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HOWTO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD (EoL Feb 2016)


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Some of you might also be interested in these similar guides for Windows 2000 or 98se.

So you want to create fully up to date Windows XP Professional x64 edition installation media ? Well here's how (End of Life update, Feb 2016).

There are a couple of options as to how to configure your install media, you can:

. . A) Use Microsoft hotfixes or 5eraph's update packs

. . B} Integrate IE8 or use 5eraph's IE8 AddOn or integrate IE7 or use IE6

. . C) Integrate WMP11 using Booogy's Slipstreamer or silent install WMP11 or use WMP10

. . D) Install .Net frameworks at a level of none, 2.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1 or 4.0 RtM

This guide will list the files needed for the first option given and then note the changes required to use the other options.

So you are going to need some files:

From MediaFire, the Config_XP-64_date.7z file and extract it, this will also setup the necessary directory structure (read \Misc\FileList.txt for contents).

Note on colour codes shown below and in the hotfix lists:

% means that you must directly download this file yourself, it's either everchanging (Adobe Flash), an optional component, one of 5eraph's packs or simply huge (Service Pack 2, .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and DirectX redist).

@ means that the file is available in the 7-Zip archives hosted at MediaFire and as a part of the torent.

# means that in order to save time (honest, it will take forever) and my bandwidth you should directly download this file but it's also in the torent.

is a direct link to the executable

Optional items and groups are described in green (as are their security updates), if you include them as directed then they will be installed

From Microsoft you want:

At \Misc\

% WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe . 367,964,016 . Only needed if starting from a SP1 source

.. . SHA-1: 7F8E909C52D23AC8B5DBFD73F1F12D3EE0FE794C . . . Service Pack 2 for Windows XP Professional x64 edition

At \Hotfix\ for direct integration by nLite

Either all the base hotfixes in post 1 of the lists OR % 5eraph's XP Pro x64 post SP2 update pack and current % Delta AddOn

Either all the IE8 hotfixes in post 2 of the lists OR % 5eraph's Internet Explorer 8 AddOn and % customisable tweaks (must be compressed) OR see post 4 for other options

At \WMP11\ for integration by the Windows Media Player 11 slipstreamer OR see post 5 of the hotfix lists for other options

# . wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu.exe . . . . . . . . 27,926,896 . Windows Media Player 11

@ WindowsMedia11-KB929399-v2-x64-INTL.exe .. 768,416 . DRM - When you design your player to not play ...

@ WindowsMedia11-KB939683-x64-ENU.exe .. . . 684,960 . Shortcut management

@ WindowsMedia11-KB941569-x64-ENU.exe .. . . 696,384 . MS07-068 - Media File Format

@ WindowsMedia11-KB952069-x64-ENU.exe . . 1,865,616 . MS08-076 - Media Components

@ WindowsMedia11-KB954154-x64-ENU.exe .. . . 744,512 . MS08-054 - Media Player

@ WindowsMedia11-KB954155-x64-ENU.exe .. . . 913,288 . MS09-051 - Media Audio Voice Decoder

@ WindowsMedia11-KB973540-x64-ENU.exe . . 6,016,912 . MS09-037 - Active Template Library (ATL)

@ WindowsMedia11-KB978695-x64-ENU.exe . . 1,500,552 . MS10-033 - Media Format Runtime

@ WindowsMedia11-KB2378111-x64-ENU.exe . 5,940,080 . MS10-082 - Reload deallocation

@ WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB2834904-v2-x64-ENU.exe . 1,116,360 . MS13-057 - Media Format Runtime

@ WindowsXP-SP2-X64-WindowsMedia-KB975558-x64-ENU.exe . 911,792 . MS10-062 - MPEG-4 Codec

At \XP64\RunOnce\ for installation via nLite's RunOnce / batch files, please note that the .Net subgroups are incremental and hence you can choose your .Net level (none, 2.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1 or 4.0 RtM).

@ 7z1514-x64.msi .. . . . . . . . . . . 1,655,808 . Archive Utility Dec 2015

% directx_Jun2010_redist.exe . 100,271,992 . SHA-1: F8F1217F666BF2F6863631A7D5E5FB3A8D1542DF

@ GrantAccess-TweakUI.7z .. . . . . . 180,409 . Utilities described below

% install_flash_player_ax.exe . . . . . . . . . . . . You must download this youself, link near bottom of page

@ vcredist_x64_2005sp1c.exe . . . 3,175,832 . Visual C++ 2005 SP1 64-bit . Must be manually renamed

@ vcredist_x64_2008sp1c.exe . . . 5,207,896 . Visual C++ 2008 SP1 64-bit . Must be manually renamed

# . vcredist_x64_2010sp1c.exe .. 10,274,136 . Visual C++ 2010 SP1 64-bit . Must be manually renamed

@ vcredist_x86_2005sp1c.exe . . . 2,707,352 . Visual C++ 2005 SP1 32-bit . Must be manually renamed

@ vcredist_x86_2008sp1c.exe . . . 4,479,832 . Visual C++ 2008 SP1 32-bit . Must be manually renamed

# . vcredist_x86_2010sp1c.exe .. . 8,990,552 . Visual C++ 2010 SP1 32-bit . Must be manually renamed

All the hotfixes in post 3 of the lists if using the Microsoft hotfixes method

.Net 2.0 SP2 subgroup (\XP64\RunOnce\) you must manually block the 132MB KB951847 .Net 3.5 SP1 family patch on Windows Update if you only want .Net 2.0 SP2

% NetFx20SP2_x64.exe . 48,524,296 . Not needed if installing .Net 3.5 SP1

.. . SHA-1: F8F1217F666BF2F6863631A7D5E5FB3A8D1542DF

# . NDP20SP2-KB958481-x64.exe . . . 19,282,272 . Application Compatibility Update

# . NDP20SP2-KB2729450-x64.exe . . 31,280,648 . MS12-074 - 4 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP20SP2-KB2742596-x64.exe . . 20,742,168 . MS13-004 - 4 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP20SP2-KB2844285-v2-x64.exe . 4,959,896 . MS13-052 - 5 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP20SP2-KB2972105-x64.exe . . . 5,244,088 . MS14-057 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP20SP2-KB2972214-x64.exe . . 29,553,336 . MS14-053 - ASP.NET

@ NDP20SP2-KB2978124-x64.exe . . . 1,241,784 . MS14-072 - Remoting

@ NDP20SP2-KB2979574-v2-x64.exe . 2,042,576 . MS14-057 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP20SP2-KB3023220-x64.exe . . 12,832,960 . MS15-048 - 2 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP20SP2-KB3035488-x64.exe . . . 1,007,288 . MS15-048 - 2 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP20SP2-KB3037577-x64.exe . . 14,314,680 . MS15-041 - ASP.NET

% NDP30SP2-KB982524-x64.exe . . . 30,834,536 . Update Rollup . Not needed if installing .Net 4.0 RtM

.. . SHA-1: DBA96E4CA6F76BD0DD4CE83B2F2E5D69FFFA8289

# . WindowsServer2003-KB968930-x64-ENG.exe . 10,334,496 . PowerShell 2.0

.Net 3.5 SP1 subgroup (\XP64\RunOnce\) cumulative with 2.0 SP2 above

% dotnetfx35.exe . 242,743,296 . Includes and replaces NetFx20SP2_x64.exe from the .Net 2.0 SP2 subgroup

.. . SHA-1: 3DCE66BAE0DD71284AC7A971BAED07030A186918

# . NDP30SP2-KB2973115-x64.exe . . . 39,070,904 . MS14-053 - ASP.NET

# . NDP30SP2-KB3048073-v2-x64.exe . 35,537,128 . MS15-044 - Font Drivers

@ NDP35SP1-KB958484-x64.exe . . . . . 1,472,352 . Application Compatibility Update

@ NDP35SP1-KB963707-x64.exe .. . . . . . 759,144 . Firefox Assistant 1.0

@ NDP35SP1-KB2604111-x64.exe .. . . . . 877,680 . MS12-035 - XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs)

@ NDP35SP1-KB2736416-x64.exe . . . . 1,532,952 . MS13-007 - Open Data Protocol

@ NDP35SP1-KB2840629-x64.exe . . . . 1,681,544 . MS13-052 - 5 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP35SP1-KB2861697-x64.exe . . . . 2,234,504 . MS13-082 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB961118-x64-ENU.exe . 872,312 . Unsigned PCL inbox printer drivers

.Net 4.0 RtM subgroup (\XP64\RunOnce\) independent of .Net 2.0/3.5

# . dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe . . 50,449,456. .NET 4.0 RtM installer

# . NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x64.exe . 28,640,160 . Update Rollup

@ NDP40-KB2487367-x64.exe .. . . . 2,140,520 . MS11-066 - Chart Control

# . NDP40-KB2533523-x64.exe .. . . 39,121,768 . Reliability Update 1

# . NDP40-KB2600217-x64.exe .. . . 33,566,328 . Reliability Update 2

# . NDP40-KB2604121-x64.exe .. . . 40,175,720 . MS12-035 - XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs)

# . NDP40-KB2729449-x64.exe .. . . 26,263,520 . MS12-074 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP40-KB2736428-x64.exe .. . . . 2,324,448 . MS13-007 - Open Data Protocol

# . NDP40-KB2737019-x64.exe .. . . 16,049,632 . MS12-074 - WPF Reflection Optimization

# . NDP40-KB2742595-x64.exe .. . . 13,309,984 . MS13-004 - 4 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP40-KB2840628-v2-x64.exe . 18,157,704 . MS13-052 - 5 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP40-KB2861188-x64.exe .. . . 16,994,424 . MS13-082 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ . NDP40-KB2972106-x64.exe . . . . 4,013,232 . MS14-057 - 3 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP40-KB2972215-x64.exe .. . . 26,886,320 . MS14-053 - ASP.NET

@ NDP40-KB2978125-x64.exe .. . . . 2,076,344 . MS14-072 - Remoting

@ NDP40-KB3023221-x64.exe .. . . . 4,805,816 . MS15-048 - 2 Vulnerabilities fixed

@ NDP40-KB3032662-x64.exe .. . . . 2,045,608 . MS15-048 - 2 Vulnerabilities fixed

# . NDP40-KB3037578-x64.exe .. . . 10,325,680 . MS15-041 - ASP.NET

@ NDP40-KB3074547-x64.exe .. . . . 2,368,208 . MS15-101 - Memory Objects

@ NDP40-KB3097994-x64.exe .. . . . 2,454,224 . MS15-118 - Information Disclosure

# . NDP40-KB3098778-x64.exe .. . . . 9,831,120 . MS15-118 - Elevation of Privilege

# . NDP40-KB3099866-x64.exe .. . . 16,094,416 . MS15-128 - Font Drivers

% wic_x64_enu.exe .. . . . . . . . . . . 1,911,592 . Windows Imaging Component . Not needed if installing .Net 3.5 SP1

.. . SHA-1: DBA96E4CA6F76BD0DD4CE83B2F2E5D69FFFA8289

To save on click fatigue 7-Zip archives are available of the smaller hotfixes (<6MB) at MediaFire (A only for 5eraph's packs, A+B+C for the Microsoft hotfixes method), extract them into the same directory that you chose to extract the Config archive into. The archives won't necessarily be updated every month, only when there are changes.

A - SHA-1: 13D88AD4AE080813BB81B58F036B0C936126C1DE - 65 files for both 5eraph's packs and Microsoft hotfixes users

B - SHA-1: 6884928AA4505A644D92237144BDA610D76A9FC0 - . 4 files that might change for Microsoft hotfixes users only

C - SHA-1: 77F8CDB5C156894D2994E600D3AF7499BEBBF0D0 - 146 files that won't change for Microsoft hotfixes users only

For returning users a torent is available (at \Misc\) containing all but 3+1 of the Microsoft downloads (all but SP2, DirectX, .Net 3.5 & Adobe Flash). Due to my upload limitations it won't exactly be Speedy Gonzales (expect about 4KB/s, roughly 40 hours for full download), so you are recommended to download the larger hotfixes directly (mainly .Net patches).

Run \Misc\UpdatePrep.bat before opening the Hotfix torent, this will remove any outdated hotfixes. 5eraph's packs users should disable the downloading of everything in the \Hotfix\ folder and the 8 items in the \XP64\RunOnce\ folder from post 3 of the lists. The torent is also useful for checking that you have all the downloads and that they aren't corrupted. It is important to note that the tracker's IP address is at least nominally dynamic (and I've been known to forget to launch it), so if you can't connect for more than a day or two PM me. The 7-Zip archives and torent also contain:

\Misc\update.exe .. . 978,736 . patched to apply Server 2003 only hotfixes

\Misc\ScreenShots\ . contains 21 photos of the process

\Misc\SP2x32\ .. . . . contains files from the 32-bit version of Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003

TweakUI is a unofficial Microsoft powertoy that acts as a one stop shop for User Interface configuration. This is the (hard to find) x64 version, digitally signed though, unfortunately there are no silent install switches so it has been repacked.

Grant Access - subinacl.msi is a command line utility meant for network administrators, but it can be useful to us mere mortals as it makes running as a limited user possible. Using the "Access *" shortcuts I only have to logon as the Administrator about once a fortnight. Since I started setting up my friend's computers this way I haven't had to deal with the "I cancelled a print job and now my printer is gone" (they deleted the printer) or "Why do I get all these annoying pop-ups" (opened Amazing_Photos.pps.vbs) type service calls. How many of us can truly say they have never clicked the wrong button or typed the wrong command? Remember, the neck you save might just be your own.

Note as to format, the trailing number in italics is obviously file size while the leading number in the hotfix lists is to ensure that they are integrated in the same order that Windows Update would install them. The gaps in number are so that any future changes can be inserted into the hotfix torent without requiring name changes, re-ordering or re-downloading files.

Whether or not you prefer to directly download all the hotfixes, UpdatePrep.bat will rename the files as appropriate. If you've chosen to include all the optionals \Hotfix\ should have 155 files 375,536,032, \WMP11\ should have 12 files 49,085,768 and \XP64\RunOnce\ should have 61 (ex flash) or 53 files 1,007,777,402 or 984,656,457.

Of course you won't get very far without nLite, Boooggy's WMP11 slipstreamer and a Windows XP pro x64 install CD.

Now it's time to fire up nLite

Note that nLite must be run with administrator privileges, you might need to disable anti-virus software and most importantly, slipstreaming Service Pack 2 must be done on a Win NT 5.x host (2000/XP/XPx64/2003/2003x64). It may be worthwhile to do a pass where you only slipstream SP2 and then burn an .iso, thereby obtaining a clean XP x64 sp2 source disk as a base. There are screenshots available of the process at MediaFire.

  • Run Misc\UpdatePrep.bat
  • Locate your source.
  • If working from a SP1 source slipstream service pack 2 then exit nLite (if nLite is open it can interfere with the WMP11 slipstreamer).

    Special note for users of 32-bit operating systems. You cannot slipstream Service Pack 2 as is (due to it being a 64-bit executable), instead you must do the following:

    • First check that the files in your nLite working directory do NOT have their Read-Only attribute set, if so clear it.
    • Extract WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB914961-SP2-x64-ENU.exe with 7-Zip or WinRAR.
    • Copy the files from \Misc\SP2x32\ into the \AMD64\Update\ folder of the extracted x64 Service Pack 2, replacing the existing files.
    • nLite will warn that you cannot integrate 64-bit service packs from within a 32-bit environment, proceed anyway (just say no).
    • Finally when integrating the Service Pack you need to navigate to the \AMD64\Update\ folder and select the Update.exe file.
  • Whoa there Tex, it's time to get down and Boooggy. The WMP11 slipstreamer is fairly self explanatory, just target your working directory, the WMP11 install file and the 11 hotfixes in the \WMP11\ directory, then hit the integrate button.
  • If you are planning to experiment, now is the time to backup your working directory. Then it's time to fire up nLite again (my session file is located at \Misc\, you may wish use it as a base).
  • Add all the hotfixes listed in the \Hotfix\ directory, maintaining the order.

    32-bit users: Check that UpdatePrep.bat has moved the following hotfixes to the \XP64\RunOnce\ directory (020, 036, 064, 100, 116, 156, 192, 392, 404, 416, 460, 484, 608, 940).

    5eraph's packs users: Post SP2 update pack then IE8 addon then EoS Delta addon then IE8 tweaks.

  • Add any drivers you may need, especially textmode SATA & RAID drivers (Intel, nVidia). I've found that 7-Zip will extract some things WinRAR won't (case studies incl ATI vid).
  • Unattended settings, this is the most important one. Your RunOnce file should look like this:
    TimeOut /T 60For %%I in (Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D) do if exist %%I:\XP64\Run1.bat set Drive=%%I&& goto Found:FoundCMD /R "%Drive%:\XP64\Run1.bat %Drive%"
    You should also set it to autologon twice to an administrator class account (read the note), fully automated mode would be an excellent idea Smithers. The TimeOut is to avoid a "Device not Ready" error. If you need to load drivers from a floppy then read the note on the general tab about OEM Preinstall.
  • Make any tweaks you want, then run the process.
  • Copy the \XP64\ folder and all its contents to either your nLite working directory or a USB flash drive (\XP64\AddOns\ contains optional files).
  • After you drag n drop anything else that you may want / need, go ahead and burn that image / DVD.


Ensure the PC is disconnected from the internet then insert the DVD (or DVD + USB flash drive) and boot to the install media following the usual textmode steps. If you have gone for the fully unattended option, then all you have to do is let it be for roughly 4 hours (assuming lots of AddOns), if you get a "no disk" message just "continue". The system will be ready for use when a logon box is waiting for your input. The only high priority download available will be the "Malicious Software Removal Tool" (none if using 5eraph's packs). If at all possible use a parallel IDE attached DVD drive as SATA drives have been known to result in install errors in some cases.

Application AddOns: (do not place multiple versions of the same application in \XP\AddOns)

nLite supports the use of application addon .cab files at the hotfix integration step, however I do not recommend their use as the file associations don't register with XP x64 (OK with x86 Windows). You should instead edit \XP64\Run1.bat or \XP64\Run2.bat to call the standard enduser installer with the appropriate silent install switches. Currently the following applications will be installed if they are copied to \XP64\AddOns\, unless otherwise noted they will work with minimal rights (guest account) and maximum DEP (Always-On): ε=EMET protected

.. Kels x64 CPL bonus pack for 5eraph's update pack or Microsoft hotfixes method, most require Admin rights (FixWin N/A)

.. HashTab

ε WinRAR x64

.. Dexpot

.. Windows Desktop Search & patch

.. Tool Tip Fixer

ε Opera

ε Firefox must use 32-bit version, dictionaries supported (*.aff *.dic)

ε Thunderbird dictionaries supported

ε SeaMonkey dictionaries supported

ε Google Chrome x64 .msi version

.. Flash Player plugin direct links >> Firefox & Seamonkey . Chrome & Opera

.. Shockwave Player plugin

.. Silverlight Player plugin must use 32-bit version

ε Java Runtime Environment both i586 & x64

.. Notepad ++

ε Windows Live Essentials Messenger, Mail (requires Contacts) & Photo Gallery (requires .Net 3.5 & SQLServerCE)

ε Libre Office must use 32-bit version, can use Java, "en-GB" help files folder renamed to "en" for easy access

ε Microsoft Office 2007, please read Misc\Office2007.html from the config file

ε SumatraPDF must use 32-bit version

ε Foxit Reader . last version with menu based UI option (Help >> Change Toolbar Mode)

ε Adobe Reader 11.0.10 last version to support XP x64 & update patch

ε GIMP "en_GB" help files folder renamed to "en" for easy access if you choose locally installed help

ε Google Picasa

ε IrfanView must use 32-bit version

.. Mihov Image Resizer

.. nLite requires Admin rights

.. WMP11 Slipstreamer << direct link

.. AutoIt

.. DOS Box

.. Virtual PC 2007 SP1 (rename to VirtualPC2007x64setup.exe) & patch & patch

.. Virtual Box Oracle extension pack supported

.. VMware Server 1.0.10 << direct link, you will need to edit \XP64\Run1.bat inserting your registration key, any DEP level except AlwaysOn

ε Google Earth use version ( on VirtualBox without D3D)

ε Skype . direct link

ε FileZilla last version to officially support XP x64

ε Vuze x64 . download requires Java

.. Daemon Tools Lite use version, requires 7-Zip or SPTD

.. AnyDVD

.. DVD Shrink

.. ImgBurn requires Nero BurnRights for non-admin accounts

.. CDBurnerXP x64 .msi version, requires .Net 2.0 or greater

.. BurnAware Free

ε VideoLAN Player x64

ε K-Lite Mega Codec Pack lots of stuff option, see here if you want to create your own config files

ε YouTube Downloader . direct link

.. Save2PC Light

.. BOINC Screensaver x64

.. UltraDefrag x64 one pass of boot time defrag, requires Admin rights

.. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1u1 last version to support XP x64 requires .Net 4.0 & Admin rights

.. Microsoft Security Essentials x64 4.4.304.0 last version to support XP x64 . detection update integration supported

.. Spybot: Search & Destroy 1.6.2 . detection update integration supported requires Admin rights

.. Comodo Firewall, see below

.. VirtualBox Additions, requires 7-Zip

.. VMware Tools, requires 7-Zip (seeing a pattern?)

It should be obvious, but installing these applications is completely optional, for instance there is very little point in installing 3 different PDF readers. Another possibility is to strip the actual executable out of the various AddOns created by others (copying the file to \XP64\Addons\) and then adding the appropriate command to the batch files. The executables have usually been repacked as silent installers, but be sure to read the entries*.ini file to confirm this. If you don't intend to include any of these applications (vanilla install disk), then you only need to autologon once at step 8 (don't copy \XP64\Run2.bat across at step 10).

You can have as many application install reboot passes as desired. To do this simply set the system to auto-logon (in step 8) as many times as required and place the appropriate number of batch files in the \XP64\ directory of your install media. The first 5 batch files are already written (at \Misc\) with the needed handover command, but if you need more they are fairly self explanatory. Be sure to install security software last.

Comodo Firewall: The latest version installer doesn't support install switches, breaks Deamon Tools and has the "modern" UI so you should use the older version 5.12 x64 .msi installer which has a fairly extensive list of pre-approved applications (which you may not want) or the last of the 3.x x64 series with a very basic push-the-buttons AutoIt script.


I use VirtualBox for testing purposes, highly configurable regarding choice of emulated hardware and also good for virtualizing Linux (some tricks needed for Windows 98se), however hardware virtualization support is required for 64-bit guests (AMD-V or VT-x).

VirtualBox hints:

  • Silent installation of Virtual Machine extensions is supported, once VirtualBox is installed there will be a file "VBoxGuestAdditions.iso" at "\Program Files\[sun|Oracle]\VirtualBox\", copy it to \XP64\AddOns\ on your install media (requires 7-Zip).
  • To install VirtualBox's experimental Direct 3D support copy VBoxGuestAdditions.iso to \XP64\ instead (where the Run1.bat file is) and increase the number of automatic logins (at step 8) by one. This allows some games to work (Doom 3 for example) but also causes some minor glitches (YouTube doesn't work with Internet Explorer for one).
  • On the System settings page leave I/O APIC and VT-x/AMD-V enabled (default settings).

Other options are VMware Server 1.0.10 (Vista-) or VMware Player 12 (Win7x64+), they're also free but have some limitations. VMware Server also requires registration and has no default sound but importantly can virtualize 64-bit guests on some CPUs that don't have hardware virtualization capabilities (early Turions for instance). Before downloading and installing, use this tool to ensure that your processor will support 64-bit guests.

VMware hints:

  • Silent installation of Virtual Machine extensions is supported, once VMware server|player is installed there will be a file "windows.iso" at "\Program Files (x86)\VMware\[server|Player]\", copy it to \XP64\AddOns\ on your install media (requires 7-Zip).
  • To enable sound on VMware Server you will have to integrate the VMaudio driver (3rd party signed version) with nLite at step 6 of the process AND once you have completed the New Virtual Machine wizard, choose VM >> Settings >> Hardware >> Add >> Sound Adapter.
  • When booting up the Virtual Machine click your mouse inside the VM and hit F2, this will allow you to access the VM BIOS, you can then alter the boot sequence so that it always boots off the CD first.
  • If the BIOS flashes past too fast to access add bios.bootDelay = "5000" to the VMname.vmx config file, this will give you 5 seconds.
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rem Set Default UserSet DefaultUserProfile=%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Default UserSetX DefaultUserProfile "%SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\Default User" /Mrem fix Quick Launch toolbar (broken by IE8 installer)MkDir "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"MkDir "%DefaultUserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"rem add Windows Explorer to Quick LaunchCopy "%DefaultUserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows Explorer.lnk" "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\"Copy "%DefaultUserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows Explorer.lnk" "%DefaultUserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\"rem T-13 / SVCpack updates (for users of the guide who are running x86 Windows)%1:\XP64\RunOnce\020-WindowsServer2003-KB942288-v4-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\036-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB925876-v2-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\064-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB944043-v5-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\100-IMAPI_SRV2003_x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\116-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB960803-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\156-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB955704-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\192-Windows-KB943729-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\392-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2638806-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\404-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2659262-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\416-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2698365-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\460-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2834886-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\484-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2864058-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\608-WindowsServer2003-KB3065979-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\940-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2900986-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem non-integrable core OS updates%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2481109-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB2813345-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\install_flash_player_ax.exe -install%1:\XP64\RunOnce\rootsupd.exe /Q%1:\XP64\RunOnce\rvkroots.exe /Qrem Visual C++ runtimes%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x86_2005sp1c.exe /Q /T:%Temp%\VC2005x86 /Cmsiexec /I %Temp%\VC2005x86\vcredist.msi /Passive /NoRestartRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\VC2005x86%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x64_2005sp1c.exe /Q%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x86_2008sp1c.exe /Q /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x64_2008sp1c.exe /Q /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x86_2010sp1c.exe /Q /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\vcredist_x64_2010sp1c.exe /Q /NoRestartrem dotNet 2.0/3.5 + PowerShellIf not exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe %1:\XP64\RunOnce\NetFx20SP2_x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB958481-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2729450-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2742596-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2844285-v2-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2972214-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2972105-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2979574-v2-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB2978124-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB3037577-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB3035488-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP20SP2-KB3023220-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestartIf not exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64*.exe %1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP30SP2-KB982524-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP30SP2-KB2973115-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP30SP2-KB3048073-v2-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB958484-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB963707-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB2604111-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB2736416-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB2840629-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP35SP1-KB2861697-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB961118-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsServer2003-KB968930-x64-ENG.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem dotNet 4.0If not exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe %1:\XP64\RunOnce\wic_x64_enu.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_Slim.exe /aif%1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2487367-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2533523-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2600217-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2604121-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2729449-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2736428-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2737019-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2742595-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2861188-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2840628-v2-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2972215-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2972106-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB2978125-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3037578-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3032662-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3023221-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3074547-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3097994-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3098778-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\RunOnce\NDP40-KB3099866-x64.exe /Passive /NoRestart%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe executequeueditems%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\ngen.exe executequeueditemsrem non-integrable core OS updates%1:\XP64\RunOnce\directx_Jun2010_redist.exe /Q /T:%Temp%\DirectX%Temp%\DirectX\DXsetup.exe /SilentRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\DirectX%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe /Q /WUforce /NoRestartrem support WMP11 silent install option%1:\XP64\WMP11\wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu.exe /Q%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB929399-v2-x64-INTL.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB939683-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB941569-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB954154-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB952069-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB973540-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB954155-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB978695-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsMedia11-KB2378111-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsXP-SP2-X64-WindowsMedia-KB975558-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\WMP11\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB2834904-v2-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem archive utilityCopy /B %1:\XP64\RunOnce\7z*-x64.msi %Temp%\7z-x64.msimsiexec /I %Temp%\7z-x64.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\7zInstall.logDel %Temp%\7z-x64.msirem grant user file & folder access + Tweak UI x64"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\RunOnce\GrantAccess-TweakUI.7z -O%SystemRoot% -X!*.lnk -R"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\RunOnce\GrantAccess-TweakUI.7z -O"%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories" *.lnk -Rrem font utility"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\RunOnce\fontreg-2.1.3-redist.7z -O%SystemRoot%\FontReg -YCopy %SystemRoot%\FontReg\bin.x86-64\FontReg.exe %SystemRoot%\rem use https:// version of Windows Update (required fix for IE7 - check for 5eraph's pack)If not exist "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Microsoft Update.lnk" Copy %1:\XP64\WinUp.lnk "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Windows Update.lnk"rem sync time dailyREG ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpClient /V SpecialPollInterval /T REG_DWORD /D 86400 /Frem delete leftover .Net setup directory (requires Grant Access)Reg Export "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP Version 2003\SP3\KB954550-v7\Filelist\1" %Temp%\dotNet35folder.regType %Temp%\dotNet35folder.reg | Find "Location" > %Temp%\dotNet35folder.txtFor /F %%N in (%Temp%\dotNet35folder.txt) do Set dN0=%%NSet dN1=%dN0:~0,-19%Set dNdrive=%dN1:~12,2%Set dNdirec=%dN1:~16%If exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe SubInACL /Subdirectories "%dNdrive%\%dNdirec%"\ /Grant=BuiltIn\AdministratorsIf exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotnetfx35.exe RmDir /S /Q %dNdrive%\%dNdirec%Del %Temp%\dotNet35folder.*rem Kels x64 CPL bonus pack%1:\XP64\AddOns\Kels_Win7_CPL_PacK_x64_v5.2.2.exe%1:\XP64\AddOns\Kels_Win7_CPL_PacK_x64_v5.3.exerem fix tooltips hiding behind taskbar"%1:\XP64\AddOns\ToolTipFixer 2.0.0.exe" /Srem multiple desktopsCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\dexpot*.exe %Temp%\dexpot.exe%Temp%\dexpot.exe /SDel %Temp%\dexpot.exeXcopy "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Dexpot" "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Dexpot\" /erem file hash utilityCopy /B "%1:\XP64\AddOns\HashTab*Setup.exe" %Temp%\HashTab_Setup.exe%Temp%\HashTab_Setup.exe /SDel %Temp%\HashTab_Setup.exerem compressor/decompressor utilityCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\winrar-x64*.exe %Temp%\winrar-x64.exe%Temp%\winrar-x64.exe /SDel %Temp%\winrar-x64.exerem Windows desktop search%1:\XP64\AddOns\WindowsSearch-KB940157-Srv2K3_XP-x64-enu.exe /Passive /NoRestart%1:\XP64\AddOns\WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB963093-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem Windows Live Essentials - Mail requires Contacts, Photo Gallery requires .Net 3.5 & SQLServerCEmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\Messenger.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\MessengerInstall.logmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\Contacts.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\ContactsInstall.logmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\Mail.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\MailInstall.logmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\SQLServerCE31-EN.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\SQLServerInstall.logmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\PhotoLibrary.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\PhotoLibraryInstall.logrem alternate web browsersmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise64.msi ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\GoogleChromeInstall.logCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\Opera*Setup.exe %Temp%\Opera_Setup.exe%Temp%\Opera_Setup.exe /Silent /NoRestartIf exist %Temp%\Opera_Setup.exe TimeOut /T 60TaskKill /IM Opera.exe /T /FDel %Temp%\Opera_Setup.exeCopy /B "%1:\XP64\AddOns\Firefox Setup*.exe" %Temp%\Firefox_Setup.exe%Temp%\Firefox_Setup.exe /S /V"/Passive /NoRestart"If exist %Temp%\Firefox_Setup.exe MkDir "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\dictionaries"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.aff "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\dictionaries\"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.dic "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\dictionaries\"Del %Temp%\Firefox_Setup.exeCopy /B "%1:\XP64\AddOns\Thunderbird Setup*.exe" %Temp%\Thunderbird_Setup.exe%Temp%\Thunderbird_Setup.exe /S /V"/Passive /NoRestart"If exist %Temp%\Thunderbird_Setup.exe MkDir "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Thunderbird\dictionaries"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.aff "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Thunderbird\dictionaries\"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.dic "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Thunderbird\dictionaries\"Del %Temp%\Thunderbird_Setup.exeCopy /B "%1:\XP64\AddOns\SeaMonkey Setup*.exe" %Temp%\SeaMonkey_Setup.exe%Temp%\SeaMonkey_Setup.exe /S /V"/Passive /NoRestart"If exist %Temp%\SeaMonkey_Setup.exe MkDir "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SeaMonkey\dictionaries"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.aff "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SeaMonkey\dictionaries\"Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\*.dic "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\SeaMonkey\dictionaries\"Del %Temp%\SeaMonkey_Setup.exerem Java runtime enviromentCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\jre-*-windows-i586.exe %Temp%\jre-windows-i586.exe%Temp%\jre-windows-i586.exe /sDel %Temp%\jre-windows-i586.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\jre-*-windows-x64.exe %Temp%\jre-windows-x64.exe%Temp%\jre-windows-x64.exe /sDel %Temp%\jre-windows-x64.exerem Virtualisation applications%1:\XP64\AddOns\DOSBox0.74-win32-installer.exe /S%1:\XP64\AddOns\VirtualPC2007x64setup.exe /Cmsiexec /I %Temp%\Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msi ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VirtualPC2007Install.logDel %Temp%\Virtual_PC_2007_Install.msimsiexec /Update %1:\XP64\AddOns\KB958162.msp /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VPC7PatchInstall.log%1:\XP64\AddOns\VPC2007x64-KB969856.exe /Q%1:\XP64\AddOns\VMware-server-installer-1.0.10-203137.exe /A /S /V"/Qr TARGETDIR=%Temp%\VMwareServer"msiexec /I "%Temp%\VMwareServer\VMware Server Standalone.msi" ALLUSERS=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL SERIALNUMBER=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VMwareServerInstall.logrem msiexec /I "%Temp%\VMwareServer\VMware Management Interface.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VMwareManIntInstall.logmsiexec /I "%Temp%\VMwareServer\VMware VmCOM Scripting API.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VmCOMInstall.logmsiexec /I "%Temp%\VMwareServer\VMware VmPerl Scripting API.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VmPerlInstall.logRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\VMwareServerrem Daemon Tools (Part 1, SCSI Pass Through Direct layer)Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\DTLite*.exe %Temp%\DTLite.exeIf Not exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\SPTDinst-v187-x64.exe "%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %Temp%\DTLite.exe -O%Temp%\Daemon -Y%Temp%\Daemon\SPTDinst-x64.exe Add /QRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\Daemon%1:\XP64\AddOns\SPTDinst-v187-x64.exe Add /Qrem DVD playback utility (21 day trial)Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\SetupAnyDVD*.exe %Temp%\SetupAnyDVD.exe%Temp%\SetupAnyDVD.exe /SDel %Temp%\SetupAnyDVD.exerem edit Key.AnyDVD >> ...\Software\Wow6432Node\SlySoft\...If exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\Key.AnyDVD Regedit /S %1:\XP64\AddOns\Key.AnyDVDrem BOINC screensaver (SETI@home et al)Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\boinc*windows_x86_64.exe %Temp%\boinc_windows_x86_64.exe%Temp%\boinc_windows_x86_64.exe /S /V"ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\BOINCInstall.log"Del %Temp%\boinc_windows_x86_64.exerem Hardware specific driver applications | Acer GridVista | UPS | Gigabyte DES | SIM reader | USB to Serial Adapter | USB TV | Bluetooth Mouse | Acer Launch Manager | HP Quick Launch | HP Wireless | nVidia | Intel Matrix Storage Managerrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\AcerGrid\Setup.exe /Srem %1:\XP64\AddOns\PowerManagerII\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\PowerManagerIIsetup.logrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\Belkin\Windows\Setup.exe -i silentrem Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\Belkin\*.lnk "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Belkin Automatic Power Management Software\"rem Xcopy "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Belkin Automatic Power Management Software" "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Belkin Automatic Power Management Software\" /erem %1:\XP64\AddOns\DES\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\DynamicEnergySaverSetup.logrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\SIM-Reader.exe /Silent /SP- /NoRestartrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\USBtoSerialSetup.exe /Srem %1:\XP64\AddOns\USB-TV-Tuner.exerem %1:\XP64\AddOns\Mouse-Btl\Setup.exe /S /V/Passiverem %1:\XP64\AddOns\LaunchManager\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\LaunchManagerSetup.logrem Copy %1:\XP64\AddOns\LaunchManager\LaunchManager.* "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Launch Manager\"rem %1:\XP64\AddOns\QuickLaunch\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\QuickLaunchSetup.logrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\WirelessAssistant\Setup.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\nVidia\Setup.exe /passive /norebootrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\Intel-RST\Setup.exe /Srem UltraDefrag - set boot defragCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\ultradefrag-*.bin.amd64.exe %Temp%\ultradefrag-bin-amd64.exe%Temp%\ultradefrag-bin-amd64.exe /SDel %Temp%\ultradefrag-bin-amd64.exe%SystemRoot%\system32\bootexctrl.exe /r defrag_nativerem VirtualBox drivers without DirectX 3D acceleration"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\AddOns\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso -O%Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditions%Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditions\VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64.exe /SRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditionsrem initialise account, setup for second pass and force rebootStart %1:\XP64\\Run1a.bat %1


TimeOut /T 180Attrib -S -H %SystemDrive%\boot.iniCopy %SystemDrive%\boot.ini %SystemDrive%\boot.txtIf exist %1:\XP64\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso copy %1:\XP64\SafeBoot.ini %SystemDrive%\boot.iniAttrib +S +H %SystemDrive%\boot.iniIf exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\EUupdate.exe Start %1:\XP64\RunOnce\EUupdate.exe /QIf exist %1:\XP64\RunOnce\EUupdate.exe TimeOut /T 10rem VMware drivers"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\AddOns\Windows.iso -O%Temp%\VMwareToolsmsiexec /I "%Temp%\VMwareTools\VMware Tools.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\VMwareToolsInstall.log%Temp%\VMwareTools\Setup64.exe /S /V"/Qn REBOOT=R ADDLOCAL=ALL"RmDir /S /Q %Temp%\VMwareToolsIf exist %1:\XP64\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso REG ADD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /V *command0 /D "%1:\XP64\Run1b.bat %1 "If not exist %1:\XP64\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /V command0 /D "%1:\XP64\Run2.bat %1 "%1:\XP64\RunOnce\WindowsServer2003-KB3072630-x64-ENU.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_Slim.exe /ainShutDown /R /F


TimeOut /T 60"%ProgramFiles%\7-Zip\7z.exe" X %1:\XP64\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso -O%Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditions%Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditions\VBoxWindowsAdditions-amd64.exe /with_D3D /SRmDir /S /Q %Temp%\VirtualBoxAdditionsREG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /V command0 /D "%1:\XP64\Run2.bat %1 "Attrib -S -H %SystemDrive%\boot.iniCopy %SystemDrive%\boot.txt %SystemDrive%\boot.iniAttrib +S +H %SystemDrive%\boot.iniShutDown /R /F


rem startup delay to allow disk thrashing to subside before proceedingTimeOut /T 120TaskKill /IM BoincMgr.exe /T /F%SystemRoot%\system32\bootexctrl.exe /u defrag_nativerem %1:\XP64\RunOnce\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64_Slim.exe /ainrem Oracle VirtualBoxCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\VirtualBox-*-Win.exe %Temp%\VirtualBox-Win.exe%Temp%\VirtualBox-Win.exe --silent --loggingDel %Temp%\VirtualBox-Win.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-*.vbox-extpack %Temp%\Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack.vbox-extpack"%ProgramFiles%\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" extpack install %Temp%\Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack.vbox-extpackDel %Temp%\Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack.vbox-extpackrem VirtualBox drivers start menu itemsXcopy "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Sun VirtualBox Guest Additions" "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Sun VirtualBox Guest Additions\" /eXcopy "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions" "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions\" /erem browser plugins%1:\XP64\AddOns\install_flash_player.exe -install%1:\XP64\AddOns\install_flash_player_ppapi.exe -install%1:\XP64\AddOns\sw_lic_full_installer.exe /S%1:\XP64\AddOns\Silverlight.exe /Qrem Notepad++Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\npp*Installer.exe %Temp%\npp_Installer.exe%Temp%\npp_Installer.exe /SDel %Temp%\npp_Installer.exerem install & configure Libre Office (defaults shown)Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\LibreOffice*Win_x86.msi %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86.msiIf exist %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86.msi msiexec /I %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86.msi ALLUSERS=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL SELECT_WORD=1 SELECT_EXCEL=1 SELECT_POWERPOINT=1 /Qr /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\LibreOfficeInstall.logDel %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86.msiCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\LibreOffice*Win_x86_helppack*.msi %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86_helppack.msimsiexec /I %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86_helppack.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\LibreOfficeHelpInstall.logDel %Temp%\LibreOffice_Win_x86_helppack.msiMove "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\LibreOffice 4\help\en-GB" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\LibreOffice 4\help\en"Move "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\LibreOffice 5\help\en-GB" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\LibreOffice 5\help\en"rem Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 (read Misc\Office2007.html for instructions)%1:\XP64\AddOns\Office2007\Setup.exe /AdminFile %1:\XP64\AddOns\Office2007\Office2007.msp%1:\XP64\AddOns\Office2007\OFV.exe /Quiet /NoRestart%1:\XP64\AddOns\Office2007\gkall2010-kb2825635-fullfile-x86-glb.exe /Passive /NoRestartrem PDF readersCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\AdbeRdr*en_US.exe %Temp%\AdbeRdr_en_US.exe%Temp%\AdbeRdr_en_US.exe /sPB /rs /msiEULA_ACCEPT=YESDel %Temp%\AdbeRdr_en_US.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\AdbeRdrUpd*.msp %Temp%\AdbeRdrUpd.mspmsiexec /P %Temp%\AdbeRdrUpd.msp  /Passive /NoRestartDel %Temp%\AdbeRdrUpd.mspCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\SumatraPDF*install.exe %Temp%\SumatraPDF-install.exe%Temp%\SumatraPDF-install.exe /SDel %Temp%\SumatraPDF-install.exemsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\FoxitReader543.0920_enu.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\FoxitReaderInstall.logCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\FoxitReader*enu_Setup.exe %Temp%\FoxitReader_enu_Setup.exe%Temp%\FoxitReader_enu_Setup.exe /Silent /NoRestartDel %Temp%\FoxitReader_enu_Setup.exerem image editors / managers%1:\XP64\AddOns\ir.exe /SXcopy "%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Mihov Image Resizer" "%AllUsersProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Mihov Image Resizer\" /e%1:\XP64\AddOns\picasa39-setup.exe /STaskKill /IM Picasa3.exe /T /FCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\iview*setup.exe %Temp%\iview_setup.exe%Temp%\iview_setup.exe /silent /group=1 /allusers=1Del %Temp%\iview_setup.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\gimp-2*setup.exe %Temp%\gimp-2-setup.exe%Temp%\gimp-2-setup.exe /Silent /SP- /NoRestartDel %Temp%\gimp-2-setup.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\gimp-help*setup.exe %Temp%\gimp-help-setup.exe%Temp%\gimp-help-setup.exe /Dir="%ProgramFiles%\GIMP 2" /Silent /SP- /NoRestartDel %Temp%\gimp-help-setup.exeMove "%ProgramFiles%\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\help\en_GB" "%ProgramFiles%\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\help\en"rem nLitey type thingys%1:\XP64\AddOns\autoit-v3-setup.exe /S%1:\XP64\AddOns\wmp11slips1.4i.exe /Silent /NoRestart%1:\XP64\AddOns\nLite- /Silent /NoRestartrem Google Earth%1:\XP64\AddOns\GoogleEarthWin.exe /S /V"ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\GoogleEarthInstall.log"Copy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\googleearth-win-bundle*.exe %Temp%\GoogleEarthWin.exe%Temp%\GoogleEarthWin.exe /S /V"ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\GoogleEarthInstall.log"Del %Temp%\GoogleEarthWin.exerem Skype VoIP applicationmsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\SkypeSetup.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\SkypeInstall.logrem FTP & BitTorrent clients%1:\XP64\AddOns\FileZilla_3.7.4.1_win32-setup.exe /SCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\Vuze*Installer64.exe %Temp%\Vuze_Installer64.exe%Temp%\Vuze_Installer64.exe -qIf exist %Temp%\Vuze_Installer64.exe TimeOut /T 40TaskKill /IM Azureus.exe /T /FDel %Temp%\Vuze_Installer64.exerem (almost) every video codec known to man%1:\XP64\AddOns\TotalMedia\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\TotalMediasetup.log%1:\XP64\AddOns\PowerDVD5\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\PowerDVD5setup.log%1:\XP64\AddOns\PowerDVD5\Patch\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\PowerDVD5patch.logCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\vlc*win64.exe %Temp%\vlc-win64.exe%Temp%\vlc-win64.exe /SDel %Temp%\vlc-win64.exeCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\K-Lite_Codec_Pack*Mega.exe %Temp%\K-Lite_Codec_Pack_Mega.exe%Temp%\K-Lite_Codec_Pack_Mega.exe /Silent /NoRestart /LoadInf="%1:\XP64\AddOns\klcp_mega_unattended.ini"Del %Temp%\K-Lite_Codec_Pack_Mega.exerem YouTube downloaders%1:\XP64\AddOns\save2pc_light_setup.exe /Silent%1:\XP64\AddOns\YTDsetup.exe /Srem DVD backup utility%1:\XP64\AddOns\dvdshrink32setup.exe /Silent /NoRestartrem Daemon Tools (Part 2, uninstall toolbar)%Temp%\DTLite.exe /SDel %Temp%\DTLite.exe"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\DAEMON Tools Toolbar\uninst.exe" /Srem basic freeware CD/DVD burners"%1:\XP64\Nero\Nero Vision Express\NVE.exe"If exist "%1:\XP64\Nero\Nero Vision Express\NVE.exe" TimeOut /T 10"%1:\XP64\Nero\Nero 6\Setupx.exe" /Silent%1:\XP64\Nero\Content\Setup.exe /Silent%1:\XP64\Nero\NVE-\Setupx.exe /Silent%1:\XP64\Nero\Nero-\Setupx.exe /Silent%1:\XP64\AddOns\NeroBurnRightsInstaller.exe /Silent /BurnRights:All%1:\XP64\AddOns\SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe /S%1:\XP64\AddOns\burnaware_free.exe /Silent /NoRestartCopy /B %1:\XP64\AddOns\cdbxp_setup_x64*.msi %Temp%\cdbxp_setup_x64.msimsiexec /I %Temp%\cdbxp_setup_x64.msi /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\CDBurnerXPInstall.logDel %Temp%\cdbxp_setup_x64.msirem .Net / DirectX dependent driver applications | Legacy ATI Catalyst Control Center (integrate driver) | Current ATI Driver and CCC | HP Bluetooth | Acer Launch Managerrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\CCC\Setup.exe /S /F2%Temp%\CatalystControlCenterSetup.logrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\xp64_dd_ccc\Setup.exe /KL %Temp%\ATI-DD-CCC-Setup.logrem %1:\XP64\AddOns\Bluetooth\Setup.exe /Qrem Regedit /S %1:\XP64\AddOns\LaunchManager\LaunchManager.regrem custom bootloaderAttrib -S -H %SystemDrive%\boot.iniCopy %1:\XP64\boot.ini %SystemDrive%\Attrib +S +H %SystemDrive%\boot.inirem defragIf not exist %SystemRoot%\system32\uDefrag.exe Defrag %SystemDrive%%SystemRoot%\system32\uDefrag -r -v --all-fixedrem Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit version 4.1 update 1msiexec /I "%1:\XP64\AddOns\EMET Setup.msi" ALLUSERS=1 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\EMETInstall.log"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\EMET 4.1\EMET_Conf.exe" --import %1:\XP64\AddOns\EMET_XP-64_Software.xmlrem anti-spywareIf not exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\MSEInstall.exe msiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\WindowsDefenderX64.msi ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=SUPRESS CHECK_WGA=0 LAUNCHPROGRAM=0 LAUNCHSCAN=0 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\WindowsDefenderInstall.logIf not exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\MSEInstall.exe %1:\XP64\AddOns\mpas-fe.exe /QTaskKill /IM IExplore.exe /T /F%1:\XP64\AddOns\spybotsd162.exe /Silent /SP- /Components="" /tasks="!launchsdhelper,!launchteatimer,!quicklaunchicon" /NoRestart%1:\XP64\AddOns\spybotsd_includes.exe /S"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe" /taskbarhide /autoimmunize /autocloserem Avast anti-virus - rerun setup to install additional languages%1:\XP64\AddOns\avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe /Silent /NoRestartIf exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe TimeOut /T 120%1:\XP64\AddOns\vpsupd.exe /Silent /NoRestartrem Microsoft Security Essentials%1:\XP64\AddOns\MSEInstall.exe /S /O%1:\XP64\AddOns\mpam-feX64.exerem Comodo firewallIf not exist %1:\XP64\AddOns\cis_setup_x64.msi %1:\XP64\AddOns\Comodo314587.exemsiexec /I %1:\XP64\AddOns\cis_setup_x64.msi INSTALLANTIVIRUS=0 FWFEATURES=1 HIDE_SECURITY_ALERTS=0 THREATCASTFEATURE=2 INSTALLDEFHOMEPAGE=0 INSTALLASKDEFSEARCH=0 /Passive /NoRestart /Log %Temp%\ComodoInstall.logrem optional menu reorganizationCMD /R %1:\XP64\MenuReorg.batrem setup for the next passIf exist %1:\XP64\Run3.bat REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /V command0 /D "%1:\XP64\Run3.bat %1 "ShutDown /R /F


rem startup delay to allow disk thrashing to subside before proceedingTimeOut /T 120rem silent installers go hererem setup for the next passIf exist %1:\XP64\Run4.bat REG ADD HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runonce /V command0 /D "%1:\XP64\Run4.bat %1 "ShutDown /R /F


2 Oct 07: Dropped Weed's Windows Defender AddOn for the current Microsoft installer & other minor changes (see post 4).

14 Oct 07: October updates and partial hotfix .7z pack available at eSnips (see post 5).

16 Nov 07: November updates (see post 8).

21 Dec 07: December updates (see post 13), new fully updated .Net installers, file numbering reorder, Open Office install options, option for second pass of application installs.

11 Jan 08: January updates (see post 16).

17 Feb 08: February updates (see post 18).

10 Mar 08: Updated tracker IP addy, link for latest DirectX, Run1*.bat filenames.

15 Mar 08: March updates (see post 25).

28 Mar 08: Just updates to silent install switches for latest program versions.

11 Apr 08: April updates (see post 31).

14 Apr 08: Added 2 runtimes (MSXML4 & C++ 2005) and a hotfix that should have shown up on Windows Update (post 33).

15 May 08: No updates this month, added info on testing (use VMware server) and VMware tools to Run1_XP-64.bat

14 Jun 08: June updates (see post 73) and quite a few other changes.

11 Jul 08: July updates (see post 109) and quite a few other changes.

14 Jul 08: Added info on enabling VMware server sound provided by JohnHC.

26 Jul 08: Added details on 5eraph's update pack.

13 Aug 03: August updates (see post 141).

29 Aug 08: Cleanup of the downloads section & updates to Run1_XP-64.bat for latest program versions (post 158).

12 Sep 08: September updates (see post 171).

16 Oct 08: October updates (see post 184).

14 Nov 08: November updates (see post 202).

12 Dec 08: December updates (see post 209).

18 Dec 08: Added Hotfix\680-IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB960714-x64-ENU.exe [8,686,968]

21 Dec 08: Added .Net 3.5 sp2 wannabe (see post 212).

15 Jan 09: January updates (see post 240).

18 Jan 09: Added information for running the process under a 32-bit operating system (see post 243).

20 Jan 09: Uploaded screenshot archive to eSnips.

21 Jan 09: .Net framework 2.0 SP2 standalone has been released (see post 251).

13 Feb 09: February updates (see post 270).

14 Mar 09: March updates (see post 271).

27 Mar 09: Application updates (see post 290).

3 Apr 09: Added support for IE8, but you must now autologon twice to an administrator class account (see post 291).

16 Apr 09: April updates (see post 294).

13 Jun 09: June updates, switched primary support to IE8 (see post 319).

16 Jul 09: July updates, shuffled the deck chairs (see post 336).

15 Aug 09: August updates (see post 365).

11 Sep 09: September updates, file reorder (see post 384).

20 Sep 09: Altered guide and Run1 to deal with nLite limitation under x86 versions of windows described in post 376.

5 Oct 09: Cleaned up leftover .Net setup folder (see the lost post).

17 Oct 09: October updates (see post 406).

31 Oct 09: Application updates (see post 413).

13 Nov 09: November updates (see post 414).

13 Dec 09: December updates (see post 421).

16 Jan 10: January updates (see post 429).

11 Feb 10: February updates (see post 436).

12 Mar 10: March updates (see post 439).

16 Apr 10: April updates (see post 462).

14 May 10: May updates (see post 474).

11 Jun 10: June updates (see post 482).

30 Jun 10: Updates to .Net, added Office 2007 Home and Student to the supported applications (see post 495).

16 Jul 10: July update (see post 496).

13 Aug 10: August updates (see post 497).

17 Sep 10: September updates (see post 498).

17 Oct 10: October updates (see post 499).

12 Nov 10: November updates (see post 500).

18 Dec 10: December updates (see post 509).

14 Jan 11: January updates (see post 514).

11 Feb 11: February updates (see post 516).

12 Mar 11: March updates (see post 531).

16 Apr 11: April updates (see post 532 & 534).

12 May 11: May updates (see post 536).

22 Jun 11: June updates (see post 540).

14 Jul 11: July updates (see post 541).

12 Aug 11: August updates (see post 542).

17 Sep 11: September updates (see post 543 & 544).

15 Oct 11: October updates (see post 545).

12 Nov 11: November updates (see post 546).

16 Dec 11: December updates (see post 550).

13 Jan 12: January updates (see post 551).

18 Feb 12: February updates (see post 552).

16 Mar 12: March updates (see post 553).

13 Apr 12: April updates (see post 554).

12 May 12: May updates (see post 555).

3 Jun 12: Fix nLite integration error identified by Explorer09 and add some optional updates (see post 565).

17 Jun 12: June updates (see post 578).

14 Jul 12: July updates (see post 593).

17 Aug 12: August updates (see post 595).

14 Sep 12: September updates (see post 596).

22 Sep 12: I.E. Critical update (see post 598).

12 Oct 12: October updates (see post 600).

15 Nov 12: November updates and file reorder (see post 604).

14 Dec 12: December updates (see post 606).

13 Jan 13: January updates (see post 616).

16 Jan 13: I.E. Critical update (post 618).

16 Feb 13: February updates (see post 621).

15 Mar 13: March updates (see post 623).

12 Apr 13: April updates (see post 634).

21 May 13: May updates (see post 648).

15 Jun 13: June updates (see post 649).

19 Jul 13: July updates (see post 652).

19 Aug 13: August updates (see post 664 & 666).

14 Sep 13: September updates (see post 672).

14 Oct 13: October updates (see post 689).

16 Nov 13: November updates (see post 692).

17 Dec 13: December updates (see post 693).

17 Jan 14: January updates (see post 696).

15 Feb 14: February updates (see post 697).

14 Mar 14: March updates (see post 701).

17 May 14: April-May updates (see post 705).

9 Jun 14: Split off most of the hotfix lists into a different topic.

14 Jun 14: June updates (see post 706).

11 Jul 14: July updates (see post 708).

16 Aug 14: August updates (see post 715).

13 Sep 14: September updates (see post 718).

18 Oct 14: October updates (see post 719).

17 Nov 14: November updates (see post 724).

14 Dec 14: December updates (see post 725).

16 Jan 15: January updates (see post 726).

13 Feb 15: February updates and added VirtualBox Direct 3D support (see post 727).

21 Mar 15: March updates (see post 728).

20 Apr 15: April updates (see post 729).

20 May 15: May updates (see post 730).

12 Jun 15: June updates (see post 731).

20 Jul 15: End of Life updates and major changes to folder layout to support split-media installations (see post 732).

23 Aug 15: .Net update

25 Oct 15: .Net and root certificates updates

28 Nov 15: .Net and root certificates updates

3 Jan 16: .Net and root certificates updates


Edited by Kurt_Aust
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October updates




110-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB941202-x64-ENU.exe [1,698,184]

115-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB933729-x64-ENU.exe [4,230,536]

175-IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB939653-x64-ENU.exe [36,590,472]

There is now a .7z archive at eSnips with all of the smaller (<8MB) hotfixes.

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Hi there,

one possible really dumb question but why can't I create a DVD like this on a non 64bit windows?

Can I even change anything within my Windows XP x64 cd version with Nlite or will this always lead to a non working installation CD?

I tried all of the above steps within a Windows XP 32 bit and always get a bluescreen when the setup loader tries to start windows (installer).



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Hi there,

one possible really dumb question but why can't I create a DVD like this on a non 64bit windows?

Can I even change anything within my Windows XP x64 cd version with Nlite or will this always lead to a non working installation CD?

I tried all of the above steps within a Windows XP 32 bit and always get a bluescreen when the setup loader tries to start windows (installer).



The main reason it won't work is that service pack 2 won't slipsteam on a 32 bit platform. You might be able to make changes to the setup files and integrate drivers, but adding hotfixes would probably cause it to fail.

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Quick question...

How does the 64-bit xp performance compare to 32-bit xp? I know early on there were major driver issues and such, but I can't really find and recent reviews to see how things are going.


Meant performance-wise as far as games and programs go.

Edited by chewy
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Quick question...

How does the 64-bit xp performance compare to 32-bit xp?

Well, the reviews I've seen (mainly on Planet AMD64) show no significant difference performance wise.

Some benchmarks are slightly faster on x64 XP, marginally more are slightly slower, but in most cases the difference is less than 5% either way.

So the answer to your implied question is that performance is not a reason to use x64 XP, but it's also not a reason to not use it.

x64 Pros: Better security, better stability

x64 Cons: Lower compatibility both Hardware (improving) and Software (esp. no 16 bit subsystem).

Actually, the inability to play really old games (i.e. Civ2) is what lead to this project, in a very convoluted way.

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December updates








Hotfix\240-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB942763-x64-ENU.exe [738,352]

Hotfix\250-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB941568-x64-ENU.exe [5,498,416]

Hotfix\260-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB944653-x64-ENU.exe [679,984]

Hotfix\270-IE7-WindowsServer2003.WindowsXP-KB942615-x64-ENU.exe [36,623,408]

Hotfix\280-WindowsMedia11-KB941569-x64-ENU.exe [696,384]

At \dotNET for installation via nLite's RunOnce / batch files. Either

dotnetfx35.exe [206,692,864] You want the Redistributable Package from near the bottom of the page

MD5: D1B341C1BC8B96E4898450C9881B1425

SHA1: 0A271BB44531AADEF902829F98DFAD66E4A57586

OR if you only want/need .Net 2.0

NetFx20SP1_x64.exe [49,196,040]

MD5: 4C07706A2AC5806944BC6A09C103BF9F

SHA1: F4FC64EBF66978CA95EBF4F5ACFD0107D77C5656

File numbering sequence has been reordered, returning users must run UpdatePrep.bat to bring it back into line (it seems that the taskbar version of Windows Update installs hotfixes in a different order than the Internet Explorer based one).

Changed Open Office install method to one that gives end user more options but requires the installation of 7-Zip.

Added option for second pass of application installs.

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Thanks for this guide. It is really helpful and exactly what I am looking for.

There are some minor issues though with slipstreaming hotfixes using nLite

240# KB942763 - Timezone update

280# KB941569

800# KB925876

Failed for direct integration method (I got a dialog) Then I selected use "svcpack" integration but those attempts by nLite failed too :( :(

Bytheway while slipstreaming IE7 I got some dialogs if I wanted to overwrite a existing file with an older version :S

Could you help me? What causes these failures ??



EDIT: Everything works fine when integrating under X64-Operating System.

Edited by HJW
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Hi all,

:D In addition to this guide I want to add a few things. I use those to make my X64-CD even more up2date. :D

KB890830 (Malicious Software Removal Tool)

Use /Q to install silent (T13 ready).

DirectX_march08_x64_redist (switchless SFX installer with only x64 CABs)

size = 38,9mb, md5 = a112fadb6b527f9e1f1de23b375424eb

download here

NET20SP1_x64 ( repacked switchless SFX with T-13 ready )

size = 46,8mb, md5 = 19dd772d6cddced9b246a8e99dad3a7e

download here

Windows Update Client X64 ( repacked switchless SFX installer )

size = 7.69mb, md5 = 5372304f21699279fefe3df163e984e4

download here

I also tried to make an SFX covering the issues in this topic but I failed with that one. :(

* Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control - KB892130 (LegitCheckControl.cab)

* Office Genuine Advantage Validation Tool ActiveX Control (OGAControl.cab)

* Windows Update ActiveX Control (wuweb_site.cab)

* Microsoft Update ActiveX Control (muweb_site.cab)

* Office Update Installation Engine ActiveX Control (opuc4.cab)

* Microsoft Update Catalog ActiveX Control (MuCatalogWebControl.cab)

Well I hope you guys can use these files :) for your x64 disc


Edited by HJW
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