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  1. I was a dedicated 9x user well past the date when it became a chore to use it; had XP even then, liked it--but ignored that PC for the 9x ones. XP so far, is what I've been using these days, and using it really poses no problems. The question I've pondered lately is, after acquiring a used Vista PC (which is certainly not slow, and looks great) ---does Vista offer any real advantage over XP in 2019, considering that both have been abandoned so to say by MS.
  2. It is a laptop using an external keyboard. And, the key I described is on the laptop, not the external keyboard. If I could de-activate the onboard keyboard, that might reveal something? The next time I go online using that laptop which is not what I am using now, I will hit the bracket key on the external keyboard and see if it resolves the problem.
  3. Well, the problem is somewhat fixed. I've discovered, that all I have to do, is press the bracket stub (the keypad is missing) next to the P key, and the problem goes away until I start the computer again. Odd.
  4. You were right jumper! Not having any other mice to do what you said, I spun the scroll wheel to where it positioned web pages at the top whilst the mouse was hooked up to xp---then taped it with electric tape in that position! I cannot understand how it works on XP and 7 the way it should, but not on Vista! Everything works now--but I assume I will need a new mouse for the Vista PC.
  5. Upon a recent reinstall of Vista on a Toshiba Satellite lap top, with all updates other than Sp1 or Sp2---as well as having installed Norton 360 4.0 and then removed it possibly causing the following problems: No matter what desktop icon I click on to open up a program, the lowest icon or last icon will be highlighted and that software opens up instead. For instance, if Windows update icon, or any other---is the last in a row, or the lowest at the bottom of the desktop---no matter what icon I click on before or above the Windows update icon---will open up instead. Changing the position of the icons, as well as align to grid etc---does nothing. If I open the start menu, once I click on any program to open it--highlights the last program listed and opens that instead. Now for the other asinine occurrence: Upon opening a web page---no matter what it is---the scroll bar will snap to the bottom so that it is impossible to see what is at the top of the web page. Trying to drag the scroll bar up will not work, nor will repeatedly pressing the arrows. The scroll wheel on the mouse does no thing either. Nothing wrong with the mouse, which works perfectly in XP and 7. Any thoughts and advice on how to solve this madness will be greatly appreciated.
  6. This is going to seem crazy Luxman, but I just started using 7 just the past three months, and that infrequently so far. I have no knowledge yet of the major differences between the two! Ridiculous I know. My only guess, is that I was so shocked at witnessing the crystal clean and perfect display, go all gamma faded, almost impossible to see--panicked me! Never even thought to think about removing the updates. Usually, I am quite calm, collected, and methodical: not that time though.
  7. I could not find where to ask this, concerning the WannaCry patch for Win 7. I noticed that the patch or patches are in one of the up-date roll ups, either March, or May I think---but the one of those Kbs contained some kind of graphic enhancements of sorts; the last time I updated my Lenovo all in ones with all the MS up-dates (about three months back)--the screen changed to practically all gamma! Going into the graphic options, I had to set things to a very dark look, just to read anything: no thing worked. I read, that this was a common problem when that new graphic driver was installed. I restored the computer to factory condition, and do not want to go through all that again. The roll-up seems to be in the 30 or so mb range--can one remove the offending updated driver?
  8. That does not seem very encouraging heinoganda! ---by additional security gap, I take that to mean that the possibility I posited is indeed possible? I hope I've misconstrued the meaning of the info you offered!
  9. Though I know next to nothing about coding, sdfox7--The first thing I would do is to extract other kb patches, notice similiarities, and then look for something in the most recent patch to see if it was seemingly out of place, or placed there for no reasonable reason. I would look for an odd order of configuration, construct, etc.
  10. Hi Dibya! Any agency that has the legal authority, clout, to do so--for good or evil purposes. Could such a two sided patch be coded such as to be UN-discoverable even by coding experts? My knowledge of coding is nil.
  11. I feel we have let the tin-foil hat people out of this, so I am going to ask the following: Though highly improbable, what are the chances that the XP patch cannot only patch the wanna cry worm/virus vulnerability, but also create a hidden window in XP making it more accessible for Official Snoops that find XP harder to access than Win 7, 8, and 10? Has the code of the patch (can it be?) been studied by any experts knowledgeable enough and daring enough to divulge such info, if such is discoverable? Someone had to bring this up, if I've not missed it!
  12. Thanks nostalgic98! and everyone else. Yes, I am well aware of the bloat-ware from previous internet company CDs. We shall see how it goes.
  13. sdfox7 said " That system will work fine with U Verse " sdfox7, do you mean Win 9x. or is this in reference to something else? If so, what if things have changed since you had Uverse?
  14. Thank you for all that info cov3rt! I've downloaded the Mcafee version of wsc gaurd 4.0 . From what I understand, Win 98Se and Win Me, should not be too much of a problem? Seems that 95 and standard 98--from your experiences--can be toilsome as well troublesome. So long as I can get on easily with XP. 98se, and Me--I can wait to work on giving 95 a go. I am wondering if it is easier to use all of them with Cox cable? I do have an old Motorola Modem (I think it has just recently been replaced from what I hear)--and the CD that has the Win 9x drivers (not sure about 95)--that might still get me on the internet if I get go cable. Lot of research to do ere time runs out!
  15. I've received a letter from at&t telling me only 45 days are left for me to get Uverse, due to the transition from the regular DSL I've used for years; that my internet services will be interrupted completely if I do not upgrade. I called the tech chap over there (a pleasant fellow) and asked him several questions regarding getting online with Win 98versions, as well as Win 95. He said, that as long as the operating system had a TCP/IP stack and protocol--etc, that it would be no problem. When I asked him if the Uverse modem had to have drivers installed for "any" PC to recognize the modem, he said no, that it was a router--and one can just get online. It has always been my assumption that a modem needs drivers for the PC to recognize it. My current DSL modem certainly did. So far as routers go, I've no idea, having never fooled with one. Is anyone here using a 9x system with Uverse? And if so was it a chore to get it to work? Any and all info concerning this matter would be greatly appreciated. They also told me that dial up is no longer offered in my area, and that they were going to phase it out completely!
  16. Not quite sure about any software off hand, but the law of Probabilities would seem to deem it so. I do know, that an old Sound Blaster 24 Bit---states (and does) work on Win Me, but not 98 versions. I am certain that though it does not work out of the box for 9x versions below Me---the drivers could be modified to do so. I've never had any problems with Me yet (with or without IE). It has always been very stable for me and rather crash resistant. I do find though (and oddly) that the HD seems to become fragmented more often than others---needing frequent defragging.
  17. If it's someone's pet, that got away---you would have to find the owner, and ask him or her what they named it. Seriously thugh---can you take a pic of it, and upload it here? I bet someone members would know.
  18. Thanks for that info jaclaz--! If I ever have to reinstall 2K (for me it's so stable it is scary) --I will give that method a try.
  19. Hellow Andrew! I feel for you--coming across the same things you mention when using my own Win 95 ancient Dell. I have an old Win 2000 PC that I've removed Internet Explorer from using that IEradicator program, most use to yank it out of 9x machines. I think the IEradicator program only works if only service pack 1 or just up to SP2 has been installed.; someone would have to check out what the read-me says, And as would be expected, 2K is appreciable faster once IE has been removed!
  20. Forgive me if this question betrays an ignorance of how things work, but I've always entertained the following : That the Best Firewall System---closes all ports all the time. That it only opens a port to the other PC you intend to communicate with, and only for so long as you have business with said other PC. That you are fully "STEALTHED" to all others---Except for the one computer/server---you have business with: that when you are through---the port that you used---is closed once more. Is my understanding of these matters in error?
  21. Since I am a big fan of Ducks ( especially Baby Huey )....I've used this browser before! I did find it somewhat lacking---and hope the new version is perfected.
  22. On this XP I am using now, I am running SP2 and all updates before what would commence the actual installation of SP3. On my first XP PC bought when XP first came out, the 7 Compaq restore disks install the first public release of XP "without" Any service packs whatsoever. Not even SP1--!!!! And that is how it is running now. I have not installed any! It is running using an external firewall, along with a free software firewall. In the early days of it's use (back in the early 2000 era) I was plagued with every kind of Pop up, virus, and spyware you can imagine. But Back in those days, I did not even know software or hardware firewalls existed. Upon installing and using-- those "discoveries" the machine runs quick and clean. I have another Compaq that has been fully updated to SP3 only, with no updates thereafter. The machine without any service packs runs smooth as silk! The one with Sp2, and the one with SP3--- run about as smooth as quality Rayon. I never get any virus or spyware upon any of them, other than "double.click" ever so infrequently; as detected by the old version of Spybot Search and Destroy---which is kept on the machines for "nostalgia" sake along with Ad-AwareSE. When I use my first XP PC without any service packs, I actually feel a sense of Being More Secure than when I use the others! It is hard to describe the feeling---but I liken it unto an overall ambience of--Purity--free from contaminating elements. The use of that Service Pack free PC has proven to me, that An Individual can indeed do what the majority of others think cannot be done successfully: if said Individual Knows, exactly what He/ She is doing.
  23. I am going to continue using All Win 9x systems for as long as I possibly can! Whilst I do derive great satisfaction from Win XP (which I will also continue to use)----the 9x systems have a special appeal for me. I have also created a dedicated Internet Explore 6 machine! I once avoided it like the plague (even removing it) .... until the "IE6 must die" campaign was instigated. The vehement approach of others to "force" their agenda upon everyone else---rubbed me the wrong way. My dedicated IE6 PC was the result of their strident efforts to kill IE6. As I have mentioned before---Man has the right to use the OS he Wills to use. Such a statement is made easily, since it is so congruent with my overall mode of self expression. I think it would behoove you to bring forth a 9x machine of your own----so that you can share in the joy and exuberance that I and others on this forum feel when we initialize that glorious Start button! What you might now consider folly, could well Initiate an overall beneficial, and rather pleasant experience for you.
  24. The solution to dealing with such possibly bad scenarios, can be garnered from that great iconic game we all know so well. Yes, the precursor to the eventual relief from these worries has long ago been fore-heralded by way of past (sometimes present) ....fun.

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