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  1. check the screeshots at neowin http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?show...t=0&start=0
  2. just create a codeplex account mate hey project leaders and lead developers, i was wondering why are we reporting bugs found in older versions of vize and xpize since it will be written from scratch?
  3. could be anything, you installed it in the default xpero folder? i may be wrong but i think it has preconfigured folders. i will check when i will go home. (i'm at work right now)
  4. what kind of modifications you made?make sure the paths are correct as well as the structure of filelist.xml is also correct.
  5. post the icon so we can see it and look where exactly is to give you specific directions
  6. is it possible to integrate msp files, how can that be done?
  7. an rpm file is like an executable file for windows, double click and it will install, it will automatically check for depedencies and it will inform you if you need to install additional packages.
  8. where is opensuse?and how many debian based distros can you add?
  9. i make my version of vista and i distribute it to my friends, they install it with their own serial. what's wrong with you guys? even vlite in its unattended setting installs a trial windows vista serial. and i have a version of vista and a version of windows server 2008 distributed legally by magazines here in greece. i could turn those trial versions to full by purchasing a serial. illegal is to distribute a warez version, not a trial.
  10. the structure of the folders are proper?i mean if you double-click vistaglass.theme in an existing vista system from within \themes folder it opens the right theme?is it possible to choose vistaglass.msstyle? .theme files are tricky
  11. in fact you can, by mounting the install.wim and copying the gadgets you want to the mounted folder \program files\windows sidebar\gadgets or shared gadgets. TIP: install the gadgets you want to your current vista installation and copy-paste gadgets and shared gadgets folders to the mounted image.
  12. many laptos have their own formated, sometimes linux boot(like fujitsu-siemens) disks. i don't know the exact structure but look for a folder named "sources" or for a BIG file, named "install.wim". if you can spot them somewhere there is still hope.
  13. just a quick update, working on 0.5 alpha now, added theme, cursors and wallpapers.
  14. even the rtm version of vista sp1 has the same structure
  15. do you really know what vlite is?
  16. yes, it supports sp1 and non sp1 systems, i does not replace files, it just patches them automatically.
  17. welcome to the team, it wasn't a fighting. i checked the tango patcher and its working fine with spaces so..what is happening. is some kind of .net problem? permissions?

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