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  1. Too large to upload here but youre right it appears to be missing MSCDEX.EXE. I originally downloaded this from the multiboot pages? Also noted Chris Kites 98 image file does not download properly?
  2. Slightly different error have not added README.TXT ; AUTORUN.INF ; and SETUP.EXE to the root of my structure as yet though. Do these files reside in the original 98se disk or are they simply taken from the aio dvd structure?
  3. I used your pre hexed findcd.exe attached on the bottom of your guide & injected the file into 98 boot image in winimage.
  4. Just tried your suggestion in virtual pc & getting this error as attached? File not found? Press any key to continue. . . Press any key to continue. . . The Windows 98 Setup files were not found. Also can I use my WIN51 file without modification from the AIO dvd multiboot?
  5. Alanoll tried it out yesterday & getting the same error re setup files. I'll try your latest suggestion & post.
  6. Thanks Alanoll. I'm going to play around with this one tonight, I'll let you know the outcome Cheers.
  7. I just made a single iso of 98se on its own did not boot properly by virtual pc complaining it could not find boot disk on drive d. I however burnt this to a cd it booted & went through setup no worries. It still has problems when booted from any other cd/dvd drive than "d". Is this specific to the era of 98se or am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced the same problem surely there must be a way around this as I'm sure many of us have more than one cd or dvd drives?
  8. Gee I'm glad someone else started this post. Thanks Alanoll really lookin forward to an outcome?
  9. I also don't understand Chris Kites guide where he says "Edit config.sys to include only options for booting from cd". Not sure what he means re booting from the cd. OK Alanoll I'd be very interested in that cause I have exhausted all avenues.
  10. Thanks,tried searching Google but there little or no info on multibooting 98se on dvd maybe 98 a little too old now?
  11. I don't get it does anyone have this working on their DVD using Flyakites guide, I had on going problems with both ME & 98se?
  12. Thats basically what I've been doing for some time but including ME total image approx 1gig. I copied the win 98 file & placed in the root as well still no luck.
  13. Alanoll Thanks for your patience but it still hangs on the same screen which says pls insert boot floppy in drive d I must say now however it does first popup that its formatting c drive but after a few seconds it reverts back to same. Do you think this is a problem with virtual pc? have not burned this to a disk to try on a real machine.
  14. Alanoll,thanks but still not working followed your post attached Autoexec.bat same problem as before?
  15. Yeah Alanoll I've been having the same dam problem with 98 & ME. I've nearly given up, anyway I'll post my structures any help would be appreciated.
  16. I found Goshs guide very helpful check the members site pages.
  17. Yes I have experienced the same problem ms do have a fix for this try searching for Q817357 it worked for me.
  18. Not much in my Start menu at all Father, not heard of Spybot had a go at Adaware though?
  19. The exact message im getting when trying to open My Computer straight after a cold boot is "The web page your trying to view is offline"
  20. Thanks guys used Justices idea & went into msconfig & disabled any useless stuff there & appears to have fixed the problem. I still however get the same problem when I open My computer straight after a cold boot.
  21. Thanks guys most helpfull I'll give it a go.
  22. Outlook express. Running AVG 6.0 up to date & apparently ok.

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