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  1. The 6800 is the last card with official (ie non-hacked) drivers. I've got an AGP BFG 6800 GT OC myself
  2. Does anyone know if 81.98 supports widescreen? I've got a 6800, so I don't need the new drivers. I'd actually prefer not to use them because of the shutdown issue
  3. EGOvoruhk

    vLite is dead?

    And just how many people do you think actually check the hash? I know I didn't My point was, open sourcing it isn't going to be the end of the world. How many open sourced applications have been rewritten for malicious means? If someone wanted to do some harm, they wouldn't be messing with something as small as vLite, they'd go with something that has a wider appeal. Similar to why virus creators go after Windows users, instead of Linux or OS X
  4. EGOvoruhk

    vLite is dead?

    This can happen with ANY program. An open source version of vLite would be no different. No matter what it is, when you install a program, you're opening up your system. If someone wanted to, they could make a "nefarious version" right now. Just create an installer that installs the current version of nLite, along with some malicious goodies Heck, an open source version would be even safer than a closed source one. Having the code means you know exactly what is going on with the program. You could add things, remove things, or just compile it as is
  5. Do you have system restore turned on? If so, I'm it's taking up quite a chunk
  6. Thanks to both of you, this seems to be exactly what I needed
  7. I'm trying to get this addon to work, because it installs .NET 1.1 SP1 at the svcpack point, but when I try to integrate it, nLite is telling me it's not an expected type of hotfix. Has anyone used this addon, and can tell me how to do it, or suggest a better add-on? I'm adding a few other things that need .NET 1.1 to be installed at the svcpack point
  8. I remember hearing something about Microsoft being sloppy when it came to their integrated MSDN versions, is there any truth to that?
  9. It looks like they might have a driver. How are you integrating or loading the driver? Also, it looks like the GA-EX38-DS4 has ICH9R, not ICH9
  10. I've got a GA-P35-DS3L that I'm trying to install XP on, only I'm having trouble installing it with AHCI enabled. Everytime I try to load drivers with the F6 method, I get the BSOD. I've tried countless drivers for the past few hours and I've finally given up, heh I've seen the thread on enabling it when you already have it installed, and in that thread I found a POST showing you how to use it as an F6 and slipstream method, but it's still giving me a BSOD Here is my edited set of drivers. Does anyone know why it's BSODing? Or can someone help me edit the newest Intel drivers? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it
  11. You can't do it. 82.69 already supported Windows 98, he just modified it to expand the card support. 175.19 doesn't support Windows 98
  12. Is there a way to do it through command prompt? Right now, I'm just using Remote Desktop, and doing a shutdown /r command there. It would be so much easier if I could do it through command prompt, that way I could set up some batch files for the PCs that I need to reboot often I've been looking into the net command, and it looks like it might be possible Thanks in advance guys
  13. Why not just run a classic search, but leave everything blank?
  14. I've got a media server, with a couple TB of data. I'm redoing some things on it, and I was thinking about upgrading the OS. I've got a few extra Vista licenses, and I was wondering if there is any reason I shouldn't move over to Vista. Mostly I use it to share media to a few PCs around the house, and some Xbox 360s, but I also use it as my downloading mule. Am I going to run into any complications? Is sharing/file transferring still an issue between different OSes? Thanks in advance guys
  15. I know what an image is, and I know I can't boot from just the Ghost image file. However, there is an option with Ghost, that will allow you to make a bootable disc with the image on it (or spanned across a few volumes). It basically throws Ghost32 on the disc, along with some bootable floppy files My problem is not having access to a floppy. There's got to be a way to get this done without a floppy
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