CodePlex. Check it out at http://www.codeplex.com/anolis . W3bbo is busy working on things now, but I'm sure that he will be able to work out the code more in the coming weeks. -------------------------------------------------------- EDIT- XPero has stickied this discussion, so I guess I should make some major edits ... So, XPero has given us (as in those interested from MSFN and elsewhere) permission to continue his XPize and Vize works. As far as I know, I don't think people have actually begun edits and stuff, but there is interest in it, and I guess that's all we need (and a little organization). There are many people who are showing interest in helping this project come to light. Some, like me, W3bbo, doomangel, ricktendo64, Innocent Devil, and others wish to contribute. Now we need an organized structure (how will this work: nominations? voting? requests?): Host: XPero (though he has resigned from the main project, he is willing to host our continuation on his sites) Project Heads: It's more like coordinators now: Happy-Dude // W3bbo // XPero Developers/ Coders/ Programmers: W3bbo (more XPize based) // doomangel (I believe, more Vize based) Designers/ Artists/ Contributors to make new high quality icons and resources: ?? We are now trying to get designers that make third party XPize packs to help out with our new **EXTENSIBLE** architecture; note: subject to change Contributors that will help find "old icons" (low quality icons and icons that don't fit with the main OS themes) that Microsoft forgot about: ?? (Yeah, you get the drift.) I'm guessing this project is transparent, so for those who want to help, but don't want to have a lot of responsibility, can just help find old icons from time to time. But I must ask those people to have installed XPize/ Vize in order to not report visuals that are already changed. Any other positions that should be made? What do you guys think? Does anyone wish to be the serious organizer (I can do it if people don't mind, but things might change as school comes near; junior year is going to be hard ...) THINGS THAT NEED TO BE ATTENDED TO: ellipses mean that there was more to the post Now, for the other stuff, which I don't believe we've planned out just yet (also, should we have a separate section for Vize?): MISSION/ GOALS: FEATURE REQUESTS: All are subject to change -- New extensible architecture -- XPize with SP3 support and x64 -- Combining of contents from previous installers, not the redundancies, but subject to change since we need the old source BUGS: XPize -Some eratic problems with SP3 compatibility (W3bbo is even considering to add XPx64 compatibility smile.gif ) -Shell32.dll Reloader bug (dunno if we can fix) -Compatibility with PowerDVD -Visual Studio 2003 .NET compatibility -compatibility with some explorer.exe resources -compatibility with Asian languages pack and memory allocation -supporting the older code branch (4.7b and before) and .NET (.1a) or manipulating them together -uninstall fails to completely restore original visual settings (like icon sizes) -compatibility issue with Stardock ---> DO NOT install XPize if stardock is installed Vize **Plenty of problems reported by Long Zheng's UI Taskforce (http://www.istartedsomething.com/taskforce/), many of which Vize attends to. However, they are definitely more that needs to get by. Anyone know which ones? (I don't run Vista, so I don't know a lot here sleep.gif ). -%ProgramFiles% or spaces in path bug (this is fixed in doomangel's KDE patcher, which is a project based on the Vize code) FIXES: THINGS BEING WORKED ON/ IMPROVED SINCE FIRST REPORTs: -------------------------------------------------------- Below is my original post about the project continuation: -------------------------------------------------------- I'm just curious if anyone is interested in continuing XPero's XPize and Vize projects, perhaps under the same name (so the MSFN admins don't have to create different boards for each individually inspired projects). His source codes have been released for both projects here: http://cid-a4b0f9235271a2fa.skydrive.live....wse.aspx/Source I am definitely going to look at the source codes out of curiousity. Unfortunately, I know very little about programming, let alone software programming ... But I am willing to learn the trade !!( I'm currently reading up on C and will be taking Java classes after the summer. I am also reading up on some hacking techniques [wishing to learn what makes programs tick and how to make 'em better]. Will that help in any way?) So, how about it? Anyone interested? Pleasee ? To me, a team is better than having everything put onto the shoulders of one developer, and perhaps can push the potential of the project even further. So, what 'cha guys thinking ?
  2. Heya guys!! I wish for my XP-based machine to have the wallpaper shown here: http://bp1.blogger.com/_raDp1maFPQY/RsfbpA.../s400/XPtan.jpg But, even to untrained eyes, this image has some obvious imperfections (like white spots and *incorrectly* colored areas). Mostly, I think this is because of the JPEG image compression, causing the image to lose some quality. All I'm asking is for:: -imperfections to be corrected (like white spots and other color errors), -the lines to become more defined (and the text of XP-tan's leg to be not-so-blurred, and a little more straightened please, but still conforming to her curvature), the Windows Logo on her shoulder to be not as skewed. **Also, I'm planning to have a "Darksided" Windows XP (with XPize Darkside + Royale Noir + etc.) --> So, can you make a couple of variations, one that keeps this bright-glistening-shine background, and another with a more midnight-stargazing-dark-blue-black-purple-ish feel? * Size:: Preferably a standard desktop size, ie 15" screens (1024x768) --> I would appreciate it if the file is saved in a format in which the quality does not degrade (PNG maybe) * Color(s):: enough to correct imperfections and add a midnight feel to it * Text:: Correction to the "Microsoft Windows XP" text + Windows Logo * Pictures:: Windows logo + Microsoft Windows XP logo for manipulation; main image here http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...=image&cd=1 NOTE:: I've tried to correct the imperfections myself, but hell, I'm no artist ... And I by far will not know how to add a midnight feel to it ... Thanks a lot guys!! I really appreciate it !! NOTE:: I also posted a request up on Wincert: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=4743 . If somebody takes it on either post, I will make proper edits to the respective thread to signal that its being worked on/ taken elsewhere. http://www.msfn.org/board/WALLPAPER-REQUES...de-t125607.html http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=4743 http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=692418
  3. Heya guys!! I figure that I can get some help here about a funny looking error report dialogue I've been getting. In case others were wondering- I HAVE made modifications to my Windows XP install using nLite- so if its any component I have removed (which I really don't believe so), then I need to track it down. Now, this isn't the classic Windows XP error report dialogue (http://www.conwex.info/blog/blog-images/Windows_Explorer_Error_Report.jpg), but something different. Note: The error in this instance occurred when I tried to access the SUPERAntiSpyware context menu in the tray area. But other errors occur for other programs too (likely having to do with accessing Explorer.exe in some way- especially the context menu for applications). I have seen MMM.exe crash (http://hace-software.com/mmm.shtml) and Paint.NET crash (http://www.getpaint.net/). And error reports NEVER get sent successfully; a connection error occurs. (I know sending error reports over to the developers is a good thing because the reports help them fix problems. But if it can't go through, they can't do much good except annoy me now- right..?) Here are some images in case people don't want to download attachments: http://imgur.com/PbbBQ&Ux2BB&urCwS http://imgur.com/PbbBQ&Ux2BBl&urCwS http://imgur.com/PbbBQ&Ux2BB&urCwSl And also attached in the error report itself, which I believe some people here can decipher. (It is also atteched below) OS: Windows XP Professional, SP3 CPU: GenuineIntel, Intel Pentium 4, MMX @ 2790 MHz Application data: VmVyc2lvbjogVEd4dlJtOXZMeWdsTnlnMk5Rb0NPU2M2T0NwcGZtVmd hUzAvUENFK0pqQkRkSDUzY21CeE9nPT0NCkltYWdlQmFzZTogMDg4Rj AwMDANCi0xDQpDb2RlID0gWzIxXQ0KLSAyMTYNCi0gNDANCi0gMjI3D QotIDdDODAwMDAwDQotIFsxDQowMDBGNjAwMA0KRjQxRjAwMDANCjcw OUYwMDAwDQpCYWNrdXBSZWFkDQpDOlxXSU5ET1dTXHN5c3RlbTMyXGt lcm5lbDMyLmRsbF0NCj4gQzpcUHJvZ3JhbSBGaWxlc1xTVVB****FudG lTcHl3YXJlXFNVUEVSQW50aVNweXdhcmUuZXhlDQoNClNVUEVSQW50a VNweXdhcmUuY29tDQpTVVB****FudGlTcHl3YXJlIEFwcGxpY2F0aW9u DQo0LCAzMywgMCwgMTAwMA0KU1VQRVJBbnRpU3B5d2FyZSBBcHBsaWN hdGlvbg0KQ29weXJpZ2h0IChDKSAyMDA1LTIwMTAgYnkgU1VQRVJBbn RpU3B5d2FyZS5jb20gYW5kIFNVUEVSQWRCbG9ja2VyLmNvbQ0KU1VQR VJBbnRpU3B5d2FyZSh0bSkNClNVUEVSQW50aVNweXdhcmUuZXhlDQo0 LCAzMywgMCwgMTAwMA0KU1VQRVJBbnRpU3B5d2FyZQ0KDQo+IEM6XFd JTkRPV1Ncc3lzdGVtMzJcbnRkbGwuZGxsDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRPV1Ncc3 lzdGVtMzJca2VybmVsMzIuZGxsDQo+IEM6XFdJTkRPV1Ncc3lzdGVtM 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  4. Happy-Dude

    Ahh, that explains the surge in popularity

    I also notice that many people (from, well, everywhere) are misunderstanding what the purpose of XPize is. Many think it's just a new theme and that it takes more resources. Lifehacker comments explain quite a lot. (And a bunch of folks don't notice the changes made. Which is supposed to be good, because it means it a consistent GUI, but for those who never had a problem originally, they could have cared less.) I also notice a bit more activity (discussions and issue tracker) activity back on CodePlex. All in all, this is a good thing .
  5. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 release 6b

    (from your xpize 5 r6a thread) The things you've found with the XML-schema W3bbo had is interesting. I'm sure he'd love to hear some feedback on it to see what he can improve and tweak on.
  6. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Did you see the advanced options button with the R5+R6 versions? The list/ tree view is still there... W3bbo made a simple-selection option for non-experienced users. He kinda figured they would get intimidated by so much resources/ information being presented to them at once ("user-friendly" has many directions-- some more simple, some more detailed; we're trying to find a balance). EDIT:: Ah, sorry. I realized that you were talking about xpize version FOUR, and not 5. I can't immediately recall xpize 4's installer. Tree view in v5 can be improved... But I don't think that's an immediate priority (see below?) There are improvements version by version. We know that many resources are still unpatched. You can help us out by pointing us to them . It'd help us even more if you actually photoshopped some stuff for us to use !! W3bbo is currently taking some time off now (and I do believe most of the post-R3 new resources, such as the IE8 ones, were actually made by him or zedox). xpize can be extended with packages (which is one of the greater potential of the project)... Which is what Hell Racer did right here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=137693 ;; users can do more by making your own resources and styles and packaging it up together to check it out. That means either building on top of whatever xpize patched, or you can branch out with another completely different shell and taste. As far as I can see, no one has really done much with the package-feature, which is a real shame in fact, because extendability largely depends on how far users are willing to go. I believe W3bbo is focusing on getting the patching process and packages absolutely right. (You realize Resourcer is still in beta, right?) As for the uninstalling and installing-- its typical with a lot of shell patchers (and many programs out there, in fact) to uninstall and reinstall for optimal results. Yes, I think we know that it needs to be worked out a bit more (like the multiple entries thing... we know about that). You can install over your previous installations... But are you willing to see multiple uninstall entries and risk the chance of something breaking? I'd expect many users to do the same ritual of uninstalling and installing a new version anyway. (*ahem* well... some stuff did go wrong with the uninstalling portion of some machines. We'd like to solve this, but there are only so many machines W3bbo test xpize on. I think he mostly uses Virtual Machines and sometimes borrows a friend to test.) And the extra languages is more or less a luxury for other demographics... W3bbo didn't have to go to such great lengths asking for new string translations every release (which he actually delayed some just for a more string-complete release)-- he could have been lazy and did what most developers do: fill in the missing strings with the corresponding English ones . I'm really grateful that users actually took their time and make them. If there are problems, might you tell us what so we can fix it? All in all, I think W3bbo did an excellent job. Just give it some time. He's an university student, and he does in fact have a life . Tell us what we should improve and fix, and we'll see what we can do. If there is enough feedback and W3bbo (or someone else) has the time, there might be a R7. I have no promises ----- Also note that most of the users that installed (and are giving feedback) are on the forums. We've tried helping those with problems and seeing what we can do. Many bugs found and reported on the forums were fixed (like the logout dialog?). I really have no clue what the general statistics for bug reports are or install demographic, but thanks to R6's feedback thing at the end of install, W3bbo is receiving some extra data/ suggestions.
  7. Happy-Dude

    Little bug (XPize 5R6)?

    xpize does not have an entry in the start menu (though it has an uninstaller in the *Add and Remove Programs* menu). There really is nothing more to xpize (like *using the program*) other than for it to patch the files/ allow users to download customization tools and make their own packages. If you need to tweak some xpize settings again, you'll have to use the R6 installer (if you deleted it, you'll need to download it again). However, if you use xpize multiple times, you'll see two (or more) uninstaller entries in the Add and Remove Programs. W3bbo is aware of the issue and has it noted; he will see what he can do when he returns from his long break).
  8. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Have you already installed R6 yet? (Is it really difficult to change the file association icon post-install? If it is a hassle, I guess you'll have to make due by unselecting all the extra icons and stuff so you can keep your own icon associations.) The descriptions are from the .anop packages (I believe), in this case the default xpize ones. W3bbo has been working on compiling translations together, adding various tweaks to the program, making some new resources, and tuning the program... Basically, I don't think he had the time or effort to add the descriptions for advance settings . (Since W3bbo is taking some time off from the project, feedback and suggestions will be noted, but put aside for the moment. This, of course, would be the prime time for package developers to take initiative and make packages that cover what xpize missed... Or, something different entirely, like a Vistapack or something. )
  9. Happy-Dude

    Change Wallpaper

    This MIGHT be an issue of residual files left on your computer when older xpize installations didn't uninstall correctly. This is NOT by design. (I've been told that xpize R6's uninstaller is more complete than the previous versions. Previous versions of xpize forgot to uninstall themes and stuff, and it might have left files that screwed with future installations.) You can try some things (and remember to report back if it fixes the problems) -- I'd also assume that your visual style is the one that you selected from the xpize installation? **Find the residual files (it's probably best if you post a screenshot so we can see if you do it right):: --go to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and DELETE the FOLDERS WITH (1)'s. That should rid of the duplicate theme files (which may be a reason why Windows keeps resetting your post-xpize customizations) --go to C:\web\wallpapers (or something like that) and go the same to the duplicate images. Tell us if this works !!
  10. Happy-Dude

    Little bug (XPize 5R6)?

    This is normal behavior. There are no negative effects to this (other than you not liking it). I dunno the specifics of it (you'll have to ask W3bbo about that), but IIRC, before xpize, it would just be a pure, plain blue wallpaper (I think it was standard). (I know you can get a similar effect -- having a changed wallpaper before the welcome screen appears -- by integrating a customized theme with a wallpaper in nLite. That wallpaper of the theme would be the wall that appears.)
  11. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 6

    To expand on W3bbo's 7zFM problem:: From: http://killercookie-server.media-xshell.co...amp;page=01_FAQ
  12. Happy-Dude

    XPize Darkside Mod

    This is the theme Marru_xD was referring to:: http://oddbasket.deviantart.com/art/Royale-Remixed-44294818 Royale Remixed seems to be in accordance to what you want. Otherwise, you'll need to do what W3bbo suggests (manual edition via Resourcer+ Photoshop and stuff)
  13. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 4

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=136419 -- possible, but difficult. W3bbo is seeing what he's able to do with it.
  14. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 4

    Heya guys!! So I've run into a problem, and W3bbo doesn't immediately know how to reproduce nor correct the issue. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition and returned results shown in these screenshots: Has anyone experienced similar problems? Think this problem is WinXP Home specific? Here's my install log: http://pastebin.com/m60e44b9a
  15. Happy-Dude

    xpize 5 Release 4

    cheers to the new release, xpize 5.0 !! !! W3bbo pulled some late nights to get this done, so let's leave him a bit alone to rest up, shall we? (on other notes, please remember to install .NET 2.0 or later to run xpize 5.0; remember to report bugs [especially with the shell32.dll@20MB+ issues];; and probably some revisions on the website and writing up of Anolis tutorials, xpize FAQ/ documentation;; contact potential persons that can do video tuts and develop packages) W3bbo also plans to release a tool that simplifies package development-- make sure to check in with him for more info!!
  16. I've been quite busy lately, so I haven't been able to even make/ test AddOns, but I have been able to gather all the tools necessary for making an AddOn. I will need to do some reading on INF, scripting, AutoIT, and tutorials on the tools... Sometime along the road (>.>) ... (school has been really annoying) thanks very much, JD74 !!
  17. hmm, may I ask if you will be back in action now my friend, or is this an update to show us how the AddOn is made ? (btw, really appreciate it !!)
  18. COMODO doesn't have a standalone firewall package. I believe the only way to do it is to install via script (which johndoe74 has done and many others are trying to do). That's why there is such high demand for this addon-- people want a Firewall Only version, which is a pain in the next for people to make. IF you become successful in making CIS-Firewall-Only addon, I'm sure there will be a bunch of people greatful .
  19. Nice work !! But just wondering, is this a CIS complete addon? If it is, think you can try for a CIS Firewall (Optimal Protection Settings) addon? (I'm largely happy with Avast as my AV ..) Thanks!! And nicely done !!
  20. Happy-Dude

    Yer beta

    Just wanted to note: the Monitor Power resource image is also not there in my Windows XP SP3 installation even WITHOUT using xpize beta. Dunno why, just I don't have an image there even on a fresh install (will post image sometime soon-- at school now [>.>]. I might have been a bit premature in saying that "most" have vanished. What happened was I noticed that when I went into Display Properties, resources were gone on a few of the tabs. So I ran Winver to be sure I had SP3 (I was thinking maybe I had SP2 on this system, which caused the problems) and I noticed resources were missing there. Then I went to System Properties and I noticed that the Oemlogo had vanished (not pictured below). Then I posted here saying that "most" had vanished, but I think that's probably the extent of it, actually. It did not.
  21. Happy-Dude

    [Release] Spybot - Search & Destroy v1.6.0.30

    New version: 1.6.2 http://www.filehippo.com/download_spybot_search_destroy/
  22. Happy-Dude

    [Release] a-squared Free v4.0.0.21

    new version: http://www.filehippo.com/download_asquared/
  23. Happy-Dude

    [Release] Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition

    New version: 3.12.606 Advanced SystemCare (I think it's safe to say to migrate from WindowsCare, SystemCare works really well and has more functionality than the older 2.x versions)
  24. Happy-Dude

    List of johndoe74's Add-Ons [17 January 2009]

    Updates (as of 17 Jan 2009): Mozilla Songbird v1.0.0.860 RivaTuner v2.22 Ad Muncher v4.72 Build 30400 cFosSpeed v4.24.1420 DriverMax v4.8 Wise Registry Cleaner Free v3.91 Build 138 Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1301 Raxco PerfectDisk 2008 Professional v9.0.0 Build 76 (30-day trial) a-squared Free v4.0.0.21 DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.3 32 and still more to come !!
  25. **Thanks to johndoe74 for his dedication in making add-on packs for fellow users !! Well, nine pages and a lot of M entries, it's done, alphabetized and everything !! Perhaps a moderator can merge similar threads? --Post something if the link doesn't work or something doesn't seem right !! **Thanks to Kurt_Aust for making the list more eye-pleasing by ridding of the [Release] tags !! Search tip: If looking for Microsoft applications, say "Windows Live Messenger" also check for "Microsoft Windows Live Messenger" # 7-Zip v4.57 [Final/Release] A AbiWord v2.6.4 AC3Filter v1.46 ACDsee Ace Utilities v4.1.1.4053 Ad Muncher v4.72 Build 30400 Adobe AIR v1.5 Adobe Flash Player v10.0.12.36 & Adobe Shockwave Player v11.0.0.465 Adobe Reader 7.0.9 Adobe Reader 9 Lite Adobe Shockwave Player v10.1.3.18 & Flash Player v9.0.16 Advanced SystemCare Free v3.0.0.586 Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition v2.9.0 Build 866 Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition v3.0 RC2 (Release Candidate 2) AIMP Media Player v2.50 RC3 AI Roboform v6.9.90 Alcohol 120% v1.9.8.7117 Free 30-day trial ApexDC++ 1.1.0 Apple Safari 4 Developer Preview Apple Safari v3.1.2 (Build 525.21) Ares Galaxy v2.0.9 Ashampoo FireWall FREE v1.20 a-squared Free v4.0.0.21 Auslogics Disk Defrag v1.5.19.330 Auslogics Registry Defrag v4.1.12.105 AutoGK - Auto Gordian Knot avast! antivirus Home (Free) Edition v4.8.1201 AVG Anti-Spyware v7.5.1.43 AVG Antivirus Free Edition v8.0.176 Build 1400 AVIcodec v1.2 build 110 Avira Antivir Workstation Personal (Free) Edition v8.1.0.326 B Beyond Compare v3.0.1 Build 8602 BitComet 0.79 BitDefender Free Edition v10 BitKinex v3.0.1.0 BitSpirit v3.3.2.352 BitTorrent 6.0 (build 4747) Bit Che v1.0 Build 60 BonkEnc v1.0.7 BricoPack Vista Inspirat 2.0 BS.Player Free and PRO v2.31 Build 974 BWMeter v2.6.2 C CCleaner v2.13.720 CDBurnerXP v4.2.3.1062 cFosSpeed v4.24.1420 ClamWin Free Antivirus v0.93.1 CleanUp! v4.5.2 CloneDVD mobile v1.1.5.4 Codec 8.2 build 9 Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0.25.378 Comodo Internet Security v3.5.54375.427 CROA [Clear Read Only Attribute] v1.6 Cyberlink PowerDVD v6.0.0.1424 CyberShredder v1.10 D DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.3 32 DC++ v0.706 Defraggler v1.03.094 Dial-a-fix v0.60.0.24 Disk Redactor DiskState v3.30 (Build 1328) Divx for Windows v6.8 DriverMax v4.8 DU Meter v4.00 Build 3009 DVDFab Platinum/Gold (Trial)/HD Decrypter (Free) v5.0.9.0 E eBoostr 2.0.1 build 418 EditPad Lite v6.4.3 and EditPad Pro v6.3.2 eMule v0.49b Eraser v5.7.0.0 Eraser v5.86.1 ERUNT v1.1j Evil Player v1.27 F FastStone Capture v6.2 febooti fileTweak v2.2 FileZilla Client v3.1.2 FileZilla Server v0.9.27 Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition v3.0.0.8686 Finjan SecureBrowsing v1.3.1.9 Flock - The Social Web Browser v1.2.6 Floola v3.0 Folder Size v2.4 foobar2000 v0.9.5.6 FortKnox Personal Firewall 2008 v3.0.195 Foxit Reader v3.0 Build 1301 Free Download Manager v2.5.758 FreshDiagnose v7.96 and FreshUI v8.21 Funpidgin v2.4.1 G Picasa from Google v2.7 (Build 37.64) Google Chrome v0.3.154.9 BETA GOM Media Player v2.1.9.3754 Google Picasa v2.7 (Build 37.49) GrabIt v1.6.2.940 Beta H Halite BitTorrent client v0.3.1 HashTab v2.1.1 Hex Workshop v5.1.3 Build 4159 Hide Folders XP v2.9.8.421 HiDownload v7.15 I ICY Radio v0.5 IE7Pro v2.4.4 IEPlus v1.5.0 InfoTag Magic v1.0.beta5 Internet Download Manager v5.14 Build 5 IObit SmartDefrag v1.02 Final/Release IrfanView v4.20 ISOBuster v2.4.0.1 J JetAudio Basic v7.1.1.3101 J. River Media Center v12 K Kantaris Media Player v0.3.6 Karen's Replicator v3.5.10 L Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Free v7.0.2.7 Lavasoft Ad-aware 2008 v7.1.0.10 (Free Version) Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition LimeWire 4.13.8 BETA LopeEdit v5.4.2 M Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware v1.30 Maxthon Browser v2.0.3.4643 McAfee SiteAdvisor v2.8.292 for Internet Explorer MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1183 Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1 revision 55 Messenger Plus! Live v4.70.334 Microsoft ActiveSync 4.x Microsoft ActiveSync v4.5 (Final/Release) Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Public Beta 2 Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats Microsoft Silverlight v1.13.113 Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Microsoft Windows Defender v1.1.1593.0 Microsoft Windows Desktop Search v4 and v3.01 Microsoft Windows Live Messenger v8.1.0178 Final Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2009 v14.0.8050.1202 Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2008 v8.5 FINAL Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 Microsoft XML Notepad 2007 v2.1 Microsoft Visio 2007 Viewer Miranda IM v0.7.10 mIRC v6.34 MMM free v2.02 Mozilla Firefox 3.0.3 Mozilla Firefox 3.1 [a.k.a. Shiretoko] Alpha 2 Mozilla Firefox v1.5.0.10 Mozilla Firefox v1.5.0.6 Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.18 Mozilla SeaMonkey v1.1.12 Mozilla SeaMonkey v2.0 ALPHA 1 Mozilla Songbird v1.0.0.860 Mozilla Thunderbird v2.0.0.17 Mozilla Thunderbird v3.0 Alpha 2 mRemote v1.35 N Nero Lite and Micro v8.3.6.0 Nero Lite and Micro v8.3.2.1b NOD32 for Windows v2.70.39 Notepad++ v5.1.0 NoteTab v5.61 O Online Armor Firewall Free v2.1.0.131 Opera v9.01 Opera Internet Browser v9.62 Build 10467 Orbit Downloader v2.7.8 P Paint.NET v3.36 PCTools Firewall Plus Free Edition v4.0.0.45 PDFCreator 0.9.3 PeaZip v2.4.1 PicaLoader v1.50 Pidgin v2.5.3 POP Peeper v3.0.1 PowerArchiver 2006 9.64 PowerCmd v1.9 Build 418 PowerDVD PowerISO v4.2 Power Notes 3.31 Prio - Process Priority Saver v1.9.8 PropertiesPlus 1.65 Q QTTabBar v1.2.2.1 and QTAddressBar v0.9.6 QuickTime Alternative & QT Lite v2.7.0 Quicktime Alternative LITE v1.76 R Raxco PerfectDisk 2008 Professional v9.0.0 Build 76 (30-day trial) Real Alternative & Real Alternative Lite v1.8.4 RealPlayer 10.5 Free Build RealVNC Enterprise Edition v4.4.2 Recuva v1.20.361 ReGet Deluxe, Pro and Junior Registry Mechanic Registry Mechanic v8.0.0.900 Revo Uninstaller v1.75 RivaTuner v2.22 S Sandboxie v3.30 Screamer Radio v0.4.3 Sharp World Clock v2.16 SIW - System Information for Windows v2008.4.2.0 Skype v3.8.32.139 SmartFTP Client v3.0.1017.0 Smart Undelete v2.9 Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access SoftPerfect Personal Firewall SonicWALL Global VPN Client 4.0 Speedfan v4.35 Spider Player v2.3.5.0 Spybot - Search & Destroy v1.6.0.30 SpywareBlaster v4.1 Spyware Terminator v2.5.1.028 Startup Inspector v2.2 Stickies v6.7a StrongDC++ v2.21 StuffIt Deluxe v12.0.0.17 Subtitle Workshop v4.0 BETA 4 Sunbelt Personal Firewall v4.6.1839 Sun Java Runtime Edition SUPERAntiSpyware v4.21.0.1004 SuperShredder SVG Viewer T TeamViewer v3.6.4606 TechSmith SnagIt v8.2.3 and v9.0.1 TeraCopy 1.22 TextPad v5.1.0.2 and v4.7.3 The KMPlayer v2.9.3.1428 ThreatFire v4.0.0.8 Total Commander v7.04 Total Uninstall 4.9.3 Trillian Basic v3.1.11.0 Trojan Remover v6.7.2.2544 [30-day trial] TrueTransparency v0.9.4.0 Turkish Add-Ons U UberIcon 1.0.3 build 58 UDPixel v2.2 UltraEdit v14.00a+1 UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.1.2633 Undelete Plus v2.97 Unlocker v1.8.7 UTCache V Vista Codec Package 4.5.4 for Windows XP & Vista Vista Drive Icon v1.3 Vista Start Menu v3.02 VLC media player v0.9.8a (a.k.a. VideoLAN Client or simply VLC) Vopt v9.05 for Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista W Weather Pulse v2.10 Build 5 BETA Windows Live Mail 2008 v14.0.5027.908, a.k.a. Windows Live Wave 3 Windows Live Messenger v8.0.0812 Windows Live Messenger v8.1.0178 Final WinFlip v0.5.0 WinPatrol v15.9.2008.5 WinRAR v3.71 (Final/Release version) Winzip 10.0 Build 7245 WinZip V11.2 (Build 8094) WinZip 12.0 Build 8252 Wise Registry Cleaner Free v3.91 Build 138 WOT for Internet Explorer 20080830 X XdN Tweaker v0.9.0.9 Xfire v1.97 XP Codec Pack v2.3.8 xplorer2 v1.7.1.3 and xplorer2 Lite v1.7.0.5 Xteq-dotec X-Setup Pro v6.6.300.Final 1 XYplorer v7.20 Y Yahoo! Messenger v9.0.0.1912 Final/Release Your Uninstaller! 2008 v6.2.1343 Z ZoneAlarm Firewall FREE Zoom Player Home MAX, Premium & Professional v6.0 ZSoft Uninstaller 2.4