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  1. Sorry about the bump, but any information about the command line at least? Can it even be done?
  2. Hi, I know you can make snapshots of the video playing by doing the old Print screen + paste on Paint method... My question is, has any shortkeyed automated snapshot method been added yet? [EDIT: Something such as pressing Control P on Bsplayer] I've been searching on the forums and found nothing, and the only thing mentioned on random Google searches was Control I, which didn't work for me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! EDIT 2: I didn't want to spam the board starting another topic, and I'm not sure whether this should be here... I'd like to know if there is a command (to be used in a batch file) that forcefully prompts the user asking for permission to run as administrator (As if the user right clicked and chose "Run as Administrator". The main reason is automating .bat files that rename specific subfolders of applications within %programfiles% - If the user double clicks the .bat, nothing happens. It only works if run as administrator. Unfortunately, for some people it doesn't matter how much do you stress out that you have to use "run as administrator" for it to work properly, so I was wondering if there'd be a way to force the UAC prompt to come up before any other commands are executed.
  3. I'll join the crowd. Very useful, thanks for sharing the tool.
  4. I tried installing a clean source right away, then downloaded the manufacturer's drivers and installed them once XP had finished installing. No slipstreaming or any modifications done at all. The laptop's built-in wifi was unable to detect any wireless networks, so I decided to plug in a Conceptronic Wireless USB stick, and it was working just fine... About running nLite multiple times - 1.- First time, to tweak around, then close it. 2.- Run driverpacks base and slipstream them onto the nLited source. 3.- Second time running nLite, just to build the ISO, nothing else.
  5. Wireless doesn't work. I attached Last Session.ini I have also slipstreamed all the driver packs from driverpacks before building/burning. EDIT: The built-in wireless is malfunctioning. This is a hardware issue, and is completely unrelated to the OS/drivers. Last_Session.ini
  6. Sorry for bumping an old topic. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere about what XP SP3 components should not be removed so as to prevent this from happening? EDIT: Thanks to this post, I have narrowed it down to the following items that may cause the problem. [Components] ;# Network # Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program FrontPage Extensions Internet Connection Wizard Internet Information Services (IIS) MSN Explorer Netmeeting Share Creation Wizard Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Services # IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Indexing Service Messenger Simple TCP/IP Services System Restore Service I just prepared another image removing everything except: ;# Network # Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program ;# Services # Simple TCP/IP Services I don't have enough time to test it out, though. I'll provide some input next Monday.
  7. Although I haven't noticed any differences in removing useless old keys from the registry, I have found out that using both PageDefrag and Contig does make a difference. EDIT: Broken grammar.
  8. To import registry files silently, use the command "regedit /S filename". Anyway, for these kind of things, I prefer an application called "Advanced Installer". It's freeware for simple projects.
  9. I guess the bigger the hype, the bigger the let down. I'll wait for the SP1 RTM release of it and then decide.
  10. Excuse me if this sounds dumb, but wouldn't that "cmdow @ /hid" just hide the whole commands window altogether? I am not too sure what you mean. If you want to display text in your commands window, use "echo text", and/or "cls" to clear the screen.
  11. One that has as few hotfixes slipstreamed as possible (RTM, or just plain SP1/SP2/SP3 are usually fine) and preferably no tweaks applied at all.
  12. Have you tried using a completely clean source? These kind of things often happen when using unclean sources.
  13. I think a source with just WMP11 integrated, without any hotfixes or other tweaks, should work just fine. Honestly, I don't know what's the exact cause(whether a specific hotfix or a specific tweak that "messes up") of that issue. Anyway, worst case scenario, a RTM disc will most certainly work without any issues. Good luck!
  14. The only times I've had my resolution setting ignored was when I was using an unclean source. Are you using a completely clean one?
  15. Selena

    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    Little bug?: Whether I set the "Use a background image for each folder type" Tweak to Disable or Enable, it's regardless Enabled on Windows. EDIT: The remove search people from Search doesn't seem to remove it (the internet one works fine though) and the underline keys tweak remains disabled in Windows.
  16. Those are the files that XP used, they're exactly the same ones, but expanded and renamed already... just make the changes working with those files, compress them using "makecab filename" (opposite of expand) and replace the originals in the \i386 folder of the source. EDIT: During the first oobe run, it uses the files mslogo.jpg (top logo), newbtmX.jpg (bottom background), newmarkX.jpg (center background), newtopX.jpg (top background, mslogo.jpg is overlayed). I do not know for sure whether it uses the "1" set (newbtm1.jpg, newmark1.jpg, newtop1.jpg) or the "8" set. While you are at it, the Windows Product Activation (oobe.exe /a) backgrounds can also be modified there, the file names being wpaback.jpg, wpabtm.jpg, wpaflag.jpg, wpakey.jpg, wpatop.jpg It seems the setup text can be modified by editting \i386\usetup.exe with a resources editor.
  17. Hi, I suggest taking a look at the files in your %SystemRoot%\System32\oobe\images folder, regarding the first two screenshots - keep in mind that it forms the background image by displaying multiple images, it isn't just one... EDIT: Typo.

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