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[Tutorial] Build Windows Vista SP1 x86 DVD using vLite


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Just to clarify:

"After completion, create bootable DVD or image and get your Vista SP1 installed simultaneously. "

That simply just refers to applying the change, right? It isn't literal? As in apply the change AND install it on your current host OS?


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Hi wonder if anyone can help me, can vlite be run from XP-PRO as everytime i copy Vista Disc to hardrive & then select version required as soon as i click OK the PC blue screens. Is there any workaround or do i need to do this from a vista based PC. :wacko:

I had the same problem. Turned out it was my Avast! Anti-Virus program. I switched to COMODO and no more problems. BUT if you want to work with 64-bit Vista you have to do it in 64-bit XP or Vista.

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Does anyone know if making a vLite version of Vista WITHOUT slep streaming SP1 would be the cause of a missing hall.dll error at the end//restart of an installation?

More specifically, a Dell OEM Vista.

I didnt slipstream it because i thought it is a SP0 disk, i could have been wrong.

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Hi folks!

First off.... been using nLite for ages now and I think it's a fantastic product....hats off to everyone involved in the development of this and of course vLite. :thumbup

Am trying to use VLite for the first time. I understand that to integrate SP1 and component alteration then this is a two-step process, so initially all I am doing is attempting the integration if SP1 to my Vista (Home Premium).

I used the WAIK front end to copy the Vista DVD to a folder (and then manually copying the wimgapi.dll to the root of VLite).

I ran vLite and selected Slipstream option and pointed the file Select to my SP1 downloaded file: Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1

It starts the integration but then appears to hang at about 25% Integrating. It has hung at this point for the last 24 hours and am not sure if it is still doing something or indeed has hung. The PkgMgr.exe Process in Task Manager is still running at 50%. I have a fairly high spec machine and wouldn't have though it would take this long.

Can anyone let me know indicative times for this initial process; or does it look like it has indeed crashed? (And if so, what's the fix?!)

Many thanks in advance for any help.



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I've been using nLite for years and have begun using vLite. I have successfully slipstreamed SP1 into every Vista edition and was wondering whether anybody has a workaround to get SP2 to slipstream...

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi, you cannot slipstream SP2 with the current version of vlite.

The only way to slipstream SP2 is to do a reverse integration, here is the weblink which describes how to do this.

Or you can see it here:-

1. Install Vista SP1 to a secondary partition (not the main boot partition). The primary reason for this is one doesn't want all the boot associated files of that computer related to BCD and boot.ini being part of the final image.

2. Once in the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) after setup, type Ctrl-Shift-F3 to enter Audit mode. In case you're wondering what/where OOBE is, it is the part after setup where the user is setting up his/her username, password etc.

3. The system will then reboot into Audit mode and a Sysprep window will pop up. Do not close the Sysprep window.

4. Run the Vista SP2 standalone installer and let it do its thing.

5. After the SP2 setup is complete, you'll find yourself back at the main Vista desktop with the Sysprep window open and SP2 will be installed and ready to go. (Optional/Recommended): Microsoft has included a tool with SP2 called compcln.exe which can be used to remove older versions of components that have been upgraded to new versions in SP2 to save space. Once SP2 is installed, simply run compcln.exe via Winkey+R (Run command) or via the command prompt). Afterwards, from the Sysprep selection window, select OOBE, Generalize, and to Shut Down the system.

6. Boot the system into another OS install (ie. XP), do NOT boot back into the new Vista SP2 install, and run the following imagex command (imagex can be found in WAIK):-

imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /capture d: c:\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate"

where d: is the drive Vista is installed on and c:\install.wim is the location to store the new install.wim. Replace "Ultimate" with whatever edition of Vista you installed and replace the drive letters (d: and c:\install.wim) with your own.

Also note that the "Ultimate" specified after /flags should be replaced with one of the following if another version of Vista is being captured:





7. Once the image has been built, replace the old install.wim in the Vista SP1 in \Sources\ with the newly created install.wim and then build a bootable ISO image with any burning software that you use.

It has to be noted that the above method is for a single edition of Vista. If one wanted to integrate SP2 into all the editions of Vista, you would have to follow Steps 1-5 for each edition and use the imagex /append function to build an install.wim that contains all the editions of Vista.

Source: WinBeta

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I get an error when I try to do this task. My vLite 1.2 stops working. I have Vista 64bit Ultimate release (no sp) on DVD and have copied it to my hard drive. I have installed vLite 1.2 to my computer. I have downloaded SP1 to my computer. When I go thru the steps mentioned here, the process starts, looks like it gets about 10% done, then craps out. The message says, "Preparing..." (for about 2 minutes), then the green bar gets to about 10%, when I get a dialog saying "vLite has stopped working. A problem caused the progrram to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

I have removed vLite 1.2, and reinstalled using a fresh download from a different mirror. I have tried from a different computer, with the same results, but at a later stage in the building process.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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I would suggest you use vlite version 1.1.6 as version 1.2 is kinda of buggy for some reason. If you haven't got it, just google it and you should be able download it from other websites.

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hey, i dont have enough time to read 100 replies so sorry if it has been answered. I want to ask if i press Vista Ultimate for image to configure for my AIO disk and press intergration, add Sp1 and i press apply after vlite finishes slipstreaming sp1 and click Rebuild All will it give me all editions SP1 or just Ultimate

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Hi all,

I need to create a 'Vista Home Basic DVD' from a 'Vista Home Premium 32bit DVD', but I can't see how to do it.

On the original post in this topic it says:

How to:

1. First of all, install vLite and copy all contents of DVD into HDD folder, say F:\Vista

2. Now select the folder where Vista installation source has been copied (F:\Vista)

3. Select the edition which is to be upgraded to SP1

I have done Options 1 & 2, but I do not have option 3. "Select the edition which is to be upgraded to SP1"

Where is this option located? I assume that choosing the Vista Basic option here would enable me to do what I want.

Many thanks


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Additional NOTE, please read before u asking to the moderator!!!

1. Before u start vlite, please click the option on the menu bar, change ur temporary folder to drive that have approximately 20 GB free space, don't use ur

default temp folder cuz vlite integration process need mount/extract ur windows vista image (install.wim) n the update pack (SP1).

2. If u have WAIK installed but vlite can't detect ur windows imaging driver try to copy wimgapi.dll from ur WAIK installation folder (C:\Program Files\WAIK\

Tools\x86) n copy it the root of vlite installation example c:\program files\vlite

3. Please disable anti virus programs at the service pack integration process, it may corrupt ur windows vista image.

4. If u've finish slipstreamed service pack choose tweaks (don't check anything), apply, choose rebuild one if u want only single edition (ex. Ultimate) but if

u want to keep all edition choose rebuild all, don't choose save changes only cuz it will make ur vista image larger.

Hope this will help u all especially newbie like me he3x

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Failed. No changes were saved.

How can I establish what caused this error ? Are there log files ?

I am on a Vista Home Premium SP2 64bit PC and am trying to create a DVD for Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit.

I have changed the temporary directory to a disk with 900GB free.

I have the original Microsoft DVD with no service packs copied to a folder, I also have downloaded Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330), vLite v1.2 and WAIK (just repaired after a 1.3GB download!)

The process gets past the 'Integrating...' stage and on to the 'It is recommended to disable antivirus' stage when, at about halfway through, it gives this most unhelpful error message: 'Failed. No changes were saved'.




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