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  1. Must say have not noticed any difference for the speed of the application but do agree that the services tab is a very nice feature of the newer version
  2. Right Click the folder and select security -> advanced -> Owner then edit the page and ensure that you are the owner and you should gain full control over the file
  3. have you tried intergrating the drivers using vLite?
  4. if you right click on the folder and go to properties then click the security tab you should get the permissions set to the folder. If you select advanced then owner you can take ownership of the folder allowing you access. once you have done this you should have full control over the folder
  5. even if some things are a little pointless or anyoying
  6. try using vlite you can intergrate that way
  7. if you right click up on the top where you have the buttons for now playing ect you should get the option File - View - Enhancements - Colour Chooser Which should get the colour chooser on the screen for you
  8. Can see one thing the same as on my system which is the Marvel NIC unsure what driver version that intergrated as i am not near that machine at the moment i think it was the base driver included with the m/board i am using
  9. Have not had any problem with my xml file when installing between Ultimate and Buisness x32 with leaving the serial key out of the xml
  10. Ive had a similar problem with the latest one i did just have not had any time to check what the problem could be. What hardware drivers are you intergrating?
  11. You are .exe When given proper orders, you execute them flawlessly. You're familiar to most, and useful to all
  12. Do you mean the thumbnails on the start menu? they can be disabled using the start menu propertys and unchecking Show Window Previews (Thumbnails)
  13. No ideas on the solution but this sounds about normal from my experiences
  14. generaly in the sources folder on the dvd is where the xml file is stored
  15. Think i may just build a new one from scratch and get a decent 8xxx series card pitty since i paid over 100 for that card just over a year ago so out of manufactures warenty
  16. Hey what do you know my Gainward 7900GS has just died AGAIN!!!!!! after a year of running DONT Recomend this card!!!
  17. any importaint security patches are generaly releaced on the 2nd Tuseday of each month so if your machine is up to date the only time you should see any updates is on "Update Tuseday"
  18. as i remember vista has .net 3 installed so no need for .net 2 updates
  19. anything which is going to cause major dammage but is fun while doing it is always the way to go
  20. Noob. I like to rip out the drive, smash it up a little, then call over a Catholic Priest to perform an exorcism ritual. That usually gets rid of it. Then there is my personal fave just take a sledge hammer to it
  21. Was looking for a way to clean the screen LOL

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