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vLite 1.0 RC - Hammer


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Hi Nuhi,

Some questions:

upd: 'Volume Shadow' (Previous Version tab removed): is it nessecary for complete PC backup

fix: 'Windows Collaboration' (netsh dependency) Removal of WC depended on netsh?

fix: 'Windows Media Player' (portable devices) User mode driver crash fixed?

Thank You for Your work, my laptop just flies...

Boot up time 12 sec

shut down 5-9 sec


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volume shadow is needed for Windows Backup, never tried Complete Backup.

Netsh depended on Collaboration.

What's user mode driver crash?

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nuhi u the man :)))))))))))

This heat is killin' me, vJoy.

what is the temp' ? there in c?

we had here about 39c over for a week its was awful

Thank You for Your work, my laptop just flies...

Boot up time 12 sec

shut down 5-9 sec

from hibernation ?

cuz if not im shocked :X

my pc does at 3mins!

i tested it and its working good thx nuhi

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Hi nuhi,

Thank You for reply.

VSS is pooling huge file in System Volume Information on D: when creating Complete PC (C:) backup. The same was the case in XP. so i see they made a "real" progress here. Loosers!!!

Someone mentioned already in this forum about user mode driver crash while inserting removable devices. I can not tell why this happening from time to time, especialy with older removeable fingers.

I thought maybe You fixed that but it is not the case as I see...

One strange event is occuring form time to time too and it is visible only through custom views/ administrative events:

What the hell causes this?

Log Name: Security

Source: Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog

Date: 6/30/2007 5:33:36 PM

Event ID: 1108

Task Category: Event processing

Level: Error

Keywords: Audit Success

User: N/A

Computer: NX-9420


The event logging service encountered an error while processing an incoming event published from Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing.

Event Xml:

<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">


<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog" Guid="{fc65ddd8-d6ef-4962-83d5-6e5cfe9ce148}" />







<TimeCreated SystemTime="2007-06-30T14:33:36.932Z" />


<Correlation />

<Execution ProcessID="820" ThreadID="980" />



<Security />



<EventProcessingFailure xmlns:auto-ns3="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events" xmlns="http://manifests.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/windows/eventlog">

<Error Code="15007">







Apart from vss, user mode driver random crash and this random event, vista is stable as a rock.

Any ideas on fixing these things are appreciated...

Why to leave performance inf and tools shortcut in Control panel if everything related is removed? Or this is fixed already?


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of course you had to release this not even 24 hours after i decided to reinstall vista :lol: (i checked last night [around 2am] just to make sure you hadnt released it), ill still check it out though. good work buddy.

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