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HOWTO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD (EoL Feb 2016)


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I also just noticed you have skipped using x86 version of Visual c++. Can i ask why?

I am going to try the same, only with the 2008 version instead.

Simply because one of the Application AddOns (K-Lite codec x64) requires the x64 version, pretty petty really.

Note that C++ 2008 is NOT cumulative with C++ 2005.

Why bot .Net 2.0+sp1 pack and also .net 3.5?

Why not just 3.5? (edit: i see in the reference assemblies folder, there are only 3.0 and 3.5 folders, no 2.0-hm...)

i reckon you keep both entries there, but at least you should REM one of them.

Huh? The instructions state either .Net 3.5 or .Net 2.0, one will be installed, the missing one will generate a "File not found" error. If for some insane reason one puts both installers there then the effect will be the same as if just the .Net 3.5 installer was included.

I tried installing .dot net 3.5 and the 120 seconds timer was not enough for the program to finish it's optimizations, ie go idle, it kept at 50% cpu usage, till 120 seconds ran out.

I'm thinking it might need a good 3 minutes and 30 seconds or so. I'm going to test 2.0 now, and clock down how long the install takes, real install as always.

Stopped using Vm a while back now.

.Net 3.5 should be fully installed before the 2 minute countdown even starts. I got the 2 minutes by timing my VM install, initially I had it set for 5 minutes and I watched how long it took for the USB-HDD I have my VM on to settle down. A real system should be at least as fast as my VM (ML-34 Turion, 1GB Real RAM, 384MB Virtual RAM & Virtual 16GB HDD on a USB-HDD).

Now back to playing with my new Meccano set.

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Okay thanks for answearing!

1: Question : Ok so i have to install both 2005 and 2008 of x64? Can do. Fact that i dont need to have x86 versions is great.

I have done a few installs now with only 2008 x64, and for SOME reason it unpacks file to root of one of my partitions.

Im running it with /Q parameter only. This didnt happen when i installed all 4 versions. Weird, but i guess it must be something else that is messed up. Doesnt seem logical.

edit: update: I have done a few more tests, and even when trying to make 2008x64 silent by making it install through winrar SFX and telling it to extract to temporary folder, it still extracts to largest free space partition.

Total mess. 2005x64 works great. I have a fix for that msdia80.dll btw, v9 beta is with 2008x64. Which says it all for me atm. Im hoping it will get updated, i dont know what has triggered these actions, but i guess i can live without 2008 version.

However, i have removed much with nlite, and i am using a somewhat modified version of your approach.

I dont include the Run2 batch file system, simply just 1 file. Have left shutdown off, so i manually restart for the time being.

On your hardware. Memory that you selected are overpriced here, Mushkin has cheaper 1000mhz ddr2, that i know of.

Also Samsung F1 1TB performance/price is very nice. Even beats ES drives. Also, they are silent.

If you're not gaming at all, i would choose a passively cooled graphics card, or better, a decent mobo with good internal graphics. F.ex upcoming amd am2 780/790-GX.

Better performance then fast 6600GT OC/7300GT (I have a 7300GT and its more then enough for any day 2 day task+ its dead silent). Around 2500 3dmark06 performance, roughly 4k 3dmark05.

Having said that, benchmarks mean squat to real world gaming performance (cpu to pci latency is the secret king), but i dont want to go more off topic then i already have, sorry.

I have been building computers since i was 5, if i knew more about the purpose i would be happy to point of a few things, if you're interested.

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Added details on 5eraph's update pack.


The Visual C++ 2008 runtimes seem to be a bit of a "dog's breakfast" as detailed here.

[OT Alert] On the hardware front, that memory is relatively well priced here, besides as I picked up the hardware on the way home from work on Wednesday advice will have to wait for next time.

Building computers since you were 5? These young whipper-snappers, I remember when real computers had 16K RAM (TRS-80) and for a memory expansion you inserted individual ICs into the motherboard (I upgraded to 48K :thumbup). $650 was a lot of pocket money back in the early 80s. Still you were able to build your own hardware expansions, I added a joystick (wired directly into the keyboard matrix).

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I actually have made a batch file that tries to move the msdia80.dll from all partitions to its C:\PF\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VC folder. (vb2005)

I'm a bit confused atm. Can't think in this summer heat. Thank you for the link, i might try this on next install!

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Are you considering direct integration of WMP11 on the next update? I have tried it and it seems to work fine. I just placed the WMP11 file followed by the four updates ahead of the other hot fixes. nLite (1.4.8) calls WMP11 Slipstreamer (copy on my machine) and processes the WMP11 file but not the hot fixes.

Do you think we need to include the latest MSI for integration?

Thanks, John.

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Are you considering direct integration of WMP11 on the next update? I have tried it and it seems to work fine. I just placed the WMP11 file followed by the four updates ahead of the other hot fixes. nLite (1.4.8) calls WMP11 Slipstreamer (copy on my machine) and processes the WMP11 file but not the hot fixes.

Do you think we need to include the latest MSI for integration?

Thanks, John.

Well, no, not really. If one uses the WMP11 slipstreamer separately it also integrates the hotfixes and more importantly one can choose Boooggy's tweaked version.

Latest MSI is supported, but not critical by any means.

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I would like to see a update list or pack with all normal priority updates, as well as the misc updates found on 5eraph's list.

I'm permanently switching to installing all of those hotfixes as well. Keeping system as close to an eventual SP3 level. Which is more or less my goal, tho yours may be different.

Just speaking my dream out loud =)

While on subject of WMP, i am going to totally remove it on my next install, which i've normally done, however, im struggling to find a good alternative that will simply stream files from websites, such as wmp streams.

I'm using portable software mostly, so once system is installed, every game and application i have, is already READY for use, so portable would be nice.

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How does the 64-bit xp performance compare to 32-bit xp?

Well, the reviews I've seen (mainly on Planet AMD64) show no significant difference performance wise.

Some benchmarks are slightly faster on x64 XP, marginally more are slightly slower, but in most cases the difference is less than 5% either way.

I beg to differ. x64 blows the crap out of x86. In particular XP x64 is a winner (even compared to Longhorn and Vista): http://www.imagebam.com/image/9786675364575

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Savegames and what not:

I'm just so in love with winrar and its SFX option now. You know how games store your savegames under documents and settings and either under application data directly or under username\local settings\application data. Well i figured out that i could archive my savegames and with %userprofile% i think it was, extract them to the correct paths.

Very nice if you (reader) like me like to not need to RE-install every game or program just because you want to reinstall xp (x64 in this case).

Like this

;The comment below contains SFX script commands

Path=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\




Hide all, silent all, overwrite anything, basically tell it to shut up and extract files regardless(tho no files should be present there anyway)

So all i have to do, is to call the archive exe at after login now i guess, to have it extract to correct username directory.

I havent tested on real install yet, but i sure am going to.

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Kurt, or any other :

I have removed IE from my installs, yet i'm still running with the java jre x86 with internet explorer =1 argument, it works and all, but what does this actually do?

Copies java files for use with ie only or is it like system wide. I'm going to try and found out more about it. Im thinking of installing with same parameters as x64.

I dont use your firefox install either, i use portable firefox.


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According to Sun's site it installs Java plugins for Internet Explorer, so if you've removed Internet Explorer it will obviously have no effect.

As to browser choice, whatever floats your boat, I still use SeaMonkey. I don't want to add more than 2 of each type of application due to the time taken to test that they work correctly.

For example I include Adobe reader as it's the default, not that I use it (it has its own custom print driver that crashes my laser printer). Instead I use the lightweight (and open source) SumatraPDF.

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Have you removed all IEs or just not installed IE7? Without IE at all you may not have access to Windows Update and OE is part of IE. When I used to use Firefox, I watched the forum and some posted about trying to remove IE and got into all kinds of trouble. The general recommendation was "DON'T REMOVE IE!"

BTW, I looked into your post about the updates including one for the kernel. The ones I looked at all said not to use them unless you had the symptom(s) they targeted. Why would one want to include any of these updates?

Thanks, enjoy, John.

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Kurt: I was just curious, as i always am on most things. I am going to remove that argument then, as well as for firefox. Seeing as i dont install any of them.

On subject of Java, JavaRa is a nice tool to keep java up2date, not that i will ever need it reinstalling all the time.

Also java directory contains 10-11 license files, im sure at least 10 of these can be safely deleted.


In the end, whenever SP3 for x64 xp might come out, they will most likely include such an important update containing the kernel. But thats my train of thought, and i am a bit crazy.

I remove windows update as well on my gamer station. However, there is no problem using another browser instead of IE on x64 and STILL have full use of windows update(if u dont remove WU, but u can remove IE).

I tried Greenbrowser some months ago, or many weeks, anyway. That worked perfect for the task, and was very light weight- no nonsense. I like that, so deleted maxthon as IE replacer.

So yeah, it is quite safe to remove ie6 from xp x64 sp2 and use GB as mentioned instead of IE and then use GB for WU activity.

Even better, Greenbrowser can be used as a "portable" browser, now please excuse me i dont remember if it was true portable or not, but i know i have it on my M:\ drive and i dont need to install anything else to use

it even right after installing xp x64, its ready 2 go, just like portable firefox. AND it will access WU.

I tried every combination with integrating IE7, and trying to have nlite remove it. It was no way in hell. However, situation has been confirmed by several parties including nuhi now.

And i who since at least 2006 always thought it was nlite who was not capable of doing it, and then it was supposed to have been all this time.

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Kurt, i see you have had some experience with svcpack method with 64bit xp yes?

In any case this old bird is tired of reinstalling and reupdating iso's. And with what i have now delved into, its more or less the only way suitable for me.

Meaning a install of hotfixes at install time would be better, and eventual batch scripts to update/remove outdated files.

I looked up microsoft's website and unattended here at msfn, and now looking through some links, but not had any concrete examples as of yet.

Any input = most welcome as always.


I found this on my iso (svcpack.in_) under amd64 folder. Which i found a bit weird, since it says i386 in that file...


Signature="$Windows NT$"





One thing curious about is the Buildnumber, seeing as i will update many things including kernel. Does it matter much if that number is different much?

I assume it has some kind of purpose.

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