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  1. Hi. I have been thinking about testing Windows XP x64 for a while, and since i have VIP access to the www.win7vista.com FTP server, i have been able to get my Technet copy of XP x64. I was thinking about slipstreaming SP2 onto the x64 disk using nlite, but it says it could only be slipstream on 64 bit guest. i have Windows 7 x64, but i dont wanna dual boot it so is there anyway to slipstream sp2
  2. if you still have a .wim file that is the factory image, boot to ur vista DVD Then repair your computer than select a parition and select Restore your computer from a backup image
  3. there is a much better way: Reverse intergration http://www.tinkernut.com/forum/hacks-for-e...dows-7-installs
  4. keep presssing next when u install both of them, when both are finished go to C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86, find the wimgapi.dll and copy it to C:\Program Files\vLite
  5. reverse integration is the best way and its actually supported by Microsoft GUIDE: http://www.tinkernut.com/forum/hacks-for-e...dows-7-installs
  6. if your disk has SP2 i heard that you cant remove componets
  7. i do testing with alot of versions... i do ALOT of software testing
  8. oh cmon you guys why do you people never answer my posts?
  9. I have a vista 6000.16386 all editions in a singole image. I am intergratring the same updates for all versions one by one including sp1 with vlite. If i finish the first one do i click apply then rebuild one and start the next edition or do i do somthing else? P.s what is rebuilding image P.s.s there is another program called vista update intergrator http://www.winvistaside.de/downloads/syste...47/?file=47.com and after doing the intergration stuff it lets you rebuild all images... what does that do?
  10. hey, i dont have enough time to read 100 replies so sorry if it has been answered. I want to ask if i press Vista Ultimate for image to configure for my AIO disk and press intergration, add Sp1 and i press apply after vlite finishes slipstreaming sp1 and click Rebuild All will it give me all editions SP1 or just Ultimate
  11. I have a MSDN iso image that has all editions of vista on one iso image. i installed vlite, it copied the files and then i told me to click on what image i wanted to configure, the thing is i want sp1 on ALL editions of vista and not just one. any help here? oh yeah even though i heard that slipstreaming SP2 isnt supported in vlite, is threre a different way? Using WAIK again only lets me slipstream it to one image istead of all

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