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  1. malwarebytes get rid of it .. i think every vista laptop i worked on in the last 2 months has got that just do a full system scaN with it.. and it will have to reboot to get it off there good luck
  2. Integrate windows 95

    the only way to make a upgrade disc of xp not check previous version is to mod the setupp.ini file and thats not legal thur microsoft or msfn hope this answers your question
  3. google peid program it should help with the switches you stated above plus others and the msn.exe has to be extracted once more use winrar or 7zip to extract to a sub folder and then pick out the windows live.msi
  4. Bad idea to integrate mobo drivers with nLite?

    i know what your saying.. been there before.. but i never had any trouble just installing the new ones over the old ones i got a ati board also and i never have any problems doing it either .. and i play onlines all the time but you might have to delete the nldrv folder in your windows folder.. to get rid of them for good.. thats where windows looks for the drivers in a nlite install
  5. USB storage devices crash my computer

    i have had a couple pc's were the south chipset went bad and it only locked the pc up when i hooked a device to it that i tranfered large files like hooking usb flash drives and external harddrives... most cases it done it when i first plugged the device in and if it didnt it would later while i was transfering files.. both were nf4 chips.. 939 socket asus and dfi boards hope it helps
  6. Vista hangs at Welcome screen

    i've heard that cleaning out your prefetch folder fixes that... windows/prefetch
  7. i have installed a vlited vista ultimate on a 1.3 celeron socket370 512mb memory and it booted no slower than my dualcore... but it runs slow as a snail so i couldnt think of it on a pII... of course i have seen pII run a bit quicker than a pIII celeron.. for basic tasks
  8. performance increase over 2k3?

    i use w2k8 for gaming and i love it compared to all other os's i use... only reason is that in w2k8 alt-tab is almost instant and the game play is much smoother than vista... meaning it doesn't get laggy after couple hours of online game play, plus it boots much quicker
  9. Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    you can intergrate ie7 with nlite as a hot fix.. but you cant remove anything before you intergrate as for the dx9 .. get the new updated june dx9 file and unpack it with winrar or 7 zip and use this switch in the nlite addon ...DXSETUP.exe /Silent but you should always check the nlite section of this forum.. alot of great info in there too..
  10. I right clicked and save target as.. and it downloaded fine looks real nice
  11. TV Tuner Software Alternative

    I like the media centers on the windows products like vista ultimate and media center xp 2004-05 but i am using this product as of now. its open source and it supports all the big tv tuners.. i truly like it... mediaportal hope this helps
  12. XP start menu in Vista

    i know exactly what you mean... i dislike the program menu also and i dont like the classic view of the start also i went back to xp cause it takes me longer to get a simple task done in vista, cause of the personal menu setup and tring to find a different folders, other than the personal download folder during a download. i found my self making 11 or 12 different shortcuts to program folders and and document folders. maybe some it will be fixed in the performance fixes in sp1.. i hope anyway i have already got to the point of liking vista even know its a memory hog.. but my computer rate 5.4 on it but the menu really gets on my nerves
  13. i had the same problem with vista doing that... but it turned up being the crappy nvidia graphic drivers... on about 11 different systems after the first install and then it was raid drivers on 3 of the the intel boards i put in... finally got got some updated drivers a month later and was able to sell the rigs but i know your dealing with a different os so i wish you luck.... cause anything could cause that problem , mb , memory , psu... i even had a dvd burn trying to hang at shutdown and cause the weird problem good luck
  14. Nerds vs. Geeks

    nerds rule!!!