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  1. Slipstreaming XP SP3

    Thank you for your reply clearing it up
  2. Slipstreaming XP SP3

    Is it possible to Slipstream Windows XP SP3 into an original RTM disc? There are people saying no but on Microsofts Download Page (Here) it says: System Requirements * Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Home Edition ; Windows XP Professional Edition ; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2 which I take as meaning that it is possible to slipstream it into a RTM source. Any thoughts/opinions?
  3. Hi, With my nLite disk, i am unable to browse the domain and browsing the workgroup works intermitently. If i use a clean xp pro disk with sp3, there are no issues with the workgroup/domain. I am wondering if anyone knows of a reason why the domain browsing doesn't work. I assume it may have something to do with one or more tweaks in the Explorer/Internet Explorer/Networking sections, but i am unable to find which one may be responsible. Does anyone have any ideas???
  4. How to Nlite by DIY?

    Yes, everything that nLite does is doable manually, however it would take ALOT longer. You can manually edit the unattended file and can manually slipstream each service pack and hotfix. You can also patch different files and modify the services that windows runs.
  5. windows validation

    Its not a hack. All it does is add the WGA files into the cd so that when you install windows, WGA gets installed as well. It will also only integrate if the PC you are using nLite on is Genuine, as a friend of mine found out. The advantage of doing it this way is that when you got to Windows Update it wont ask you to download the file, it will simply check that your PC is genuine.
  6. windows validation

    It does seem to integrate correctly as Windows Updates doesn't ask for it and the wga validation check occurs at first logon.
  7. Internet Options Text Missing

    Hey All, In the attached screenshot, you can see that the text for "Internet Options" is missing. Through both Trial and Error and Deduction, as I create a new Updated CD each Month, I have concluded that either a Setting on the Unattended Page and/or a Microsoft Patch Released in the Month of June or More Recentely is/are the cause of the issue. Going back over some of those recent IE updates, there is a new Security Update for both IE7 and IE8 that has been released (Along with Numerous XP Updates that could also be at fault). I have tested it with IE7 slipstreamed and the error occurs and even when I install IE8 within Windows, the error remains. The problem is also purely Aesthetic as far as I can tell as the Hyperlink for the words still opens up the correct window. I have tried changing themes and backgrounds to no avail. From a limited search through Control Panel and other Windows stuff, it seems that this is the only thing affected.
  8. windows validation

    You don't need to add it to run once. Search Google (it is your friend) for KB905474 and there will be a Microsoft page where you can download the latest version. Then simply integrate it under the hotfixes/updates screen (the one just after the sefice pack screen). It will run and integrate the files and you'll no longer have that problem.
  9. Repair Option does not Appear when XP CD is Booted

    Thank You very much for your information, it is most appreciated.
  10. When i boot from my slipstreamed XP CD, there is no license agreement, which is what I wanted. However, there is also no option to repair an existing Windows XP installation, which is something that I do want to be able to do. I was wondering if anyone knew how to include the repair option on the CD (The option appears on a XP SP3 CD without any other hotfixes or tweaks).
  11. I've been using nLite for years and have begun using vLite. I have successfully slipstreamed SP1 into every Vista edition and was wondering whether anybody has a workaround to get SP2 to slipstream... Any help would be appreciated. Pookey