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  1. Every time I start windows at times I get the annoying popup form do you want to go online eg connect to the internet bla bla. Experience the same thing when I open my computer first time after windows has booted? Is ok each time after though?
  2. Well Im very interested have a go son.
  3. Thanks, Should have known that.
  4. Is there a simple way to remove all your favourite pages from Explorer?
  5. Have a look at my directories & compare this works for me?
  6. Did you use the cdident files & place them in the root of the disk? If you dont have them you can download them from Chris Kites site. I also recomend using Goshs reduced source method to make the boot folder as the one on Flyakites guide I could never get to work.Have a look at This
  7. Thanks Kewl that was spot on. I knew i had seen the fix before but couldn't remember where may be on Barts site?
  8. Ok thanks wasn't sure about bootfix.bin. I'll give it a try.
  9. Come on guys thirty odd views & no reply I'll have to change my deodrant.
  10. Gday just a young fella from Aus or I like to think I am. I have been into Puters for approx three years lurking around these pages for approx twelve months now & been a member for approx five. I would just like to say what a marvelous site so informative & helpful. I dont regard myself as a Nerd or you guys or peers as either. I have gained much knowledge in the short time Ive been around that I could never of imagined. Thanks guys & keep up the good work.
  11. Just wondering how I remove the hit any key to boot from CD from PE when booting from Diskemu in my Multi DVD OS, very annoying I know i need to remove the Bootfix.bin but how? Thanks.
  12. Alanoll not trying to be pushy but you did start this topic?????????
  13. My opinion only but I would follow Flyakites guide using Goshs method as explained by extracting the boot folder from an already installed version of 2k. Read the guide carefully well worth the effort. Anyway my two bobs worth.
  14. How large is your DVD image? If above 2gig VPC 2004 wont boot. Probably try Daemon tools or Alcohol. DOH! nevermind damm 2gb limit i dont have any dvdrw to test it with... witch ones would be better never used em before + or the -? Yeah sorry budd I also found out the hard way. But dont worry I have issues with Daemon tools not quite mastered it yet. I have all formats an LG multi that does +,- & Ram & a Ricoh +. I really dont see the difference at all mind you have not sampled the Ram as media is so bloody dear.
  15. How large is your DVD image? If above 2gig VPC 2004 wont boot. Probably try Daemon tools or Alcohol.
  16. Alanoll, have not modified the config.sys here it is below? Any ideas? files=10 buffers=10 dos=high,umb stacks=9,256 lastdrive=z device=himem.sys /testmem:off device=oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001 device=btdosm.sys device=flashpt.sys device=btcdrom.sys /D:mscd001 device=aspi2dos.sys device=aspi8dos.sys device=aspi4dos.sys device=aspi8u2.sys device=aspicd.sys /D:mscd001 devicehigh=ramdrive.sys /E 2048
  17. Alanoll I set the CD rom letters up as you described in other post as below, however during the dos setup it complains the drivers cannot be found on either drive d or e & if i swap to the other DVD drive it complains it can't find the driver on drive e or d. Im a little lost on this one? @ECHO OFF set EXPAND=YES SET DIRCMD=/O:N set LglDrv=27 * 26 Z 25 Y 24 X 23 W 22 V 21 U 20 T 19 S 18 R 17 Q 16 P 15 set LglDrv=%LglDrv% O 14 N 13 M 12 L 11 K 10 J 9 I 8 H 7 G 6 F 5 E 4 D 3 C cls call setramd.bat %LglDrv% set temp=c:\ set tmp=c:\ path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\ copy command.com %RAMD%:\ > NUL set comspec=%RAMD%:\command.com copy extract.exe %RAMD%:\ > NUL copy readme.txt %RAMD%:\ > NUL :ERROR IF EXIST ebd.cab GOTO EXT echo Please insert Windows 98 Startup Disk 2 echo. pause GOTO ERROR :EXT %RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL echo The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive %RAMD%. echo. LH %ramd%:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:%CDROM% IF EXIST D:\Win51 Set CDROM=D: IF EXIST E:\Win51 Set CDROM=E: IF EXIST F:\Win51 Set CDROM=F: IF EXIST G:\Win51 Set CDROM=G: IF EXIST H:\Win51 SET CDROM=H: echo. cls echo Now installing Windows 98 SE echo. echo Loading... path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\SETUP\98SE\WIN98\ OEMSETUP.EXE echo. GOTO QUIT :QUIT echo To get help, type HELP and press ENTER. echo. rem clean up environment variables set CDROM= set LglDrv= Have I setup the batch file correctly to call the relevant drive?
  18. Contact MS they may provide a cd with sp1, rollup etc I believe they are free.
  19. Datalore So I don't need to reboot the machine? Not booting anyway? If I mount the image in virtual dvd drive F all the files appear in that drive but not booting I must be missing something? I have also tried this with a cd image to no avail.
  20. I did try that method Alanoll but for some reason always came up with errors, noted some files missing also where Goshs method worked like a charm.
  21. I found Goshs method as explained on his site about the best with no errors. LookHere
  22. Have a look at Nu2productions website re PE Builder plug ins may be of some use?
  23. Just downloaded & installed daemon tools 3.46, having a little trouble with this one also. I mounted the DVD ISO image in DVD virtual drive F. I rebooted machine ran image & failed to boot am I missing something or do I need to alter Bios setting? I have obviously set cd/dvd to first boot drive.
  24. I new i had seen something previous regarding large iso's & VPC. Thanks again.

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