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HOWTO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD (EoL Feb 2016)


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Ok thanks for clearing things up! I have sucessfully installed xp pro x64 sp2 all fixes all ie7 all wmp11, with dotnet3.5 at a 3GB virtual c disk with no problems. However, you MUST have Print spooler set to automatic! It will fail if not or crash or whatever, here it simply stopped half way with some obcsure error msg. I googled it and sure enough, Print spooler must be active.

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I installed the same DVD on the same VM and had no problems.

I do have a candidate for the crash. I began having DCOM errors show up in my System log after I installed VMware Server on my host. I have attached a screen shot. When I applied the fix, the DCOM errors stopped. On at least one occasion, my host rebooted while I was watching and a DCOM error (actually an identical pair) showed in my System log. I am now seeing the paired DCOM errors in the log on my guest VMs. I think the errors are in response to something VMware Server is doing. MS has a fix here: KB899965 (not an update).

You might look at your System logs on both your host(s) and guest(s) and see if you are having the same errors.

Thanks for your response.


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I've taken a look at the event logs.

On the host there are some DCOM errors, but the times don't match to when I was installing XP x64 in VMware server (and they didn't cause a reboot either).

On the guest there are exactly the same paired errors (same ID numbers), but as far as I can tell they resulted in no actual problems (certainly no reboots). Checking the ID string in the registry returns "HWDeviceCustomProperties", not particularly useful.

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I found the DCOM errors in my host log even when I was not doing much if anything with VMware. The errors began after I installed VMware. Most of the errors do not seem to cause a problem, but I have seen several reboots (2 or 3) and one when I was watching that was well correlated to the DCOM error in the host log. I seem to remember that I was was editing a file but VMware was running.

You are right, the 'HWDeviceCustomProperties' is not very helpful. I just Googled it and found a lot of people had problems with it including 'DCOM is crashing my system'. You have to use the GUID ({B1B9CBB2-B198-47E2-8260-9FD629A2B2EC} on both my host and guest) to access the DCOM Config page in Components Services. Mine is near the bottom with other items without a so called 'friendly name'.

I have seen no more DCOM errors in my host log since I applied the fix.



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Hey Kurt.

On the booogy website there's a link to all wmp hotfixes, about 10-12 that works fine to integrate. How come you only link to 4 of them?

Or is it that the rest is just bloat? I dont know really.

Partly it's a difference in objectives, the purpose of my guide is to have an install media that's fully up to date as far as Windows Update is concerned. That is, the main focus will always be on security related bugs and just for that there's well over half a GB of downloads already. OK, so I add some popular runtimes, but they're marked as optional.

Also most of the hotfixes listed by Boooggy are for fairly exotic circumstances, it's probably safe to say that the vast majority of users will never encounter the situations described (if it was a common occurrence then they would be pushed out by Windows Update).

Another reason is that there is no page at the Microsoft download center for many of the listed hotfixes (which goes against the open and standardized as possible philosophy of this guide).

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This is probably not the place to post this, but I would be interested in making a graphical update pack to xp x64, but i've constantly checked on xpize and there's no x64bit support because they dont have the required software sources or something like that to make it happen.

It would be neat if i could make custom icons and all for it and was hoping possibly there could be some tools to assist in this task?

edit: I did a test in vmware earlier today, and when having installed a *very* lite, tho still usuable x64 with only updates being ie7 as far as hotfixes are concerned, i was able to leave out a few hotfixes, this i tested, among them was 180-IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB938127-x64-ENU.exe,

However, i had removed lots from image. I just thought it would be neat if a small comment could be made that, especially true for example outlook express, that if you remove such stuff you may not need the hotfix. Saved me another 17mb compressed on iso =)

Also i was searching for nlite addon maker tool, because i wanted to make addon of latest amd dual core optimizer. Knowing you also have amd Kurt, perhaps you know of such tool. I found one version of Amd DCO nlite addon, but it was from 2006, and not current version AFAIK.

One more thing, trying to do a silent install of dotnetfx, .net framework 1.1 clean from ms, with /Q doesnt work as quietly as it does show the warning message that it wasnt made for x64 OS. The .net 1.1 service pack and hotfix work just fine with /Q parameters.

Would be neat if there was a way around this..

I would also like to see that you include a comment about .net 3.5's parameter for language install. If i , also tested, runs without it and have help service etc, languages intact it installs norwegian language pack here, at least if internet connection is active. Very annyoing for me.

It should default to lang:enu as that would skip any language pack installation. Less bloat is good.


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  • 2 weeks later...

New Installer for Microsoft MSI 4.5, 64bit individual version available.

Many programs use MSI as installer, and having latest version of this is good then i would assume?

Program link here contains link to x64 versions. Choose WindowsServer2003-KB942288-v4-x64.exe, 4.5 MB for xp/2003 64bit.

Silent install is possible. /quiet /passive /norestart for example.

Other parameters include /nobackup and /overwriteoem.

There's also a /integrate parameter, but how that would work i dont know.

If its ment to integrate with xp source and what not.

update: more info on new installer, apparently it is much better in several areas =)

One thing i liked, quote :

"One major bug fix which developers will appreciate has to do with prior Installers' tendency to clean up too much after themselves, often removing interim components that were necessary to later steps in the process. In a post last month to the Windows Installer team blog, one developer wrote, "When a patch added new content in the form of a new component and that patch was being uninstalled, we used to remove that content, even if that content is shared by other products. This is now fixed in Windows Installer 4.5."

Link to quote and info

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New Microsoft Desktop Search 4.0 for Windows xp/2003 x64bit edition available.

WindowsSearch-KB940157-Srv2K3_XP-x64-enu.exe /q /u /z

/q is for quiet install, /u for unattended mode, /z for norestart.

Download link here

It install Windows Search service as seen in Vista.

Searchindexer.exe (26MB memory used by process) and WindowsSearch.exe (8MB memory used by process), are running after installation.

No reboot required. Might be needed for uninstall if you have not closed programs.

Depends on having Terminal Services installed. Do not remove if you want this program.

MDS 4.0 is not to be confused with indexing service, you dont need that installed for this to work, as far as i can tell.

Tested with /u /z parameters. Flawless install.

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Open Al.

Sound dll files needed for some games to run properly. Might refuse to start if this is not installed.

Direct download link here

OpenAL Webpage here

Tested with "%Source%Myprograms\oalinst.exe /F /NU /S", dont need uninstaller imho.

/F or /f or -F or -f Bypasses any verification and version checking and forces the installer to install both the OpenAL32.dll and wrap_oal.dll components.

/NU or /nu or -NU or -nu Prevents an uninstaller from being installed.

/R or /r or -R or -r Use error codes to report OpenAL installation issues -- 0 for no issues (default), 1 for "reboot required", and 2 for "write access denied".

/S or /s or -S or -s The installation runs in silent mode. Nothing will be displayed.

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Punkbuster silent install. PB is a service that installs itself into the os, providing anti-cheating service for online games.

pbsvc.exe /i --no-prompts --i-accept-the-pb-eula

Direct download link here

Punkbuster website (FAQ with link) here

Tested and works. However, if you have removed windows firewall with nlite, you will get an error saying couldnt get currentprofile.

Dont know how to bypass that one, except keeping firewall. sigh..


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June updates







Merge dotNET\ & Defender\ into RunOnce\ (as there are now several other core OS updates)

Rename Hotfix\800-*-KB925876-*.exe to 095-*-KB925876-*.exe (now just one of many optionals)



@ 040-WindowsServer2003-KB942288-v4-x64.exe [4,691,480] Optional, Windows Installer 4.5

@ 350-Windows-en-US-KB943729-x64_b9de932f286c62685fed238462a38d734b36ff18.exe [889,912] Forum Thread Optional, Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions

@ 390-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB951698-x64-ENU.exe [5,493,808]

@ 400-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB950760-x64-ENU.exe [670,256]

@ 410-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB950762-x64-ENU.exe [766,000]

# 420-IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB950759-x64-ENU.exe [37,173,808] Direct link to .exe

% EXTRACT the latest (Jun 08) DirectX redistributable to \DirectX_9c [78,559,776] Direct link to .exe

MD5: 938C77A3DDF6A8806E05BFAD71CA133D

SHA1: 9F6EFE6F4A40EA3E1615CC70EDAD72AFF95C737D


@ WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB951376-x64-ENU.exe [831,024]

@ WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe [6,880,112]


TweakUIPowertoySetup_amd64.exe [164,920]

I have to say that it inspires confidence when the version of KB943729 (Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions) posted on the Windows download site is not only outdated but still not fixed after more than 2 months.

Added Windows Desktop Search and Comodo Firewall (requires 7-Zip) to the supported applications list but removed Orbit downloader as the latest installer launches an IE session.

TweakUI is a unofficial Microsoft powertoy that acts as a one stop shop for User Interface configuration. This is the (hard to find) x64 version, unfortunately it does not seem to have a silent install option.

HJW & TranceEnergy:

As I've noted previously, this guide will use the official Microsoft installers whenever possible and the applications installed by Run1_XP-64.bat will be ones I use or can test. This means I can't include all your AddOns and/or suggestions.

However, if you wish to designate one particular post or a separate topic as a repository for your additions, I'll link to it in the main post.

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Great update Kurt!

Reason why i posted them programs with silent installer options is mainly because they are system integrated and doesnt go into any customizable 'program files directory' per nature.

I will consider making such a post as you say, and keep it clean. Perhaps later today.

In any case i will keep following your guide. A true timesaviour. Thank you so much!

A small reminder for anyone thinking of doing a fresh install, microsoft removal tool is updated every month, and june version is out as well, the 1.42.

I dont mean to be an jack a** but i see there is Adobe reader on the list, when Foxit PDF reader is so much more lightweight and faster, doesnt add it self to startup or anything.

There are several versions for download, i used the .msi version as it clearly allows to be installed with f.ex "/passive /norestart" parameters. Install takes 1 second on my puter.

From website:

What's New in Foxit Reader 2.3 (downloads here)

Foxit Reader 2.3 is just released. The new version 2.3 includes a multimedia player feature allowing Foxit users to not only read PDFs, but to watch and listen to the audio/video elements coming with PDFs as well


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Thanks much for the latest updates.

I do have some questions:

1)Where do I find info on and the DL for TweakUIPowertoySetup_amd64.exe?

2)I see you have placed KB951376 outside of nLite. I assume that is because it won't integrate in nLite?

3)It is great you figured out how to silently install CFP, but I see the BO protection is not installed. Is there anyway to get this installed?

4)Not prompted by latest updates - It seems about half of my VMware installs do not have a Quick Launch bar capability (the folder is missing). I thought this was some tweak I was using in nLite but it is random. I have been building multiple ISOs with only your files or WPI files changing. Sometime Quick launch is available and sometimes not. I am beginning to think it may be the Shutdown at the end of RUN1 (killing some process that is installing the QL folder). Is there any other options? Perhaps placing the Shutdown in the commands in the nLite Runonce area without the /F?

Thanks again.

Enjoy, John.

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