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  1. You can actually use Windows' inbuilt certificate manager in Win7/2K8R2 to alleviate the need for another file if you have these OS: certutil.exe -addstore "TrustedPublisher" [cert_file_name.cer] Thanks for the process though, very handy!
  2. Maybe you could use the menu from VistaPE over that of the current XP installer. It's much smoother graphically [uses the face background], and all that has to be done [as jaclaz also mentioned] is appending entries to the list. EDIT: Any plans to add support for multiple 'distros' under the one category [ie VistaPE + Vista installation DVD on the one medium]?. I have done it manually by creating partitions and just changing GRUB's menu file, but it would be that little bit nicer if it was integrated. In any case, it's no problem. A little legwork never hurts
  3. Fair enough, but I presume that it'd be nearly identical to Vista [behaviour] Thanks, I created an empty Sources Folder, and it installed it to the USB drive OK. The only problem was that when I booted it, only VistaPE's boot options were shown. This is because menu.lst is used by both the XP and VistaPE packages, and VistaPE had overwritten the previous entry. Could there be an option to merge both instances of this file into the one, so all menu entries are preserved? Thx for the help mate; appreciated
  4. G'day everyone This installer does not copy the XP setup files correctly when installing using Windows 7. I tried it in XP and it works fine... OS: Windows 7 Beta 1 [build 7000] Target OS: Windows XP SP3 [pre-slipped] Log: It's massive... but attached anyway. The USB is recognised as bootable when I just copy the boot files [errors out though] and when I copy all of the files it boots straight from the HDD. EDIT: Also, under XP, I cannot select the Winbuilder VistaPE folder. It has the 'Programs' folder, but is still rejected. Thx WinSetupFromUSB___Copy.rar
  5. What you can do is grab the boot.wim file [it's roughly 110MB] from the WAIK [freely downloadable] or a Vista DVD. Then apply the wim file contents to a directory and re-capture it using the following method: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=1970#entry12329 What you can do [because it's copied across the network] is use maximum compression [/compress maximum] which should slim it down a few MB. I hope that helps
  6. jezza333

    XPero's utilities

    Awesome job, thanks xpero!!
  7. A few mirrors for IconViewer, as the others are down at the moment. Latest version: http://rapidshare.de/files/30797488/IconViewer.zip.html OR http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9H2SYTIP OR http://www.uploading.com/?get=B13Z1G3F OR http://www.sendspace.com/file/mln1mb Hope that helps someone out
  8. Sorry to bump this, but is this project dead?
  9. some badnews my monitor screen get yellowed (seems the blue and red color has been fade away) so it will take more time Are you sure that your monitor signal cable is ok, and all the pins are contacting? Simple, but some ppl do miss it (not most, of course)
  10. @Net user: Home broadband user with router, straight connection to the internet. @Mordac85: Ah, never thought of changing the vb script, seems a simple solution, not to me though I'm not familiar with how VB scripts work, and when I opened it to edit, i was assured I had no idea about what to change. Would someone please be able to help me out, by editing the file below and adding "" as a prefix to all site names? There needs to be at least a space or tab between them... (I think) Gen_pornlist.zip I just came across that problem with DNS sites not resolving; websites without 'www' as the prefix wouldn't load, and I had to change them. This was the case for some sites where a search is done, and it sees no need to the prefix. I simply changed the DNS back to normal, and everything works fine. Thanks to anyone who has helped out, i appreciate it Cheers
  11. lol, probably. I'll probably have to contact a microsoft techie about it, because disabling that DNS client service didn't help. The sites ae directly after the 1st entry ( localhost)
  12. Haha, I knew someone would say that I want to use the hosts file because it doesnt require additional software, and usually is very quick. I used a vb script file which i found, to download a list of pr0n sites off the internet. I then copied the list into Excel, ~65000 sites at a time, and prefixed them with, then put them into the hosts file. Took some time... Anyway, I will try disabling it; See how it goes. Thanks for the replies
  13. Hello there! I have a problem with my hosts file, and it will only work blocking some sites. It is ~12mb, and before you say "WTF have u got in it???", i will tell you. It has a list of around half a million porn sites, so they will be blocked and appear 'down'. A hosts site said that hosts files over 135kb slow down Win2K/XP, and a solution to this would be to change the 'DNS Client' service to manual startup, as opposed to the default automatic. I did this, and so i was then able to browse the web. I discovered the the hosts file only partly did it's job, blocking some sites but not others. Can someone pease tell me what I can do? Thanks! Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  14. Dels, i know of a tool that could help you in the area of patching the system tray icons to 32bit, from 16 colours. You will need version 2 of the .Net Framework to run it, but it works well. I have used it without a problem and it looks great Check it out here: http://www.r1ch.net/stuff/win2000traypatch/
  15. Looks sweet mate, go ahead. Looking forward to it!

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