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  1. Thats exactly what i did however VPC complains the image is not a correct cd image. I even reinstalled the program to no avail & remade my iso image still no good? Any ideas?
  2. I apologize for all the questions but Is that just a matter of dragging the image into VPC @ boot?
  3. I looked at the VPC guide regarding installing & using the software but in my opinion the guide is a little lacking. Maybe Im missing something but am I required to install an OS say XP Pro first to the virtual machine or can I load my ISO dvd image directly to VPC?
  4. Datalore Thanks for the info Ill check it out & let you know.
  5. Just wandering what I need in my windows pe to connect to a network server. Whats required & maybe a small guide how to?
  6. Looking further into this problem is it possible Im having conflicts with Winimage as VPC refuses to boot this cd image. I had similar problems recently with my built in DVD software & Winimage just a thought any pointers guys?
  7. If you folllowed Goshs guide eg same as win pe & you did not remove network componets using his batch file ERD commander should work fine mine works great.
  8. Come on guys forty odd views & no response?
  9. I recently downloaded the trial version of MS Virtual PC 2004, being new to this i was just wandering does anyone have a simple guide to use the program & whats required besides the cd image.iso I did try to use it as per Flyakites Multidvd guide but VPC complained about the iso made using cdimage not being a correct cd iso? Come on guys 13 views & no replys?
  10. Are you sure youve done it properly using the part magic floppies & inject with Winimage to make the ima file? Flyakite has an excellent guide in his multiboot guide try following?
  11. I did post recently regarding the recovery console on the multi boot dvd no one appeared to be interested. I have included the xp pro recovery console on my dvd & it works however i do have a problem with the admin password issue or a workaround. I was able to get the original image from a post on the CD Forum, previously posted this info.
  12. It sounds like your winnt.sif needs checking. Have a look at the unattended guide at this site or the support tools in XP for an excellent explanation. How are you calling the start.cmd batch, I had a lot of trouble with this until I adopted ms method as below. [GuiRunOnce] Command0=%systemdrive%\install\main_batch.cmd Command1=%systemdrive%\install\hotfixes.cmd Command2=%systemdrive%\install\applications.cmd Hope this helps.
  13. Yes noticed that with both my machines for a while not really a problem though. Is this an issue with SP2 also or only post SP1?
  14. I personally use winimage have a look at Flyakites dvd multi boot guide for pointers on this one.Support tools
  15. Have a look at the link below, I find Sherpas XPE an excellent alternative to explorer. If not try searching for explorer in pe in this forum. Here
  16. I was just wondering what the difference was between the two MS cdimage tools thats all, not the third party applications.
  17. What commands are required to use the oscdimage?
  18. Whats the difference between cdimage & oscdimage?
  19. I have the same raid controller on my box very keen to incorporate into my multiboot dvd. Would someone have a guide to this?
  20. Basically all sub dirs under the i386 dir need to be placed under the wnpe or what ever you may call it. You may need to check your hexing program. I would not advise using the built iso image in your multiboot.
  21. Yes try nu2 productions website Bart has a nice little tool to do this.

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