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    nLite 1.4(.1) - - ->

    I am very happy to testing this new release, with SP2+NEW-IE7+RWMU (ENG & IT) and SP3 build 3205 For next release i suggest the integration of famous thirdy part readyboost for windows xp Bye Bye p.s. ... now the next step is new vLite release...
  2. ... i run nLite 1.4RC2 from Vista HomePremium SP1 v.275 and all work fine... now testing into XP SP3 v.3205
  3. nlite v.1.4.RC2 Thanks ... all work fine... and iso is more little respect to v1.3 final
  4. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Beta Build: 2600.xpsp.070831-1912 (Service Pack 3, v.3205) is first "Public Beta Preview" for beta testers only https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin...40&id=64416 and i am one of that! Read http://www.softwareheadlines.com/modules/p...icle.php/228355 Please: don't flame me more Thanks!
  5. Testing stopped! SP3 3205 not accept my LEGAL! VOL KEY. This KEY work fine with SP2 and SP3 3180 with latest WGA! ... umh! I remenber: this is the same error of the latest SP2 beta build before first RC (accept only beta CONNECT key) I try to install RETAIL VOL and after SP3 3205, but if is off-topics, ending post. Thanks. p.s. Nuhi waiting your reply.
  6. Visual Tweaks are redundant!
  7. Testing now! with SP3 build 5.1.2600.3205 and IE7 build 7.0.5730.13 @ nuhi: officially Nlite 1.4 RC ic compatible and/or work with SP3 and new IE7? Thanks p.s. ... new vLite?
  8. I don't know... speeking with Nuhi. Bye.
  9. umh! misconfigration of your vLite dot ini ? Or real bug ? Install clean vLite to any separate directory and retest.
  10. All N version's dont have "ALL MEDIA PLAYER FILES AND MODULES RELATED" but somes windows functionalities don't work. Bye.
  11. For my personal opinion is not possible to compare RTM or SP1 build of Vista with RTM or SP1 vLited build of Vista All the vLited build of Vista (RTM or SP1) are more more fast respect normal RTM or SP1 of vista not vLited vLite and nLite are the best configuration tools software and they optimize always the performances of Windows For example: xpLite remove some windows components but not optimizing never! The same nLited are more realiable fast and optimized
  12. CONFIRM but others issues have found... pardon modified my reply
  13. ... vLite 1.1b work with new SP1 but only breaks some "Control Panel - Features" not critical.
  14. I dont know but for me the ammount of ram is not another brick in the wall... for one SPx-Upgrade...
  15. Tested to Dell Insiron 9400 2GB ram DDR2 666Mhz + HDD 7200 rpm + readyboost with HISD 4GB For now noting special! Vista + KB938979 and KB938194 Hotfixes or Vista + Service Pack, 1 v165 are more equal. The performance and memory allocation are the same of Windows Web Server 2008 beta 3 (the service pack is the same v165) Boot time is 24/28 sec's (40/80 sec's to full load desk+wireless+cpuidle+admuncher+avast+spamihilator) Shutdown is 10/12 sec's Installation time 15 minut's (TOTAL time to load first desktop) Phisical memory available 2045 -271MB (nvidia shared memory) Cache 378 Free memory available 1233 p.s. peerguardian2 not load and not work!!! p.p.s. no others test possible delete and format vista32bitsp1 partition now Enjoy
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