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  1. Oh, another question. Is it possible (and advisable?) to put the ISO generated by Bart's builder on the DVD and just boot using the ISO when booting BartBE? If that will save me from fiddling too much around with .DAT-files I'd appreciate it... If not... does anyone know of some guide that explains how to make simple mulitiboot DVD if for people who already have a working Unattended Install (NOT the Gosh way) and a working BartPE? Soren
  2. Thanks for your answer :-) What do you mean, you expanded the original i386 dir into the WNPE dir? Why did you do that? Doesn't it mess things even more up? I tried to search for both "i386" and "I386". Didn't find anything. (And the search does work, it can find other strings). By visiting flyakite's page I think I gained a little understanding of how boot menus work, and I've tried to use cdshell. That part of it seems to work. Unfortunately, when I use cdimage, something goes wrong. Cdimages stops all of a sudden - with either no or an empti ISO file. Hmm... maybe there's not enough space on the drive, I will have to try that later. Soren
  3. Hi! I've created an unattended XP DVD. And I've created a BartPE CD. Now I'd like to combine them on one DVD with some kind of simple boot menu. I tried to follow Gosh's guide for WinPE, but I'm having problems. I hope someone will help me. I'll describe what I did when trying to follow Gosh (http://gosh.msfnhosting.com/part3.htm) 1 - Put winbom.ini on the root of the cd - it has to be there or WinPE won't boot. Yep, that was pretty simple. 2 - Rename your WinPE folder to WNPE. In the WNPE folder you should have txtsetup.sif, setupldr.bin, etc. OK, I renamed the folder i386 to WNPE. 3 - Hex setupldr.bin in the WNPE folder, and replace i386 with WNPE I did this using Hex Workshop. 4 - Use an XP Boot sectory (such as VOL1.DAT), and rename it to WNPE.DAT (all capital letters). Hex WNPE.DAT and replace i386 with WNPE. HereI had problems. I downloaded a zip-file with VOL1 among some other DAT-files from Gosh. He says to replace "i386" with "WNPE" but the string "i386" is not found in the file WNPE.DAT (formerly VOL1.DAT). I guess it's a typo, and he means replace "VOL1" with "WNPE" but I'm not sure? I assumed I was right though, and did the editing. But I have now idead what he means be "Use an XP Boot sector(y?)". Use it? How? (I am a newbie). So I'm kind of stuck here, I don't know what to do next? 5 - Add WinPE to your boot menu, such as diskemu.cmd or cdshell.ini, whatever you use. Have the menu run WNPE.DAT. My boot menu? I don't have one yet. I haven't searched to forums for this one yet, though. Thanks a lot in advance Soren
  4. Hi! I was wondering where Gosh got the DAT files from? Can they be extracted from the Windows XP CD? I use a Danish Windows XP so I think it might be a good idea to get the Danish versions? If there are Danish versions? Help! Thanks a lot in advance Soren
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