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Its easier if you look at a diagram really

Diagram of my network


Basically mine is a 2Mb cable modem connection with a sonicwall TZ170 Firewall behind it

Attatched to that is the family members desktops with a AD windows 2000 server

and a Nas Drive for backup storage and software downloads

Behind the TZ170 I have a Firebox 2 which I converted to DD-WRT using this method


off of this I have a LAN hub that has my NAS Raid array drives

and a couple of test servers (when I am experimenting with setups etc and teaching myself new things)

one running SUSE Enterprise Linux and the other on Win 2008 - then I have an Optiplex desktop and

a few odd bits like KVM switches etc

I dont like wireless connections as I find them unreliable and insecure

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Here is another Visio diagram, this time of my home network :)

Note I am working on changing some things: upgrading the switch to something like the HP ProCurve 1800-8G, moving my wireless access point to the other WRT54GL running DD-WRT, moving the PS3 onto the newer switch, establishing a Bluetooth link between my printer and laptop, upgrading the cable modem, and adding a firewall between my modem and router.

I am running several VM guests on my desktop too, which I might update the diagram to show later.


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Here's my network, I wasn't about to type this description out. I should edit though that the Quad Core server is running ESXi off a USB Flash Drive, and is also connected to a machine on gigabit running OpenFiler with 4x 500 GB Hard drives as an iSCSI SAN.


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1. ~12MB/s roadrunner cable

2. Dlink DIR-655 Gbit wireless-N router

A. My Laptop

B. Sister's Laptop

C. Parent's Desktop

D. Brother MFC-885CW wireless networked printer

E. Vonage Router

3. Dlink DGS-2208 8 port Gbit switch

A. My Desktop

B. My File Server

C. Brother HL-5250DN networked laser printer

APC ES 750

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My network is quite simple.

ISP provided DSL modem>Smoothwall>PC.

VOIP router on DMZ.

Wired, static IPs throughout.

PCs being serviced are connected to the VOIP router, not my LAN.

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Bit of a change from August 2008, now looks like this:


Main machines for myself and my wife were upgraded to Core i7 w/12GB - my wife likes to play with rendering in Poser, and I play with games and virtual machines so we get the use of the RAM.

My wife's old machine now acts as the server, Virtual Server replaced with Hyper-V and the web server finally migrated from a virtual W2K3 SP2 to virtual W2K8 SP2.

With the higher-spec, Hyper-V capable server it made sense to set up a domain and run the DC as 1 virtual machine and a separate virtual machine for a file (and Squeezebox) server.

The host machine is still standalone, but the VMs and clients 1 & 2 are now domain-joined (makes life easier for roaming profiles & folder redirection when testing builds of Windows 7).

Client3 will likely end up being a pet project for having clustered Hyper-V hosts for highly available VMs, though I'd need to figure out something for the iSCSI targets...


6th October - upgraded Internet connection to 50/10, changed details for servers upgraded from W2K8 SP2 to W2K8 R2

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I finally added the final piece of networking equipment I wanted to my setup, my new router, so I figured it'd be a good time as any to post my setup.


My server doubles as both my Active Directory primary domain controller and my file server. The desktop is mine, laptop is the wife's. The WRT54GS acts solely as an access point since my server does DNS and DHCP and the Netgear router does the rest. I'll post some pictures when I get some time to clean up my cabling.

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I've finally set up my home network the way I like it... More stuff (machines) will be added later, but for now, it looks like this:


Hardware firewall is a Juniper Barracuda, LAN Router is a cheapo IPTime device, WiFi router is a U.S. Robotics and media converters are all Allied Telesyn. Real Time Communication server is a Fedora core-based shared satellite zapping directory server with 2 NIC's running in DMZ mode to which my pc connects locally over one NIC. The PC's specs are in my signature and the laptop and PDA connect wirelessly to the U.S. Robotics. Next thing to be added is a file server and most likely a network video projector.

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I bet you're going to love it when Verizon releases the WiFi HD TV equipment to the public! Just think, TV signal from the FiOS router wireless to any TV!

Unfortunately, Verizon isn't here in Eastern Europe... :(

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I bet you're going to love it when Verizon releases the WiFi HD TV equipment to the public! Just think, TV signal from the FiOS router wireless to any TV!

Unfortunately, Verizon isn't here in Eastern Europe... :(

Well Verizon isn't the only one doing it. I think from all fiber based TV providers are doing it for competition reasons. When I worked for Verizon (4 years ago) they had the tech but it was still in testing, I think it still is. However a client of mine was having a conversation a couple weeks ago, he said they have that where he lives. I forget the name of the company, it isn't Verizon, but he lives in Canada. How lucky he is! But I've seen recently at stores some high-end HDTV routers but they don't seem to be good sellers yet.

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but he lives in Canada. How lucky he is!

I'm not aware of any Canadian ISP (telco or cableco) that actually has anything like this. There's very few companies offering anything similar to FIOS to begin with. The only one I can think of is Bell, and I wouldn't say it's anything like FIOS still:

-FIOS is actually available somewhere, whereas Bell Fibre is only available in small parts of a couple cities or so. Just forget about it, it's just not available, and it won't be anytime soon. In fact, the fastest Bell can deliver to us at work (right in the middle of a city of a half million ppl) is a whooping 1.3mbit :thumbup:rolleyes: (sometimes it's more like half that due to network congestion... oh, and static IPs are $30/month each, what a ripoff!)

-The price is similar, but FIOS doesn't cripple the upload speed e.g. (FIOS: 25/25mbit, Bell: 25/7mbit) and doesn't have the low bandwidth caps that Bell has (75GB -- on a 25mbit line, so that's 5h worth of usage *per month*!)...

-The FIOS bundles (and channel lineup for TV) are a LOT better (e.g. getting free netbooks vs having to pay $500 for a unreliable PVR *and* also a LOT cheaper)

Besides, I don't see any telco or cableco (anybody offering TV content) letting your stream it over wifi to a TV w/o heavy DRM anytime soon (nevermind TVs aren't actually equipped to play back contents from wifi, much less with DRM on top of it)

I'd say Internet and TV providers are actually worse in Canada than in the USA (low bandwidth caps, higher prices and basically zero competition for starters). For 7.5/0.82 mbit with a 30GB cap around here, it's $62/month (plus taxes n stuff), and then after that it's $8/GB (yes! you read that right!), not counting the $120 upfront for the modem... It's either that, or going back to dialup pretty much (well, I could get 512kbps with Bell at $42/mo...)

Lucky to live in Canada perhaps, but definitely not for the ISPs!

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