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  1. This won't (AFAIK) install EVERYTHING you need. Where did you get those instructions? I use too many programs because each one do something I want... HFSLIP: merge the hotfixes NLITE: remove not need componets RVMIntegrator: I only use to remove SCSI, FAT and Floppy support from first part of windows instalation, maybe HFSLIP can do that but I dont know how. DriverPack Integrator: Add mass storage drivers property (I have some issues adding than with NLITE) About the cabs you list they are used to Windows Update, WGA, Office Update and Flash Player. Always works fine in my previous installs. The only thing I change this time is hotfixes (updated until 08/abr/2013) and WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86 (Ricktendo version posted in another forum)
  2. Hi, I create a updated version of Windows XP with HFSLIP today, everything is ok and all updates are merged to instalation but something is missing. When I try to use Windows Update in firstime, Internet Explorer ask to install this component: Microsoft Windows Component Publisher Is possible to slipstream it to instalation too? LOGS.zip
  3. Uninstall your version of IE9, as i've found the version of IE9 in your language here:- x64: http://download.micr...ws7-x64-ptb.exe x86: http://download.micr...ws7-x86-ptb.exe The installer will download all updates for IE9 and install along with IE9. As for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, i do have plans to bring back the updates for 3.5 after the release of SP2! I dont know if here is the right place to ask but I will ask anyway. How to integrate it with DISM? I try put this EXE files but DISM ignore it. EDIT: Solved after expand this both files using this command: C:\IE9-Windows7-x86-ptb.exe /x:C:\IE9x86 and than use dism to integrate the expanded cabs in windows instalation.
  4. I have created a AIO Windows 7 portuguese-brazilian instalation with x86 and x64 using dism and imagex. All works fine but IE9 is in english, when I run windows update it ask to download a MUI pack to translate it. I try manually download this MUI update and try integrate using dism but doesnt work. What I can do to IE9 back to portuguese brazil? After use WUD IE9 works fine. PS.: WUD download all updates except framework 3.5 updates that is part of windows 7, I want to ask to add this updates to next release.
  5. I have added several hotfixes to my Seven custom instalation with DISM, now I want to know how to clean-up space from image by removing hotfix uninstall information from offline image. It is possible?
  6. I try those but doesn't work property in Seven SP1...
  7. PlayReady only work in SP1 if you unnistall current installed and download it again from MS. I want direct link to download it and slipstream to ISO image. Can anyone give a link? Thanks for help.
  8. I don't know why but simply doesn't work here. I try in both x86 an x64 and doesn't work. Already try integrate with RT7Lite, Se7en_UA and direct with DISM and never work. Anyone alredy try to do that in another language or only in english? My version is PT-BR.
  9. I also try use winows cleanup but doesn'r work too. I see other people using it fine and don't work to me. Maybe the problem is localized version (mine is PT-BR) I will try inject SP1 in english version of windows setup and try disk cleanup and dism command.
  10. What is the command to do a disk cleanup? I try the command to do Disk Cleanup and desn't work. COMMAND: DISM /Image:"MOUNT_DIR_PATH" /cleanup-Image /spsuperseded ERROR: Service Pack Cleanup can't proceed: No service pack backup files were found The operation completed successfully. Also try use DISM, Se7en_UA and RT7LITE to inject SP1 and cleanup doesn't work. I also try to remove backup after instaled Seven with SP1 and the program doesn't remove the files. I use a MSDN clean version of Windows 7 PT-BR x86 (and have same error in x64 version) Any suggestions to remove backups?
  11. Which utility are you using, let me try it too to see the results. The utility is dism and the switches are /cleanup-image /spsuperseded with /online or /image:<path> You can also use the disk cleanup utility built into win7 to delete the files, he could be talking about that too Doesn't work Rick. I try offline image command and show me this error: The spsuperseded option is not recognized in this context. I also try remove from a online image but another error occurs. The I try to use Disk Cleanup to remove backup files but also doesn't work. Program says that files are removed but files still there. I also can't slipstream SP1 x64 version with my MSDN ISO. x86 works fine but DISM show me a error when I try make a x64 version. EDIT: found a error here, LOW DISK SPACE. When I erase some files integration works OK. Any new RT7Lite will come to try correct this problems? Some suggestion to program developer: -Add a option to make changes in WIM all versions, this can be very usefull to people that have AiO versions of Windows. Example1: I have a WIM with 7 windows versions and want to add SP1 to all versions. Example2: Want to remove features and add drivers from all x86 versions in a AiO WIM. - Add a checkbox in serial tab to set windows in wim file instead of autounnatended. This will be usefull for AiO installs. - In RT7Lite Security Tab will be great if have a way to turn off\disable (just disable, don't remove) Windows Backup, Security Center, CEIP and Action Center. - Create a USB bootable device with Seven instalation. This is my suggestions. Thank for the program
  12. I try again without the above code, also try restore services with black viper Default System setting and try your attached regtweak. Doesn't work. The source of Seven instalatiion I use is one already edited previuosly, maybe this is the cause.
  13. I have a similar problem. I make a AiO Instalation with 7 versions of windows Seven. All works fine with my custom Autounattend.xml file except NetBook Edition version. During install appears a error. this error occours because I disable System Restore in Autounnatended file and I have removed System Restore from Netbook Edition. The when windows setup tries to disable this feature appears a error. Can I disable System Restore (and other itens) with DISM? I want simple disable, don't remove that feature because in some scenarios they can be usefull. Other itens I want to disable with DISM (disable, don't remove): WinDefend (Windows Defender) WSCSVC (Action\Security Center) SDRSVC (Windows Backup), Is it can be done with DISM can anyone post a script or REG tweak to disable that things? Other question, how can I enable automatic driver and icons download during instalations? This can be done with dism or I need to create a script or regtweak or maybe in Autounattend.xml file? Thanks for help
  14. I make a new windows version and problem persist... Lastsession9xdark3.7.inf
  15. I have instaled lastest version of RT7 Lite and woks fine after instalation of custom Windows 7 x64. The only problem is Library folders. I see the folders but they doesn't work, nothing happens when I click on it. I try install in Virtual Box and my real machine. Same error. What I'm doing wrong? Lastsession-bak.inf

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