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  1. Thanks for the updates benners! I love that updates in changelog!
  2. I'm using Shark VCP 1.0 final for win 7,and playback is crisp and clear... No problems what so ever... I removed beta and install 1.0 final and as I mention no problems of any kind. Well done!
  3. IMHO you are playing with fire...and you know what happens then... I'd suggest you to be more cautious in future.
  4. Great work benners! I love the idea for the next update,those things would make a huge difference!
  5. Thanks mara-. You did nice job with this one.
  6. For some reason I can't apply serial on Nero 8 Lite ? Serial input box pops up and it'supressed. I used this method with previous builds but this one does not go smooth using switches. If I add it manually (on first run works fine),but via switches...no go... /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" but if I add /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- /SERIAL="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" /USER="User Name" /COMPANY="Company" /TYPE="Full" serial box appears empty and it's supressed, however when I run program everything is fine and I can confirm my license is there also.
  7. One note: Grake's switches installer is also svcpack compatible,I can confirm works fine
  8. Nice work Grake. If I'm not mistaking shortcut is currently placed in Skype subfolder under startmenu?
  9. You could use latest Flash Get v2.11 addon that does not have Google toolbar installed.
  10. So what icons exactly does this patcher patch (replace)?
  11. Thanks for quick update iuli_kyle,this is nice tool. It's really handy and useful. Well done!
  12. Now why don't you search for your answers on board before opening new thread? There are at least couple of threads around here. Ok here is nice customizable script for Nero 8 or 7 ,you can also find complete thread about that here. You should also check AutoIT Script Collection section you can find Yahoo! Messenger script there. And for Office 2003 you can find complete guide at the middle of this same page... Look here also. Good luck!
  13. So what switch does work on XP sp3? I previously used /VERYSILENT /SP- /SERIAL="XXXX_..." but it does not seam to work on SP3? Did someone check correct switch that works fine? I was not aware of this but I'm still searching for solution?
  14. Ok people stop and use common sense. Ok? SP3 DOES NOT include IE7 or WMP11 thus chances for IE7 and WMP11 updates for being ins sp3 are like 1 percent lol! That is why you should add IE7 and WMP11 afterwards so you could overwrite old files and replace it with new ones + updates for those. And if you did it that way you won't have any problems just like Kell say few posts above... So for conclusion add SP3 on CLEAN XP cd source and THEN you can add IE7 and WMP11 and that is all you need to worry about! So simple....and everything will work fine.
  15. This script works great with latest 4.17.5 version....many thanks! I was wondering is it possible to make it more silent so that popup window does not appear?
  16. Did you update your .inf so it looks something like this? You must create ProfileItems first. This should do the work...
  17. Here are some cool infos regarding customizations using /adminfile switch LINK and other cool thing that might come in had is small info for switches LINK All this is mention before. However I would like to ask something, I have English version of office Enterprise, But I'm not shure should I download SP for local language since I wont to have profiling tools in local language? Can somebody remind me?
  18. Gorki

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Thanks mara. I works great. If you don't mind I might hijack your solution and add it to my True Transparency addon notes so users could know what is causing mentioned problem. This is very helpful. Thanks once more.
  19. Gorki

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Well mara- I just tested it and you are right...TrueTransparency really causes probblems with Nlite..I close it and it's working fine... Thank you very much for this... I was not aware of this...cause I like TT also and I use Nlite a lot... Thank you and nuhi for support.
  20. Gorki

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Nuhi can you help me out please? I'm having difficulties with nlite while closing application? It just freezes and I'm forced to end it via task manager,and sometimes I can't even do that so I have to force reboot? I tried latest version but I still have problem. I'm not shure when it all stated I'm guessing it could be from this 1.4 final vesion..but I can't confirm 100%. Do you have and suggestion maybe? Thanks!
  21. Gorki


    I think this could help you
  22. Acheron or anyone...this might sound as stupid question but, what's the difference between Lite and Micro version? I have not find any info on this matter so I was tempted to ask?
  23. I did not manage to find any Switch that could register lite version... I tred this one also,but no luck...?

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