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nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1


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1.4.5 beta doesn't completly integrate those hotfixes for me:


2005-12-10 21:47 5˙223˙664 KB900725.exe

2006-05-14 09:30 4˙712˙760 KB908531.exe

2006-12-02 13:10 693˙048 KB914440.exe

2006-12-02 12:24 694˙584 KB920213.exe

2007-04-29 13:08 1˙653˙560 KB925876.exe

2007-05-13 21:54 1˙273˙736 KB927891.exe

It put them into svcpack folder and adds entries to svcpack.inf - so it works - BUT 1.4.1 Final and earlier versions integrated them completly.

(and I can also integrate them manualy by using /integrate:INSTALL_FILES_PATCH switch)

The only operations done are:

Clean SP2 source (ziped archive used in many many working builds)

WMP11 0.991 + hotfixes (noWGA)


nLite with only those:

-hotfixes option (Winins3.1v2,IE7+2hotfixes,+~120 normal hotfixes)



Everything works but those ~20MB are precious if you use BTS and .NET on CD.



Also many files are left on CD uncompressed. Making I386 next 20MB bigger in 1.4.5 beta

for example:




lhmstsc.chm , exe, dll ,mui



xpnetdg.exe, xsl

Same Problem Here, my XP instalation grow 27mb, 6 new kb files in svcpack and 3 new diretories in I386 folder using this nlite 1.45 version...


Can NLITE verify and remove duplicate files? Then NLITE integrate only one version of this files into instalation and copy additional ones to destinations directories when needed.

in lastest driverpacks I found 41 duplicatated files eating 5mb of disk space and to make a better XPCD each MB is precious....

Sorry for my english...

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Tryed the new 1.4.5 beta

I had trouble integrating thise critical hotfixes






I am slipstreaming a Danish (DK) version og windows xp sp2 (from original cd)

I only slipstream hotfixes and copy my winnt.sif file to source befor making an iso

The same hotfixes work fine with 1.4.1.

I always had a problem getting the wga tool to work, but I extracted it and install it from my runonceex.cmd instead (nlite 1.4.1 and 1.5)

By the way Nlite is cool.

The time I invest in getting my xp source just right comes back 10 fold.

So thank you creator of nlite.

Best regards Michael

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lol.2.dol, what kind of error (that is important)?

boyan.sharic, antivirus is scanning all files, set it to scan executables only.


anonim1979, good catch, fixed in beta 2, out today.

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I may have missed this - but, after using nlite to tweak various user settings are those settings applied to new user accounts that are setup from within Windows after the installation of Windows...? :unsure:

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galileo, yes.

ikon2, can you explain a little better please, what do you mean telnet was not removed, which file do I look for to confirm, maybe attach your preset as well.

EGOvoruhk, thx, of course I care.

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In Telnet component description says:

"If you want to remove Telnet Client as well then add 'telnet.exe' to the 'Remove Box'."

I am trying to remember why is it like that. Hm...maybe I should add separate Telnet Client component.

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yhea, I get confused all the time, so many " last sessions" that I have no time to read all of them which one was what - manual save/load into directories outside nlite is the only way to keep it orderly and know what is what

manually deleting the presets directory every time before it loads is not convinient, on the border of needing to write a batch script to "properly" load nlite.exe (deleting the directory before it starts every time)

regardless, good version 1.4.5 beta 2 is

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