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  1. Ask Nuhi.Nlite is his project
  2. answer is no.because g-force is boss here hahaha
  3. And who are you? Nuhi's speaker?
  4. No new version of nlite?Last version is relative old.
  5. nlite 1.4.8 doesn't integrate KB951618
  6. ikon2

    MSXML 2.0?

    I have one question.Can I remove MSXML 2.0 in winXP without any problem?Thanks
  7. scorpi.dragon look at http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/windo...ice-pack-3.html
  8. I think if I had removed ''SERVER TELNET'' in ''COMPONENTS'' that will be removed telnet.exe but telnet.exe is always there.Sorry for my english
  9. Hi, If I had removed telnet in component removal setup that telnet stay in I386.I tried version 1.4.1 but in version 1.4.5 is the same problem.Thanks

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