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Team of Developers for XPize & Vize continuation


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Project Anolis is up in CodePlex. Check it out at http://www.codeplex.com/anolis .

W3bbo is busy working on things now, but I'm sure that he will be able to work out the code more in the coming weeks.


EDIT- XPero has stickied this discussion, so I guess I should make some major edits ...

XPero: Oh yes of course, let's continue the project smile.gif I can host and publish them on the official websites.

So, XPero has given us (as in those interested from MSFN and elsewhere) permission to continue his XPize and Vize works. As far as I know, I don't think people have actually begun edits and stuff, but there is interest in it, and I guess that's all we need (and a little organization).

To download XPero's source code files:

http://www.xpize.net/?page=source --> XPize 4.6 code and the installer system (for those who wish to make their own customized packs)

http://cid-a4b0f9235271a2fa.skydrive.live....wse.aspx/Source --> XPize and Vize .NET source codes (which I believe is still in alpha/beta/pre-release stages; i.e.- XPero does not believe these packs are ready or stable enough to be released for mainstream usage)

http://cid-a4b0f9235271a2fa.skydrive.live....wse.aspx/Public --> Vize 1.1 code and others

There are many people who are showing interest in helping this project come to light. Some, like me, W3bbo, doomangel, ricktendo64, Innocent Devil, and others wish to contribute.

Now we need an organized structure (how will this work: nominations? voting? requests?):

Host: XPero (though he has resigned from the main project, he is willing to host our continuation on his sites)

Project Heads: It's more like coordinators now: Happy-Dude // W3bbo // XPero

Developers/ Coders/ Programmers: W3bbo (more XPize based) // doomangel (I believe, more Vize based)

Designers/ Artists/ Contributors to make new high quality icons and resources: ?? We are now trying to get designers that make third party XPize packs to help out with our new **EXTENSIBLE** architecture; note: subject to change

Contributors that will help find "old icons" (low quality icons and icons that don't fit with the main OS themes) that Microsoft forgot about: ?? (Yeah, you get the drift.)

I'm guessing this project is transparent, so for those who want to help, but don't want to have a lot of responsibility, can just help find old icons from time to time. But I must ask those people to have installed XPize/ Vize in order to not report visuals that are already changed.

Any other positions that should be made? What do you guys think? Does anyone wish to be the serious organizer (I can do it if people don't mind, but things might change as school comes near; junior year is going to be hard ...)

THINGS THAT NEED TO BE ATTENDED TO: ellipses mean that there was more to the post

Now, for the other stuff, which I don't believe we've planned out just yet (also, should we have a separate section for Vize?):



All are subject to change

-- New extensible architecture

-- XPize with SP3 support and x64

-- Combining of contents from previous installers, not the redundancies, but subject to change since we need the old source



-Some eratic problems with SP3 compatibility (W3bbo is even considering to add XPx64 compatibility smile.gif )

-Shell32.dll Reloader bug (dunno if we can fix)

-Compatibility with PowerDVD

-Visual Studio 2003 .NET compatibility

-compatibility with some explorer.exe resources

-compatibility with Asian languages pack and memory allocation

-supporting the older code branch (4.7b and before) and .NET (.1a) or manipulating them together

-uninstall fails to completely restore original visual settings (like icon sizes)

-compatibility issue with Stardock ---> DO NOT install XPize if stardock is installed


**Plenty of problems reported by Long Zheng's UI Taskforce (http://www.istartedsomething.com/taskforce/), many of which Vize attends to. However, they are definitely more that needs to get by. Anyone know which ones? (I don't run Vista, so I don't know a lot here sleep.gif ).

-%ProgramFiles% or spaces in path bug (this is fixed in doomangel's KDE patcher, which is a project based on the Vize code)




Below is my original post about the project continuation:


I'm just curious if anyone is interested in continuing XPero's XPize and Vize projects, perhaps under the same name (so the MSFN admins don't have to create different boards for each individually inspired projects).

His source codes have been released for both projects here: http://cid-a4b0f9235271a2fa.skydrive.live....wse.aspx/Source

I am definitely going to look at the source codes out of curiousity. Unfortunately, I know very little about programming, let alone software programming ... But I am willing to learn the trade :) !!( I'm currently reading up on C and will be taking Java classes after the summer. I am also reading up on some hacking techniques [wishing to learn what makes programs tick and how to make 'em better]. Will that help in any way?)

So, how about it? Anyone interested? Pleasee ? To me, a team is better than having everything put onto the shoulders of one developer, and perhaps can push the potential of the project even further. So, what 'cha guys thinking ?

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Hello Dude :hello:

I'm also sad of XPero's decision but - read below...

First the sourcecode of XPize/ Vize is based on C#

Older (?) XPize derived projects were based on earlier branch of completly different coding language.

Now we need people they are (good) able of CSharp if we want to use the actual sources!

These decisions do we need to make:

- Want we support the older code branch (See sourcecode of the older XPize/ the XIS)?

- Should it be a team of several people working with the sources we now have?

CRYING around the msfn board: No one here who can go further with XPize/ Vize?

I am NOT a developer using their coding language...

As i consider to create patchers with other language i COULD do the fancy but...



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:hello: Hello.

The truth is that I do not know nothing of C But would be able to collaborate if himself nonstop with NSIS's old code to as which dominate to perfection.

Good guy, Let's hope that the XPero in relation to q says to Let's continue project.

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I've working in a project based on vize code for a month now and what i have done is some minor changes or additions to the codebase. i don't think the code needs improvement, if we could create a team our main goal should be to discover all the non vista or non xp icons and replace the resources.

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I've working in a project based on vize code for a month now and what i have done is some minor changes or additions to the codebase. i don't think the code needs improvement, if we could create a team our main goal should be to discover all the non vista or non xp icons and replace the resources.

Now that! I can help with

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Am I what you're looking for? ;)

I've been using XPize since (well... just after) the beginning and I've been following it ever since. I am disappointed in XPero's departure, but that doesn't mean the project can't live on.

I know 3 of the 4 main 'C's: C, C++, and C# (but not ObjC... but that's irrelevant :P ) and I'm familar with the Win32 API.

As for project home, I haven't had much of a good experience with Sourceforge lately (and connecting to their CVS can be a b***h at times). Might I recommend CodePlex or Google Code instead?

I'd also love to code in support for XP x64 and first-class support for XP SP3. Whilst my Photoshop and Illustrator skills are "above average" I'm nowhere near the ability required to create new artwork though.

I don't think the project needs a "team" of developers; just one or two would do just fine (too many chefs spoil the soup, so to speak) as it is just a utility program. Personally, I'd like to see the project written in C/C++ since it reduces dependencies on .NET, but I'm easy either way and I think the pragmatic choice is continuing with the current code base (so long as it is a spaghetti pile of anonymous methods, delegates, and fails FxCop spectacularly)

EDIT: And if there's any questioning of my credentials, I'm the guy who leaked Royale Noir to Long Zheng :D

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Better to split the tasks to accomplish

1. finding Classic Resources in XP/Vista

2.Making hi-Q resources to replace them

3.build the nacessary tools to replace it

I personally prefer the new .NET code of XPize/Vize (though I dunno C#, any way)

it is simple for the *User* to do th *THING*

we need to brush up the code to make it a more general patcher .

with the resources and correspondin scripts it can XPize/Vize any supported win version

AFAIK the Vize is almost stable, XPize it little problematic though (.NET versions)

sombody knows C# should take care of the coding department

same follws for photoshop/GIMP to make resources

finding classic resources is not a problem with board like MSFN with huge userbase



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I hate to act unilaterally or anything.... but if everyone's cool, shall I go ahead and create the CodePlex project this weekend, dump everything there, and take it from there?

EDIT: Oh Xpero, I've re-added you to my contact list (using the messenger address I used to talk to you with back in 2005, is it still valid?), are you on it much?

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i hope you guys dont underestimate the work involved with this stuff...

as a maker of a shellpack, and someone that has used the xpize source for about a year and a half or so

i can guarenty you it will take over your free time :D

just that you know.


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I looked a bit at the source code, but as I see it still uses Reshack to do resource modifications. It will not be hard to alter these scripts. I also use Reshack scripts to build Nero Lite.

I don't use XPize personally at the moment, but I keep the source code for now. Some parts might be useful.

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