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  1. Have those avis have a different resolution? What kind of help do you need? If I can I'll help you For instance, in shell32.dll there is a a 2MB file, you can put alternately this: 149.zip
  2. Some avis are bigger, not only those in shell32, and I think It's simpler for XP manage a dll smaller than bigger, the quality appears the same. For instance, cscui is a dll about 400 KB in size and VP puts in a 4MB AVI resource (original is 12 KB), in my opinion is shocking, if you google for it, seach for a video... I don't want to be annoying, but there are a lot of avi's out of here and we can replace the bigger avis with smaller, preserving the quality, and I guess it isn't a hard job, 5 minutes... Do you think this idea is so bad?
  3. Damian, what do you think about puttin' these Avis, replacing the existing ones, I think the same thing of my last post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=797859
  4. Hi Damian and thanks for the new 2.6. I made this bmp, I think it's better then that one in the pack. Edit: I made also another version that is even better, both images are in the updated attachment. Previous: 26 downloads tourstart.rar
  5. where do I subscribe to be a betatester? I was kidding! Let's send a pm. Codeplex username: kontini I could provide italian translation (if needed)
  6. Check my post about start button: http://www.msfn.org/board/Vistapack-25-rel...035#entry776035
  7. I don't think so. I think It's a problem of the pack if the original bmp is 25x20 and your is 16x16.
  8. Hi, I've a problem with new vistapack and VistaLuna Basic theme by Pgase: But I've solved replacing attached 143.bmp in explorer.exe (folder) Can you Damian666 replace the bmp in next pack? 143.bmp
  9. Hi man, I edited some picture in 16 & 20 bitmaps of msoeres.dll with the original 16 colors palette If you'll include my dark logon, be sure to keep last updated attach, because of an updating due to a palette bug ( according to windows first color of a palette should be black, RGB = (0,0,0) ) msoeres.zip
  10. I want to advise another little bug when I was creating a new partition:
  11. Sure, I think everything that can improve the pack is good, not only your ideas.
  12. I didn't want to partecipate to a contest. , but the idea is good for the pack. You could open a poll.
  13. Ok. Bye man, will see. Note: I've managed the attachment because of an unwanted shadow between background and 100.bmp.
  14. I'm sorry, I didn't want diminish your work. But take a look at this one. logonui.exe.7z
  15. Well! Another problematic question: logon screen, I know that there are some bugs with this in the pack. Do you want change it? I've created this: It's fully functional, like Xp one. If you like I'll give you the resources.
  16. I think the problem is in winbrand.dll.txt check this line: -modify "Resources\winbrand.dll\1010.bmp", BITMAP, 1009,
  17. Hi, I've a bug. When I was shutting down XP, Automatic Updates told me I had an not installed update (see image) so i installed it and after reboot everything is OK but it happens everytime that I've a new update to install. Bye
  18. Great job damian666, but there is a mistake in both italian 1020 resource of shell32.dll. Can you rechange "Annula" with "Annulla"? Thanks
  19. Hi Damian and all vistapack users, I have had an issue, but this is only for knowledge. I've installed AutoIt but I get a Windows error message when I start the editor (and other autoit tools). Error advises there is a problem with comctl32.dll so then I replaced that file and now everything is OK. Bye
  20. The vistapack should be installed and not extracted (there is no reason to do this). It's the installer packager that removes duplicate files (for smaller size) and rebuilds them during setup, so everything it's Ok.
  21. Yes, squeeto's batmeter.dll.zip. Yes, I've tested the setup, everything is OK, even if 1x1 pixel bmps are too green the other resources are beautiful.
  22. I'm on XP and I've tested the attached batmeter.dll and the bmps are better that those in the pack. Msoeres.dll: 16 bit colors but without a purple background, please! P.S. Another little thing: Winntbbu background is too "white" so the text during setup is unreadable.

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