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Do You Play Guitar?


Do You Play Guitar?  

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  1. 1. Do you play Guitar?

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Well Ive been playing guitar for a few months, I play Electric, I have a Fender Fat Strat HSS (Single Coil, Single Coil, Humbucker) thats why they call it a fat strat cause of the nice sound. I know how to play to play like 6 songs :) I think I was meant to play guitar, I use to play a little like 7 years ago, but I never touched one since then, I also want to have 2 more guitars maybe one this year and one next, not sure.

But I was wondering is there anyone on the forums that play guitar?

Please post like how long you've been playing and what style you play and just for fun what kind of guitar(s) you have. I'm just wondering if anymore geeks around here play guitar too.


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OK, so maybe not quite a Guitar God, but I have been playing for more years than I care to remember. Had lessons from two excellent guitar teachers, played with multiple bands. I own a Gibson Les Paul and Tanglewood roundback acoustic. I keep meaning to buy a 12-string. :whistle:

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When I started playing guitar I knew that this is what I wanted to have for like a hobby or you know, it just felt right.

I always wanted to buy a SG or LP they do feel good :) but I also do like my fender and the Alder body looks. But I do want to own a SG and LP too :P maybe over the years I can buy one of each.

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I'm about ready to give up playing the guitar, I don't think I am doing it right, since I can't really afford to have a guitar teacher. Blah, Just been having a hard time playing it.

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hogwash, it should be an outlet for your creativity which would not have a correct or incorrect. I probably wouldnt listen to the songs i wrote, but those i wrote them for enjoy them. Ghey as that is look up overhand style or the dude with no arms playing with his feet (open tuning at its finest), there are plenty of original ways and means to get pretty sounds out of a 6 string box.

Its a little selfish to not let me hear your music because you didnt write it :whistle:

edit: I suppose you can go listen to my schysse acoustic one-offs as well to gather inspiration from others mediocrity.


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Uh, Nerwin, it takes time, patience, and a mess of chord books of your favorite bands to learn guitar. Don't give up and play till your fingertips hurt (I did...). It'll come to you naturally later.

Go here -


to listen to me pickin' on a bass. :P

Heck, I lost the tip of my index finger and still have occasion to pick a little (3-finger of course...).

Trust me, when you get in a "mood", the guitar takes you to another realm, kinda like programming does for many. Besides, it'd be a shame to let a good git-fiddle go to waste! ;)

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I chose no, but I used to. I did learn some classical guitar and also used to play an electric bass. Those were in the "days of long ago" and I don't think I remember anything about playing it. Let me say that while I was able to play the guitar ok (I'm more of a keyboard person really) I can't play guitar hero for the life of me. I can't seem to get both of my hands to do what the game says for me to do. Like I am out of sync. The motions in that game feel very foreign because I am thinking like I am playing a guitar and it doesn't work lol.

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Started at the age of 12 in 1978 playing an old acoustic-guitar i found in the cellar - my father bought it in 1957.

Just 4 strings were left, and a band called "The Police" started their career. After watching them on TV

the first time I knew this what I want to do: Playing Bassguitar - maybe for the rest of my life.

I`m playing my Fender Precision (build in USA, `76) for about 15 years, and I will never change.

I also play Electric & Acoustic Guitar about 25 years, but Bass will always be my favourite.

You may visit my band "BlueTales" on MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/bluetales

With best regards from Germany, g-force (Gunnar)

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I'm about ready to give up playing the guitar, I don't think I am doing it right...

Nerwin, it has been a little over a year since you posed this question - I hope you stuck with it.

I have been playing since I was 15 or so, many moons ago, and it is a truly rewarding hobby to have, I would argue better

than sitting in front of a monitor. I will also say that a poorly setup guitar can stifle any creativity (get your guitar setup properly

for your hands - action, string size etc). Learn to tune it up and always tune before you play, and wipe your guitar down after

every session ( 5 minutes or 5 hours - keep your guitar clean ). Did I mention keep the strings new, I would change mine about

every 5 days when I was playing alot, now about every 3 weeks - old strings just plain suck to play on.

Learn to properly "warm up" before you get crazy trying to play like your favorite guitar hero, using chords and scales is a great

way to warm up (and learn them at the same time).

Like a few in here have mentioned, a good guitar teacher is great to have, but a bad one is worse. If you can't find a teacher,

get a DVD with a few sections on "technique" - good "technique" (hand placement on fretboard) isn't a must, you know, the way

trained classical guys play, but bad technique can lead to pain in the hands and wrists, this is a bad thing.

Finally, start learning a few easy songs you like to play, (songs are generally segmented - learn each segment one at a time, and

then put the pieces together - what I call playing thru without stopping).

...And Have Fun :thumbup


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I love to use an old acoustic, when I sit before the PC and sing love songs to Win 98Se!!

Seriously though, I like finding electric guitars at pawn shops, and I also Like the old Crate amps that were made in the USA. That's right, I like Crate amps!

I engage in Heavy Metal! I am always experimenting in trying to get the ultimate metal tone!

Doom metal, yes---absolutely!

Do not knock the Grunge pedal till you've tried it---are my words of advice.

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