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[Tutorial] Build Windows Vista SP1 x86 DVD using vLite


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Will I be able to strip vista down after I have slipstreamed it? Or wont it work then? Else I will try to download some iso somewhere (Use my own cdkey ofc) and strip that one down, just hard to find a iso in the right language where my own cdkey works

First slipstream and then you can vlite your iso but never remove components with the slipstream process. you have to do it in 2 steps

Not sure I understand what you mean by "doing it in two steps". Please elaborate. Thanks.

It mean, First slipstream SP1 and finish the all process, then re-open Vista Installation source (Vista SP1 Slipstreamed) and customize your Vista.

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[Tutorial] Build Windows Vista SP1 x86 DVD using vLite

Hi Everyone,

Recently Windows Vista SP1 has been released finally and it can be installed in three ways:

  • Using Windows Vista SP1 pre-integrated DVD
  • Using Windows Vista SP1 Offline Update installer and
  • Via Windows Update.

But Microsoft has stated that Windows Vista SP1 pre-integrated DVD can get only Microsoft partners, Business Consumers, MSDN & Technet subscribers and Microsoft Connect users. So there are only two ways to get Vista SP1 installed, but it take long time to install SP1 and terrible to install each n every time in fresh Windows Vista RTM. To solve this problem, I would like to thank vLite Developers and Community; they have released vLite with SP slipstream support and its simple tutorial that helps to slipstream SP in Windows Vista n build your Vista SP1 DVD.


How to:

1. First of all, install vLite and copy all contents of DVD into HDD folder, say F:\Vista

2. Now select the folder where Vista installation source has been copied (F:\Vista)

3. Select the edition which is to be upgraded to SP1


4. Proceed Next and only select Service Pack Slipstream option.


By selecting Windows Vista SP1 offline update installer, extracting and slipstreaming process will be started and it’ll take 60-90 mins to accomplish the task.

5. After completion, create bootable DVD or image and get your Vista SP1 installed simultaneously.

(Only a single edition will be upgraded to SP1 at a time and to make complete Vista SP1….I mean, if you want to create all editions upgraded to SP1 disc. You have to follow the same process for each edition.)

NOTE: Don’t select any other option such as integration, components, tweaks etc when slip-streaming service pack. One more thing, don’t remove any component from vLited Vista image because it may cause interrupted installation.

I have slip-streamed all editions into Vista DVD and tested…all are working perfect. And It has been taken 8-10 hours….slipstreaming speed may depends upon your computer configuration.

Hi guys,

I followed each step above but when iso got created it was exactly the same as the Vista SP0. Only dates certain folders changed but files inside folders were all the same as the Vista RTM. I wasted three dvds and about 7 hours of my time. I didn't get any errors either during the process. Has anyone use this successfully? Any help will be appreciated.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I really want to make this happen. so far it's been frustrating. the advice given has not lead to success. I've written a detailed step-by-step guide (btw I'm using an x64 platform but that should work the same, isn't it?). So I've got 2 questions:

  1. Is my guide correct?
  2. What should I do next to achieve success?


My guide has been attached as a Word 97-2003 document, I hope that's the best way; I could paste it here if necessary...

PS I haven't tried using the WAIK as has been recommended elsewhere, since everybody suggests it is possible without.


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Hiya all,

2 questions,

1 - I only want Vista Ultimate on my ISO, so as I have read, you just slipstream SP1 to it then click apply. After I have done this, can I then remove components, or can I remove them before I hit apply?

2 - After I did the slipstream, I went to the intergration>hotfixes section and this is all I get


now is it suppose to have to listings for SP1 and is there normally only 6 hotfixes listed?


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Hi guys

I'm new to this forum but have been using nLite for sometimes.

Thanks for the work you've put developping both nLite and vLite.

I've few questions regarding vLite.

1- Could you confirm that the steps below are the right one to integrate SP1 to all the version of Vista in my DVD.

a- start vLite

b- point vLite to the folder containing Vista

c- select the Vista version to slipstream

d- point vLite towards the Service Pack 1 file

e- close vlite

f- repeat the above procedure for all the versions of Vista.

2- After adding SP1 to all the Vista(s), my iso is 3.2gb instead of 2.5gb

Is this size OK? or should it be bigger?

3- I want now to remove whatever I don't need but to all the Vista(s) (all version).

How do I proceed?

Are the below steps the correct ones to follow?

a- open vlite

b- point vLite to the folder containing Vista

c- select a Vista version

d- remove whatever I don't like

e- click 'apply' and select this version only

f- repeat the above step to all the versions

Thanks for your help.

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Hey all,

I'm having problems running Components and Tweaks on the pre-SP1'd Vista Ultimate x64 iso. (I am doing the "two step" thing referred to in previous posts.)

The iso installs fine by itself, but if I remove things in Components/Tweaks I get the following error at the start of the install process;

Windows cannot determine which language to install

Then installation terminates and the pc restarts.

Only things related to languages I've removed are a number of foreign languages under Components\Languages. The regional information under Unattended is all set to English UK/US. The original DVD iso has hotfixes installed as far as early September, but no components/tweaks.

There seems to be a lack of consensus; some posts say tweaking is possible, others not.

Any help people can provide would be appreciated.

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Let me see if I understood this correctly (and I hope someone answers while I do this) ...

1. Start vLite.

2. Point to your existing DVD (if .iso mounted on virtual DVD-player or your DVD-ROM station)

3. Files will be copied to HDD to a place of your spesification (like F:\Vista for instance)

4. Go "NEXT"

5. Choose what version you would like to work on, and select ONLY to slipstream (not even bootable dvd if you want to do all?)

5. After slipstreaming .. Go back, select next version ... slipstream that, and so forth.

6. Finalize by hitting apply and even do "bootable iso"?

OR ... I'm I supose to create a new iso for every time? and maybe even apply?

I find it fascinating how a DVD of about 2.something GB gets to almost 5 ... just by adding SP1. XP never grew more than 30-40 MB for each SP, making it from about 380 to 600 from Gold til SP3.

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The tutorial is great but I still have a couple of questions ( unfortunately my original post got no reply ) so I ask that you excuse this as its a bit of a cross post.

I am very new to this having only ever slipstreamed XP by hand and do have a couple of questions intermixed with the description of my understanding of what vLite is doing below.

My understanding of whats happening with vLite is as follows.

vLite asks for the location of the original DVD disk for Vista and a working folder to put it in, which we provide, it then copies the files from the original DVD to the folder we specified,

when done it asks us to specify the location of the service pack after which it begins extracting the service pack over the files that copied from DVD. My DVD only has Ultimate x64 on it,

it states this on the top ( OEM System Builder Pack ). Thus I presume I'll only be rebuilding the one edition as I don't have any others.

The next step appears to be integration and here is where my understanding falls down :blushing: .


When I look at the list where KB's would be there are actually KB's listed but grayed out ( i know these can be un-grayed by ticking a box )

Are these KB's the ones that vLite has detected on my current install over and above the service pack? I.E the Vista Install I am running vLite from to create the image

OR KB's that absolutely everyone needs over and above service pack 1?

OR KB's that were included within SP1? (this doesn't make much sense but i suppose its possible)

If the KB's are the default ones that everyone should have and there are obviously many patches and hot-fixes since SP1 can I grab those somehow from my existing installed vista and put them into vLite?

If so how?

Sorry for so many questions but I like to understand fully what I am doing before I do it.... less messy that way.

Apologies also for cross-posting ( i know its meant to be bad but didn't know what else to do )

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I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1. I want to slipstream SP1, but I'm not seeing the option to do so in the Vlite. It just doesn't show the slipstream option?

EDIT: sorry I was trying to install the old version, 1.1

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